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10 golden signs that indicate physics is for you

If you want to make sure if physics is for you or not you have to check theses 10 facts before.

1 – you love math

The first thing that indicates physics is for you is loving math. you have to ask yourself if you enjoy using math while you solve physics problems because 80% of physics content is just a group of math equations that explain physics phenomena and theorems.

So you have to test yourself and see if you like to solve algebra and calculus problems For instance:

doing the derivatives of functions by calculating the speed or acceleration of an object.

In addition to using integrals to determine the surface or area For complex geometry shapes.

 If you don’t enjoy math you would find a lot of difficulties to be consistent to succeed in physics because they are both unsupportable things you can’t split.

2 – you love physics

The second thing that you have to ask yourself and figure out if you love physics or not.

 For instance, in electricity and magnetism, you use the right-hand law to determine the direction of the electromagnetic field depending on the current direction following in the circuit. Or Determining the speed and acceleration of a car for a given distance.

 the main thing to ask yourself is whether you like to understand how things work and ask many physics questions for instance:

You must have an interest in the discoveries and physics inventions that happens around the world.

3 – Do you like watching physics documentaries 

the other sign that indicates physics is for you is watching physics documentaries, for example, the famous start old program promoted by Neil deGrasse Tyson’s That talks about the universe, especially in astrophysics mentioning the planets and the Galaxy and all that relates to astrophysics.

Or do you like to watch other kinds of documentaries about how things are made, like how cars are produced or Manufactured?

so you have to figure out if you have the mind that likes to discover what is behind the scenes of Technology or natural phenomena that occur in our daily life.

4 – You love solving puzzles

Another aspect that physicists have an interest in for people who love physics is playing games that require using a little bit of their brain or concentration, in this case, would be solving puzzles.

 Many people who love physics have paid attention to playing games. Puzzles are one of the famous games that many physicists love to play.

 It doesn’t mean strictly that you must love playing with puzzles, so physics would be for you. but all the games that have intellectual challenges require you to use some computation skills of your brain.

5 – You love learning new things 

Another sign that indicates physics is for you which is to love learning new things.

in this case, it would be all of the rules and phenomena in our daily life. You should be loving to learn new things, especially about science and physics.

 for example, you have the interest to learn more about physics rules like the relativity theorems, or maybe have the intent to learn how gravity is working. In other words, you don’t get bored when we talk about learning I’m discovering new things

6 – You’re a natural problem-solver

One of the most interesting qualities that physicists have is they are natural problem solvers, in other words, they like to solve problems and find other alternatives to treat subjects from different angles. 

A good example of that is liking to design mechanical systems that use physical laws for certain machines. You may like building robots, programming, designing, or even solving physical equations. So the challenge it’s always driving you.

7 – You’re curious about how things work

If you have a curiosity about learning how things are working, physics is a good major for you because most of the great physicists love to create and discover what is behind the Scenes from Newton who discovered gravity to Einstein’s theorem that changed the world.

So If you like to analyze and understand the details of everything and how its works. you have a brilliant future as a physics major. 

8 – Fascination with the universe and everything about it

Another aspect that makes some people mean to be physicists is liking Universe and everything in it. because the universe is one of the most interesting topics in physics that humans are still beginners on it and need to invest a lot of time and effort to understand.

 if you are fascinated by galaxies and planetary systems it is obvious that physics is for you especially astrophysics as we mentioned previously in the article.

9 – you love doing experiments

Another interesting thing that indicates physics is for you is loving experiments.

So if you would like lab work and make a lot of tests and research physics is one of the interesting or ideal majors for you because physicists spend the majority of their time doing tests and solving complicated problems.

So in the future as a physicist, you would be working with some kind of Technology like a laser or tracking system that is more advanced than the GPS we use today.

you have to understand that engineers use all the juices represented in data and science provided by a physicist to implement in their design.

 so without physics engineering would not be existing.

10 – love to break challenges

The last quality most physicists have to love is breaking challenges, as a physicist, you have to be patient and work harder because all Inventions and discoveries in physics have taken a lot of effort long time before coming to reality.

 today physicists spend years researching and making tests each one on a single topic to finally arrive at Solutions to the break challenges we face and I would work. 

so if you don’t like the break challenges and have patience physics would not be a good place for you.