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7 tips to study physics without getting bored

Many students complain about boredom while studying physics, in this post, we will give you 7 golden tips to follow to have fun studying physics and prepare for your exams.

1 – Find a physics tutor

The principal thing that makes a lot of students get bored while studying physics is using books to read phsyics courses and solve problems this is a good idea but it is not ideal for many others or let’s say the majority.

because it’s easy to get bored studying these long lines and complex equations on a piece of paper.

 For this reason is better to find a physics tutor, especially an online tutor to follow with they would be better and more efficient to pursue physics lectures by watching someone explain and following away with him better than by looking at a book because books are more tiring and not flexible like Videos. 

videos are allowing you to stop and replay the time you didn’t understand in addition they are more engaging to watch even, especially if you decide to follow a lecture such as with this professor.

2 – Use flashcards

After finishing your study preparation you could use flashcards to help you memorize the principle of physics rules. In addtion point out the main rules or principal ideas to test yourself and remember something, you could forget.

 The flashcard method is famous because many students use it in many applications. It is so efficient to summarize physics topics, especially preparing for quizzes at the time of exams. 

you could use different methods to study with flashcards you will find these methods in this explaining.

you could watch this video tutorial teaching you how to use flashcards to study physics.

3 – do Experiment in your backyard

The funniest experience you would have studying physics is to try building a small lab or make some tests in your backyard.

It is not always possible to make any physics experience at home, but some simple and funniest experiences could be done at home with a small amount of material.

Especially if you are a high school student you still have the opportunity to make a lot of experience on your own.

In this video below you will find an example of the most famous experience of physics you could do at home.

As a disclaimer, if you are not under 18 It’s better to take permission from a parent or someone older to prevent some dangers or mistakes that could happen.

4 – Watch physics lectures online

Thankfully, education platforms where you can learn physics are numerous, allowing you to choose your preferred tutors online.

What makes it effective, to study physics online is there is tough competition between these platforms and content creators which increase significantly the quality of service they provide.

The famous platforms you can choose from are Udemy, Coursera, Edx, and skillshare, you could choose the courses you want and follow them. They are more engaging than traditional videos with lower quality or incompleted physics courses on youtube.

They are not expensive you can get a brilliant course in physics with just 20 to 30 bucks having the right also for asking questions.

5 – Play physics-based video games

Playing physics-based video games can help improve problem-solving skills and scientific thinking. For instance, Games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope require players to think critically and use physics principles to solve puzzles. 

Playing these types of games can help improve problem-solving skills and teach basic scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way.

These games are not going to teach you why you should do physics, but they would be a good game to train your mind and make it more flexible to solve difficult physics problems. 

6 – Take practice quizzes

Quizzes are the best choice to fight boredom in physics, you could take practice quizzes in physics to summarize and train or revise all the topics you have studied.

It will have a lot of fun and enjoyment and also be a good testing method to ensure your level in physics.

practice quizzes are so useful they help you to apply physics and know its usefulness in a real life, for instance, you will be asked to:

You will be enjoying and know the real value of physics and why physics is important in our life. in this link, you find the quiz that you will need to start.

7 – Reward yourself for completing your physics assignments!

The last thing to do is to reward yourself for completing your physics assignments, it could be by playing a session video game on a computer or game console. Or going to a party or hanging out with friends. The most interesting thing is to feel joy and recompense yourself.

A lot of studnet ignore this tiny step but is more interesting. it helps you to love the subejcts and encourages you to higher your standards by studying more and more. So get getting good results in the end.


you have to understand that physics requires a little bit of patience, so no matter how methods you use, it is necessary to feel a little bit bored, but using these methods is completely different from taking a book to the library with a pen and paper.