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aerospace engineering vs chemical engineering

Which is better aerospace or chemical engineering, this is what we’ll be talking about in this post.

Which is better  Aerospace or chemical engineering

According to BLS the average salary of chemical engineering is $105,000 per year, while in aerospace engineering the salary is around $122,000 per year,  both occupations aerospace and chemical engineering offers a good and comfortable Financial life but the problem is they don’t have the powerful jobs opportunities like others occupations such mechanical or electrical engineering.

The number of chemical engineers recorded in 2020 is 26,300 engineers,   which is the double number of aerospace engineers. It has been recorded that in 2020 that 61,400  Engineers will be working in multiple industries of aerospace engineering.

 Both these numbers in chemical and aerospace engineering are very poor if we compare them to other famous occupations like mechanical or electrical engineering.

There are 300,000 mechanical engineers only working in the United state which is 10 times more than chemical engineers and 5 times more than aerospace engineering.

In addition, chemical engineering hires only 2400 Engineers every year, and 5100 for aerospace engineering.  If we compare these numbers to mechanical engineering we will find a huge difference.

Mechanical engineering hires 21,000 engineers every year, Which is 10 times higher than chemical engineering, and 5 times higher than aerospace engineering.

So in summary, aerospace engineering or chemical engineering are not perfect majors for students who are interested in getting a job easily without struggle.  They aren’t as popular as mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering. So if you choose chemical or aerospace engineering you will find some struggles hunting for jobs.

 Especially in chemical engineering Which is less popular than aerospace engineering,  so you have to consider that before we talk about others factors we’ll be talking about later in the article.

Which is harder aerospace or chemical engineering

Both Aerospace in chemical engineering are hard, they require completing a lot of math and physics courses,  aerospace engineering could be harder for students who don’t like mechanical design or aerodynamics, meaning topics that involve a lot of physics. On the other hand, chemical engineering could be difficult for students who don’t like to study biology and chemistry reactions.

Aerospace and chemical engineering are required to complete almost the same math courses in their first 2 years, they both are required to complete the following math topics:

Aerospace engineers study some topics of linear algebra that chemical engineers are not required to complete. This is the only difference you will find between the math taught in both majors.

But when we compare Aerospace and chemical engineering in terms of physics concentration, we find aerospace engineering students study more physics topics than chemical engineering does. Aerospace engineering students are required to complete the following courses:

While chemical Engineers have to complete only 3 physics courses including:

In the third or final year, students study completely different topics.

 aerospace engineers starting topics like:

These subjects require being good at mathematics, especially in calculus and physics courses like thermodynamics and kinematics. For this reason, aerospace engineers study the math and physics courses that we mentioned previously.

On the other hand  in the third and fourth-year chemical Engineers study:

These examples of chemical engineering topics also require a solid foundation in calculus and some Physics topics, especially thermodynamics for chemistry. This is the reason that makes chemical Engineers study calculus and some Physics courses as we mentioned before.

Which would you choose chemical or aerospace engineering

1 – when you should choose chemical engineering

If you are interested in chemical reactions, and you liked the chemistry classes and sessions in high school dealing with equations and enjoy working a lot with liquids, soluble, etc. Then chemical engineering would be a good choice to opt for.

Even with the lower demand for chemical Engineers today, they still have opportunities to work in different fields like automotive Working in chemical car processes, Food Industries, improving the flavor quality, manufacturing, and developing new chemical products like tires, asphalt, etc.

Chemical engineering is a good and Optimum job for students who are introverts, meaning the people who like to work alone, not surrounded by others.  you would be spending most time alone working in labs, plants, or industries.

You just have to make sure to do a lot of internships and work hard to get a degree with a respectable GPA,  because some employers look at the grades of students, but the most interesting thing is to prove your interest and passion to work in this industry.

But you have to consider getting a job in chemical engineering would not be easier. It would require a lot of hard work, patience, and persistence. This domain is not popular as mechanical or electrical engineering.

2 – when you should choose aerospace engineering

If you like to design mechanical systems and you are obsessed with or passionate about aircraft cars, rockets or robots then aerospace engineering is a good place for you. But you have to consider that aerospace engineering is not highly demanded in the market like mechanical or electrical engineering.

In this case, you have a better solution, which is majoring in mechanical engineering. 

Mechanical engineering is ten times more demanding than aerospace engineering, in addition, mechanical engineering allows you to work in different Industries like automotive,  Marine,  Manufacturing, and even aerospace engineering itself. 

so it would be wiser to take the mechanical engineering Bachelor’s and have a wider scoop, than staying narrowed with an aerospace engineering degree.

The great thing about mechanical engineering is it allows you to apply for aerospace engineering jobs,  so if you didn’t find a job in aerospace engineering you would still have a chance to apply for other industries that we mentioned before.