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Aerospace engineering vs computer science

In this post, we’ll be discovering which is better, aerospace or computer science.

Aerospace engineering or computer science: which is better

According to BLS, the average salary of an aerospace engineer is  $122,000. In computer science occupations there are a lot of options and variations. For instance, in software engineering, the average median salary is $130,000 per year. So both occupations offer the highest salaries compared to other engineering fields.

 The problem with aerospace engineering is the lack of job opportunities. The field of aerospace engineering is evolving by 8% in the market, but this industry is limited and there are only 5100 jobs offered every year. 

If we look at computer science we find a big difference. For instance, in software engineering, there are more than 500,000 occupations offered every year which is 100 times bigger than aerospace engineering.

 Aerospace engineers are known for working in 2 industries:

So the odds of finding a job in aerospace engineering are very low, and you would face a lot of competition. In addition, the aerospace engineering contracts are not sustainable.

A lot of people can’t renew their contract at the completion time. So it is not a job that someone should follow unless he has a passion or dream to work in this industry and is ready to support these difficulties.

On the other hand computer science has a lot of outcomes and variable Industries that you should take on. It is not risky as aerospace engineering,  in addition, some occupations in computer science don’t even require a degree.

which is harder than aerospace or computer science engineering

Aerospace and computer science are both hard, they require a solid foundation in mathematics, especially algebra and calculus,  but aerospace engineering could be more difficult than computer science because it’s heavier in physics courses while computer science engineering is evolving because software programming requiring to have basics in language programming, data structure and everything that’s relate two computer network.

Aerospace and computer science Engineers are required to study the most difficult courses in mathematics in their first two years, including:

 The only math course that aerospace engineers don’t take is discrete math which computer science students have to complete.

The good news for computer science students is they don’t have to study the following  physics subjects that aerospace engineers should take, including:

These subjects are very interesting, students take in their first 2 years to prepare to study some advanced aerospace engineering topics like:

These courses are difficult and require solid foundations in the previous math and physics courses as we mentioned, including calculus and physics courses like physics 1 and physics 2.

So if you hate to study Physics computer science would be easier for you because it doesn’t involve any Physics course, but you have to be ready to study these software programming topics:

These subjects require solid foundations in calculus courses and linear algebra. In addtion, you have to be ready to study some programming languages like C, C++  Objective C, Ruby python Java JavaScript and so on.

If you don’t like programming or sit in front of the computer testing a code for 20 or 30 times before you find a solution, then computer science would be difficult for you because it is easy to feel bored, sitting 8 hours or more in front of the computer. 

Which should I choose aerospace engineering or computer science

If you are passionate about programming and computers and have the trait of being an introverted person, meaning working for long hours alone without quitting your desk then computer science is a good fit for you. 

Computer science has a lot of brilliant opportunities to work and get higher salaries in multiple Industries. In addition, it has the advantage to work remotely from multiple countries outside which is almost impossible in aerospace engineering.

 On the other hand, if you like to work by hand,  and like to design mechanical and Dynamic systems like the body of artifacts or even like to work in the aerodynamics of mobile vehicles like cars, then aerospace engineering is more suitable for you.

But you have to notice that aerospace engineer offers 2 opportunities:

However, you have to consider that working in this industry is very difficult and competitive, for this reason, we have recommended to:

The best option is to take mechanical engineering instead of aerospace engineering. You would have a lot of opportunities to work in different manufacturing Industries like automotive engineering, Marine in, and even aerospace engineering if you dream about it.  it would be more secure to take this path because if you didn’t find a job in Aerospace Engineering you still have other industries to apply for.

It is possible to go from aerospace engineering to computer science or vice versa

Yes, it is possible to go from aerospace engineering to computer science or vice versa, going from computer science to aerospace engineering,  but going from aerospace engineering to computer science is much more flexible and easier than the opposite option.

If you are interested to  go from aerospace engineering to computer science The good option you have is to apply for a master’s in computer science but you will be forced to retake some undergrad computer science courses like:

The courses you’ll be required to take are going to depend on the minor you will be choosing and the grad school you are enrolling in.

If you want to go to the opposite side which is from computer science to aerospace engineering it is still possible but you have a lot of work to do,  most aerospace engineering minors require you to have solid basics in physics and design that you didn’t study in computer science. 

 so if you apply for an aerospace engineering master’s with a computer science background you would be required to take physics and design undergrad courses like: