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Algebra 3 in high school is all you need to know about

In this post, we will discover what is algebra 3 in high school and what students study in this course.

Also, respond to some famous and frequent questions students ask about algebra 3 and its relation to other subjects like math 3 and precalculus.

what students study in algebra 3 in high school

Algebra 3 is the last algebra course students take in high school before going to college, typically algebra 3 courses include the following 10 principal courses:

1 – equations and inequalities 

In algebra 3 students study equations and inequalities especially focusing on the second equation degrees and more advanced topics. Because equations and inequalities are taught in the beginning course of algebra 1 in 7th or 8th grade. So in the algebra 3 courses, they study advanced topics of equations and inequalities.

2 – equations and graphs

equations and graphs are the following topics you will take in algebra 2 or 3 after equations and inequalities. The main reason or concept behind this subject is to learn how to plot or draw equations in the cartesian space like the example in the image below.

3 quadratics functions and equations

quadratic functions are the following subject that relies hugely on equations and inequaliteis. In this subject, you will learn factorizing quadratics functions and equations as we will mention in the example below.

This was the simple factoring operation that put you in the perspective. But you will make more advanced and complete factorizations to simplify equations and functions.

 4 – polynomoinal funtions

In this stage you’ll learn what are polynomial functions and how to define them. in a short description, polynomial functions are equations or functons written like this form below.

polynomial are functions that don’t have fractions or new other mathematics components. in the algebra 3 courses, you will be dealing with a lot of polynomial functions so this subject must have big attention.

5 – radical functions

radical functions are all functions that comprise square rate. in other words, functions that are written in this form below.

the radical function is also important and interesting, you will employ them in all college math and high school algebra, especially algebra 2 and algebra 3.

6 – exponents 

exponents are functions whose goal is to simplify and reduce the complexity of big numbers. For instance, exponents numbers are written in the form below.

7 – exponential and logarithms

exponential is the new function that students discover in algebra 2 or algebra 3.

exponential functions are made to represent big and huge numbers operations, for instance in real life we say the growth is exponential which means very fast in a short period of time. you can go back and click to the link of exponentials and logarithms to understand the details about this subject.

8 – sequences and series

sequences and series are new mathematics topics that students take in algebra 3, this domain is so interesting for stem students and also economics majors who are interested to major in finance, and economics.

sequences or series are groups of numbers that have a certain order.

for instance, let’s say the algebra 3 school exam scores are in this order sequences from bad, good to excellent ones like the example below.

so as we can say these series indicate that:

  • 2 students have got A
  • 3 have got B
  • 2 have got F
  • 2 have got D

So from this series, we can extract so much information which helps gather data and analyze it as engineers and econometrics do.

9 – matrices

matrices are an intresting subject students take in the algebra 3 courses, it is so important to prepare for college algebra especially linear algebra the most difficult college algebra section.

matrices are written like in this forme below.


you will find the details about this subject in this link.

10 – trigonometry

The last subject students take is trigonometry, which is learning how to deal with triangles lines, and different shapes. the principal subject and trick you must be aware of is to learn how to represent angles in the circles and other topics like dealing with trigonometric functions such as:

In this link you find all the deals about trigonometry in the algebra 3 course.

Trigonometry is a very interesting subject but requires to have previous knowledge by taking an algebra 2 course or at least a geometry course after Algebra 1. 

If you haven’t yet studied trigonometry or are bad at it while looking forward to studying algebra 3, we recommend going back and taking a geometry course before algebra 3 to not struggle into trigonometry.

is algebra 3 the same as precalculus

Algebra 3 is the same as precalculus, 90% of topics that students study in algebra 3 are taught in precalculus except for some basics calculus 1 topic like limits and continuity you should take if you don’t want to study precalculus after algebra 3.

But the best thing to do is to take precalculus even though there is a big similarity between algebra 3 and precalculus courses. Because it will be so helpful to revise again and consolidate the previous information in algebra 3 in the precalculus course.

What is after math 3 in high school

math 3 is the same label as algebra 3 which is the last course algebra students take before precalucus that leads them to college. So if you take math 3 you will suppose to be completed all the high school algebra courses and be prepared for algebra college.