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Are electrical engineers smart(solved)

It is right that electrical engineers are smart, this is what we’ll be talking about in our post.

are electrical engineers smart

Electrical engineers are typically smart because they are studying the most difficult mathematics and physics topics in their curriculum.  but you have to understand that electrical engineering doesn’t require you to be a genius to study it, you just have to be decently good in mathematics, especially in calculus which electrical engineering is based hugely on.

The electrical engineering curriculum is full of math and physics courses. In your first 2 years  you would be required to complete all these mathematics and physics courses:

 To absorb all these subjects in only 2 years you have to be a fast learner, So being smart is helpful to succeed in these topics but it is not the only factor that determines your success in electrical engineering.

But the most interesting thing that electrical engineers should consider is having a passion and being introduced to this domain, in other words having fun and loving to spend long hours programming and dealing with electricity and electronics systems.

 If you are passionate about electrical engineering, you could succeed even if you are not a smart person in mathematics or physics. You could double down your efforts studying mathematics and physics topics, a lot of average people have done it before so you can do so.

Why are electrical engineers so smart?

 Electrical engineers are smart because they study the most famous and difficult engineering major,  which puts them on the pedestal as the smartest people in the engineering field. But there are four principal reasons that indicate electrical engineering is made for smart people. 

1 being good at math

Electrical engineering is made for students who have a good and solid background in mathematics. Almost all electrical and electronics engineering problems are required to employ of mathematics like calculus and algebra. So being good at math is an obligation that a lot of people struggle with.

you could read this related article on how calculus is used in electrical engineering.

But there are some people who are naturally good at math. They are made to study math and engineering, but this rate is very small, it doesn’t exceed 10%.

 Most people struggle in math at the beginning to build solid foundations and finally appear as genius in the regard of others while they are just normal people who work harder.

If you struggle in math it doesn’t mean that you are dumb, or not smart to study electrical engineering, you will likely have weak foundations in math which made you lose your confidence in yourself.

2 have an interest in physics

The second reason that makes electrical engineers smart people is studying some difficult physics courses involved in electrical engineering, especially electromagnetism and electricity.  These topics involve a lot of mathematics including algebra and calculus. In addition, they are required to have critical thinking to solve problems.

In these courses, students learn the basics of electricity and how to analyze electrical circuits, like determining the voltage, current and other physics variables used to design electronic circuits embedded in computers or phones. Or design electromagnetics circuits used in phones or remote control to manipulate objects from distance such as the key cars or remote control we use to change channels in our TVs

3 – love to solve problems

The first characteristic that makes electrical engineering smarter is having a Passion to solve a problem. electrical engineering is based on solving problems like any engineering field. As a result, they are respected as intelligent people.

To love solving problems you must have patience, and feel joy doing that, so it is a trait you were born with. You can develop it by working on it, but the genetic factor remains a principal factor rather than a work ethic.

electrical engineers love to solve problems related to electronics,  electricity, and programming depending on the field they are working on.

4  being good at programming

The last characteristic that makes electrical  Engineers smart is being good at programming. A lot of electrical engineering specializations are required to have foundations in programming, especially the fields related to robotics,  embedded systems, or IoT.

Programming hardware machines is much more difficult than software engineering.

 To clarify if you are a software engineer developing websites you will be using the same technology and framework with all computers.

 electrical engineering is totally different because you are working on different machines you have to learn the technical aspect of any device.  For instance, if you program smartphones it’s totally different from programming AC rooms or refrigerators, each device has its own sensors and systems that have different electronic structures.

So you have to be a fast learner and read the electronics components to know how a device or a sensor works so you can finally program it. 

Am I smart enough for electrical engineering

Everyone is smart enough to study electrical engineering, but the problem is, not everyone is passionate and interested in electrical engineering. This is what makes the difference between success and failure.

If you have these characteristics you are smart enough or better to say allowed to study electrical engineering:

1 – good in math and physics

If you are decently good in math and get regular grades in mathematics,  like doing well in algebra courses including trigonometry equations and functions,  then you have a minimum requirement to study electrical engineering.

 but you have to consider that the topics you will be studying in electrical engineering are more difficult than the algebra courses you took in high school.   but is still possible to succeed in these courses with additional efforts.

If you are terrible in mathematics and could not pass Algebra 2,   you have to figure out what are the reasons. In most cases, students are struggling in math not because they are dumb or not smart. They just don’t have solid foundations in the elementary and High School classes.

 The other option is maybe not to be interested in mathematics or physics,  then electrical engineering might not be a good choice for you. 

2 – love to solve electronics or electronics problems

If you are fascinated by electronics and have interested to know how these systems are working like:

 you have met the principal condition to join electrical engineering. because this would be your principal duty and electrical engineering occupation.

If you haven’t already had some educational Electronics board like an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, you’re already in the right direction.  Or even if you have built simple electrical or Electronics circuits and enjoyed the process, you don’t have to worry if you are smart to study electrical engineering or not.


The most interesting thing that you should focus on asking if electrical engineering is for you or not,  is not how much smart you are but:

 how much interested and passionate about electrical engineering