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BA physics is completely different from BS physics…

If you are interested to know the difference between BA and BS physics, this is the right post that responds to all your questions.

Difference between physics ba and bs

 we’re going to list 3 main differences between ba physics and bs physics:

1 –  bs physics has more credit than ba 

Bachelor’s science is a more condensed program; it has between 74 – 77 credits, while a bachelor’s in art physics has 59 to 61 credits. There is not a big difference, but you can notice some differences.

 for instance in a bachelor science of physics you will be required to complete these core subjects:

while in ba physics, you will be studying almost the same topics but excepted from taking some topics like:

In elective, you will have more credits in ba than bs and have more flexibility. In the elective, you have a chance to choose in your elective between:

2 – bs in physics is a little bit harder than ba physics

The bs physics program is more involved in math than ba physics, in both majors, you will be required to complete these math topics:

While in ba you study fewer math topics, you don’t have to complete some difficult courses like numerical analysis or principal programming in addition you have to choose between one of these topics.

3 – bs physics allows you to take an applied physics course

A Bachelor of Science in physics allows you to have the advantage of taking an Applied Physics course which is the equivalent of a double major in physics and engineering. It is a good option if you love to work by hand designing, building machines, and combining theoretical physics with experiments.

 you could read this related article to know the difference between traditional physics courses and applied physics.

in these links, you will find a full curriculum example ba and bs physics course.

Is a bs in physics worth it?

Yes, a Bachelor of Science in physics is worth it if you are interested in preparing for grad school or even taking a special Applied Physics course to work as a physicist and Engineering at the same time.This program is difficult but it’s worth the time and effort you Deploy.

On the other hand, a Bachelor of science and physics is not worth it for people who are seeking money. If you want to secure a job as soon as possible, a Bachelor of Science in physics would not be a good option.

 because in most cases you have to complete your studies after getting your Bachelor’s by doing a master’s or even getting a Ph.D. in physics in the specialty you choose. While you can specialize in a Singular engineering field like computer engineering or mechanical engineering that has a lot more job potential than physics. 

According to BLS, the annual jobs offered in physics majors are only 1600 While in mechanical or electrical there are more than 20,000 occupations offered every year. 

  in addition, there are some booming industries in computer science like software engineering, which offers only in the United States almost a half-million new jobs. In addition, it doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree in science or art. You could discover more information in this article.

Is bs physics hard

A Bachelor of Science in physics Is one of the most difficult stem courses. It is classified as the most difficult branch of a mathematics major because it encompasses a lot of mathematics topics like calculus, multivariable calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra.

In addition, students have to study complex topics in physics like quantum mechanics thermodynamics, and relativity physics. 

 This branch is not for people who struggle in mathematics and get easily overwhelmed,  you would be spending a lot of time and effort to complete this program. It could take more than four years to finish your study, especially if you decide to take some complicated courses like physics engineering or Applied physics

So students have to only choose this major if they are interested in studying Physics. If you don’t. You will get easily overwhelmed and get bored studying some difficult topics like quantum physics and mechanics.

Can I do a BS and BA at the same time?

It is possible to study BS and BA at the same time, you could take one officially in a college and the other online or from a distance.

But it would be difficult to do this operation because we would be involved in a lot of time and effort to deploy, even if there is a lot of overlap between bachelor physics and art courses you still have to complete many tasks for both parts which are not easy at all.

 It would be risky to do this step because having one degree in both Majors is enough to apply for good jobs.