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Calculus 1 vs precalculus all you need to know about

In this post, we’ll respond to all questions and the difference between calculus 1 and precalculus, so if you are interested to know the difference between precalculus and calculus 1 this is the right post for you.

Can I take calculus 1 without precalculus?

you can’t take calculus 1 without precalucus because all the calculus subjects are based on precalculus which are a group of topics combining algebra courses and even the calculus 1 basics students should learn before taking calculus 1. So it will be a terrible idea to think about taking the calculus 1 course without having any previous knowledge about precalculus.

the precalculus course goal is to prepare students to study calculus, courses especially the calculus 1 course as the first topic you will study after precalculus in your first year of college. Missing a precalculus course means having high rates of failure in the calculus 1 course.

In some cases, students fall into this mistake and learn it the hard way, so they decide to go back and take a precalculus course and retake the calculus 1 course, after their first failure.

precalucus course is so important and crucial for calculus course not only calculus 1, but all the calculus courses you will study in college including calculus 2 and calculus 3.

So you can’t skip precalculus to study calculus because you will mostly need to go back and study it back or suffer for a long rung making double efforts to understand basics your colleges will be better than you.

Is calculus 1 harder than precalculus?

Yes, calculus 1 is much harder than precalucus, calculus 1 is college math while precalculus is high school math. So there is a big difference in difficulty between calculus 1 and precalculus. but precalculus remains primordial topic students need to study to prepare for calculus 1 courses.

The precalculus course entails important topics students need to revise and consolidate their knowledge on, to be ready for the challenges they will face studying calculus and college algebra.

In precalculus courses, students study functions, trigonometry, complex numbers, limits, continuity, etc. All these subjects are going to be deployed in calculus 1 subject.

Calculus 1 is harder because it requires being good at precalucus plus the new other topics you will discover such as derivatives, integrals, and differential equations.

As a result, represent the pillar subject that will allow you to succeed in the next calculus topics like calculus 2 and multivariable calculus the hardest calculus topics you will study in college.

Difference between calculus 1 and precalculus

were going to list the 5 main differences between calculus 1 and precalculus:

1 precalculus is a high school course

The first thing as we said before precalculus is a high school course, typically students take it between the 11th and 12th grade, while the calculus 1 course is taken in the first year of college for all science or math majors including engineers, mathematicians, physics and also economics majors.

It is still possible to take precalculus at college, but professors don’t recommend that because you will not have enough time to concentrate on both subjects precalculus and calculus 1. In addition, to understand precalculus courses, you need to be studying before precalculus.

2 precalculus is a preparation course for calculus 1

Students take precalculus courses to prepare for calculus including calculus 1, calculus 2, and even calculus 3 in addtion to linear algebra which is all college math subjects.

3 precalculus topics are different from calculus 1

while in calculus 1 students study different topics including:

but to study or understand these complex topics you will need to study all 9 topics of precalculus so as to be eligible to take calculus 1 in pace without struggle.

4 – calculus 1 is harder than precalculus 

calculus is harder than precalculus for many reasons the principal two reasons are:

you need to have solid foundations in all previous math courses 

when we talk about learning or understanding calculus, we talk about spending the whole high school math time and effort under a test in a college. Calculus 1 or any calculus topic is not a topic that you can take randomly without previous experience in math topics.

To understand and succeed in calculus history begins from your 7th grade when you start the first course of algebra 1, then geometry in 9th or 10th grade, followed by algebra 2 in the 11th and Finlay 12th grade. So you need to pass all these stages or courses you should take before you grasp it knowledge.

This is not to offend you, but just to remind calculus is like any mathematics topic that needs preparation before, from the ground. It is like building a house, first you become from the foundations which are algebra then go to the floors (calculus).

even if you mess up or weren’t good at these courses the best thing to do is to go back and study them again, There are many free online resources.

 it will be better than taking a calculus 1-course, having weak foundations in previous math subjects.

is one of the first math subjects you will study in college

The second reason that makes calculus 1 hard, is the environment. To clarify, in the first year of college students notice a big chance for study environment. 

Students study in different places, instead of small rooms with a limited and controlled amount of students, they study in the amphitheater where are 100 to 200 students study in the same place and pursue the same course.

In the amphitheater, sometimes you would not be able to listen to a professor if the class is noisy. In addition, you are free to go out of class when you want which is not good for some students.

In addition, you don’t have the high school teacher to respond to all your questions at any time because the principle of college is to teach you how to make self-research which is not good for some lazy people who were used to the high school system.