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calculus 2 vs multivariable all you need to know about

In this post, we’re going to discover the relation between calculus 2 and multivariable calculus, also know which is the hardest and the easiest one.

In addtion give you some tips on how to succeed and prepare for multivariable calculus. so have fun reading.

Is calculus 2 multivariable

calculus 2 is not a multivariable course is a course that you must take before multivariable caluclus. It is a completely different course but calculus 2 and the multivariable course are related to each other. In other words, students should study calculus 2 before taking multivariable courses calculus.

multivariable calculus is a subject where students employ all the knowledge they have acquired in previous calculus courses including calculus 1 and calculus 2. To clarify students study derivatives and integrals in calculus 2 courses so they expand upon studying more advanced examples in multivariable calculus.

So to study multivariable calculus you must have completed a calculus 2 course to understand its complex subjects.

calculus 2 vs multivariable

multivariable calculus is taught after completing the calculus 2 courses, it is the most difficult calculus class students take in college. multivariable calculus is harder than calculus 2 but all its foundations are based heavily on calculus 2.

Is multivariable calculus harder than calculus 2

multivariable calculus is very difficult compared to calculus 2 it comprises the most difficult calculus applications student will study including the multivariable derivatives and integrals, some new complex theorems, and differential equations in some cases.

All you have to do is to focus on calculus 2 and hardly study all its subjects, to not be stuck in multivariable calculus which will be the upcoming course. The harder you study calculus 2 the easier multivariable calculus becomes and vice versa.

In the next paragraph, we’re going to discover why is very interesting to study calculus 2 by discovering what students learn in calculus 2 and multivariable calculus.

what students study in calculus 2

in the calculus 2 course you will study the main following subjects:

to be good at calculus 2 you must already be good at these subjects, having weak foundations in derivatives integrals and differential equations make it impossible to succeed in multivariable calculus that relies heavily on these subjects.

what students study in multivariable 

while in the multivariable calculus course you will be discovering new theorems and subjects:

  1. Derivatives of multivariable functions
  2. Integrating multivariable functions
  3. Green’s, Stokes’, and the divergence theorems

So as you can see there is a common similarity between calculus 2 and multivariable calculus. In both subjects, you will be studying derivatives and integrals. But the derivatives and integrals you will study in multivariable calculus are way harder than in calculus 2.

What makes multivariable hard, is instead of making a derivative of one function, you will be doing it with complete functions that have 3 to 4 variables, which is 4 times harder and time-consuming than the equations you solve in calculus 2 courses. like the example of the image below

The same thing happens with integrals, you will be dealing with triple integrals where a lot of things to do. they are time-consuming and require a lot of effort to solve. In multivariable calculus, you will have these kinds of equations to solve.


so the key to succeeding in calculus 2 is to have a solid foundation in the precalculus and calculus 1 course, while in multivariable you have to prepare all of the previous math calculus subjects, precalculus, calculus 1, and calculus 2 before thinking of multivariable caluclus.

It is helpful to take multivariable calculus in high school

it is impossible to take multivariable calculus in high school for the majority of students because the high school student level is way far or basic than studying such a complex math college as multivariable, it is like teaching a baby how to write.

In high school students still study the basics topics of algebra like algebra 2 and algebra 3 or precalculus, while multivariable calculus course is taught in the second or third year of college, where students have completely studied other courses of calculus before like calculus 1 and calculus 2.

so as a high school student you need to be really mature mathematically and have made self-effort to study college topics on your own to take multivariable calculus in high school which will be possible unless you are smart or nearly to say genius.

but taking alone a multivariable calculus will not be helpful. You will not be catching anything from a course, because you are just skipping a lot of steps or courses you require to understand to study multivariable calculus like precalculus, calculus 1, and calculus 2. 

if you think to do that and challenge yourself there is a strategy to follow, it is not made for anyone, but you don’t lose anything if you like to challenge yourself in math.

The best thing we recommend to prepare for multivariable calculus in high school is not taking the multivariable course. But taking the necessary courses you will need to learn to prepare for it, that is:

1 – limits and continuity 

studying limits and continuity will be very helpful for preparing multivariable calculus, typically Students study limits and continuity in precalculus courses which you should hugely focus on and study hard.

precalculus is also made to prepare students to study difficult math subjects like linear algebra and multivariable calculus so it is the first win card you have to grasp.

2 – derivatives and integrals 

derivatives and integrals are subjects you will discover in calculus 1 as the first calculus course in your first year of college. But if you complete a precalculus course soon in the 11th grade or even 12th you will still have time to study derivatives and integrals on your own.

you have to understand that calculus 1 is a college topic, so you won’t find it in the high school program. the best idea to do is to take this course online or enjoy some private courses.

Calculus 1 will be so useful for you to prepare for multivariable calculus, it will give you a big push in college math.


The golden key or secret that will help you succeed in multivariable calculus is to be very good at precalculus, calculus 1, and calculus 2. 

For high school students taking precalculus and calculus1 course will be a big game-changer in college math it will ensure a fluid transition between high school and college without struggling in math as most people do.

But require a lot of hard work and discipline to go ahead from your college.

the question is are ready to do it?