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calculus 3 high school: all you need to know about

In this post we’re going to discover if it is possible to study calculus 3 in high school or not, also responding to the famous questions students ask about this subject.

so have fun reading.

Can you take calculus 3 in high school?

It is impossible to take calculus 3 in high school, Calculus 3 is the hardest subject student take in college not even in high school. So it is very hard and difficult to study this kind of advanced math earlier at this moment at school. You still have to complete a lot of college math courses before reaching the calculus 3 courses.

Typically in college students are studying calculus 3 in the second or third year,  calculus 3 is called also multivariable calculus which is the most difficult and complex subject students study in college and is harder than college algebra and even differential equations.

So if you succeed and could take calculus 3 it means that you don’t need to study college at all. It only could happen unless you are a genius or math nerd. Or a person who has studied math college earlier in private courses.

Before studying calculus 3, Students must study Calculus 1 and calculus 2 which are complete college courses students study in the first two years. then finally have the ability to study calculus 3. 

 So it is impossible to complete 3 years of college or skip Calculus 1 and calculus 2 to take calculus 3 in high school.

Should I take calc 3 in high school?

you have to understand that taking calculus 3 in high school is barely impossible.  in high school students study and prepare for calculus courses and precalculus, while calculus is more difficult and advanced for high school students to study especially calculus 3 the hardest math subject in college.

we will explain to you in detail why you could not take calculus 3 in high school:

In high school study Algebra 2 and precalculus as a preparation for calculus courses, students will take in college including:

So in 11 and 12 grades, you will be taking Algebra 2 and algebra 3, then finally take precalculus as the last complex course before you go to school.

 A precalculus course is a group of topics that include the necessary subject you will need to prepare for calculus you’re starting college. That is to say, studying algebra trigonometry and some additional topics latitude limits and continuity to finally be prepared to study calculus 1 in the first year of college.

 In the first year of college, you would likely study Calculus 1 course and calculus 2 if you major in Stem majors.

To just complete the calculus 1 course. It would be taking you 3 months of preparation and hard work in college and also the same time for calculus 2 which are 6 months.

After completing or succeeding at calculus 1 and calculus 2 then you could study calculus 3. So there is a long journey to take before reaching calculus 3.

This is why it is impossible or very difficult to take calculus 3 in high school. 

Is hard to take calculus 3 in high school

Is very hard and really impossible to take calculus 3 in high school,  you must be a genius to study this subject earlier at this moment when students take it in the last years of college. So it is very very hard and requires a lot of hard work and preparations to do that.

In calculus 3 students study complex subjects most college students struggle in. In addition, you will have 3 courses to take before being eligible to study calculus 3  in high school which are:

To complete these courses together will take you almost 3 years of hard work, you can’t skip these all courses and study calculus 3 on your own because you won’t know any word in calculus 3, simply because calculus 3 is totally based on these previous courses precalculus calculus 1 and calculus 2.

So 99% of students are not intelligent to study and absorb these complex subjects at the high school level. Except for the smartest ones or genius but must have the following strategy that we will list below allowing them to study calculus 3 in high school.

Rember this strategy is only for people who are very good at math and enthusiast to learn math and challenge themselves. Because studying calculus 3 in high school means you don’t have to go to college, you’re about to complete the most difficult college math subject.

If you are interested, smart enough, love the challenges, and are still in the 10 grade in high school you still have the possibility to study calculus 3 in high school. But you have to follow this plan step by step.

step 1: take algebra 2 + calculus 1 course

Typically students take algebra classes in the 11th grade but for you, in this case, you will need to take it earlier a little bit. After finishing the algebra 2 courses you have to go directly and take calculus 1 courses.

to study and absorb these whole subjects in record time, you must have a mentor or a teacher guiding you and responding to all your questions. You could hire a teacher or find someone to help you.

Step 2: take calculus 2 in 11th grade

In the 11th grade student typically study algebra 2 which you are already done with. so you will have time to study and take calculus 2 courses. Calculus 2 is more difficult than calculus 1 but for enthusiasts and smart people, as you are supposed to be it is still doable.

Step 3: take calculus 3 in the 12th grade

The last step you have to do is to triple your effort and study calculus 3. You will begin earlier studying this course, is better to start in the summer directly after finishing your 11th grade. Because this subject is really difficult and requires a lot of time and effort to absorb.

So you will have 3 months of summer studies plus your high school year. If you worked hard you could reach and finish the calculus 3 courses in your last year of high school.


 This is not an official program this is just a specific method adopted for smart or let’s say genius students who love to challenge themselves by absorbing this heavy amount of topics in a record time.

So remember follwoing this methodology will not be successful for 99% of students unless the people are very good at math. Because we’re about to compress high school and college courses together which is very difficult.