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Calculus vs organic chemistry

If you’re asking about the difference between calculus and organic chemistry this is the right post for you.

Is organic chemistry harder than calculus

calculus is difficult and organic chemistry is also too, they both are difficult each one is on its way. In calculus, you are required to solve complex equations and study functions like derivatives, integrals, and differential equations requiring having strong basics of algebra and precalculus. While, in organic chemistry, you should be good at memorization and deal with a lot of draws and schematics, in addition, have the basics of general chemistry.

the advantage that calculus has over organic chemistry is memorization, in calculus, you will have a few rules and theorems to memorize. While in organic chemistry there is a ton of rules, theorems, chains, etc. you have to eat books to succeed in chemistry.

In organic chemistry, you will be needing to read a lot of books to understand lectures, while in calculus you need to solve many problems to gain experience and get used to a subject.

So you have to ask yourself if you love reading and making a lot of summaries or enjoying solving many problems.

If you belong to the first category then organic chemistry will be easier for you. If you love breaking challenging and solving complex problems calculus will be easier than organic chemistry because you will likely get bored with organic chemistry courses.

differences between organic chemistry and calculus 

most people find organic chemistry difficult because it comprises a hell of a lot of memorization. You have to remember a lot of reactions and find patterns that unify them to absorb the huge curriculum of this course.

Calculus is also tough when you tackle some advanced topics like differential equations and multivariable functions. This subject requires a lot of hard work and time to spend solving problems like solving:

So to summarize there isn’t an exact or definitive response to this question, some students might find calculus harder than organic chemistry while others are the opposite. or non of that.

But the critical thing that will determine which is harder for you is the topic the less you enjoy or hate.

in the next paragraphs we’ll discover what students study in organic chemistry and calculus to difference the challenges and  the difficulties you will be facing taking these subjects:

what principal subjects you will be studying in calculus 

there are 5 main topics you will be required to complete studying calculus:

what makes calculus hard, is if you didn’t do well in high school courses like algebra 2 or precalculus courses you will be struggling along the way in the following calculus courses, including calculus 1, calculus 2, and multivariable calculus or calculus 3.

what subejcts you‘ll be studying at organic chemistry

if you have not done well in general chemistry by absorbing the foundations and basics you will be hopeless in organic chemistry.

In these points, calculus is harder than organic chemistry

calculus is a subject that you prepare for from your beginning classes in school and high school. 

==> In elementary school, you learn the math basics like arithmetics and geometry

==> in high school, you learn the advanced subjects of algebra like algebra 1 and algebra 2.

==> then finally take a precalculus course the last course to prepare for calculus in college.

whereas organic chemistry is a subject that you don’t discover until your first calsses in high school and don’t dig deeper on it until the first or second year of college.

So when you struggle with calculus, you might have problems or knowledge gaps from your school without notice. While in organic chemistry you just have to go back to general chemistry and see and fix your problem.

In these points, organic chemistry is harder than calculus 

organic chemistry depends more on symbols and visualization, in addtion, it requires spending a lot of time reading and preparing for a course and any calculus course has this amount of a load of topics.

which is harder than organic chemistry or calculus 2

Organic chemistry is more difficult than calculus 2, because is heavier and have a lot of topics and rule to memorize. For this reason, many studnet considered it hard and more difficult than calculus 2 not overloaded that much.

Do you need calculus for organic chemistry?

if you will take your first course in organic chemistry you will not need to take a calculus course or have previous knowledge about studying organic chemistry. algebra 2 or precalculus is enough.

there is no calculus in organic chemistry, but it will be useful if you have it to explain graphs and understand basic physics rules used in organic chemistry.

But if you think to major in chemistry you will be going through theoretical organic chemistry where you will be needing to have a background in all calculus courses including:

calculus is also important in a subject called physical chemistry, like studying thermodynamics and quantum chemistry and other chemistry advanced subjects that require using a higher level of math like multivariable calculus and linear algebra

Should I take chemistry and calculus same semester?

You could take chemistry and calculus at the same time if you are good and have done well in precalculus. But it is not easy it will be a little bit stressful and workload, especially when we talk about taking organic chemistry and calculus 2 it is so challenging and we don’t recommend to do.

But taking precalculus or calculus 1 and general chemistry is easier if you have done well in the precalculus course it is not complicated as the first case.