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Chemical engineering vs. computer engineering

In this post, we’ll discover the difference between chemical and computer engineering and see which is the best major to take.

Which is better: chemical or computer engineering

According to BLS, the average salary of chemical engineers is $105,000 per year while computer engineers earn a little bit more around $128,000. 18% higher than chemical engineering, But computer and chemical engineering industries don’t grow significantly in terms of rate of employment Compared to other engineering majors.

Chemical engineering is evolving by 9%, but the problem is the occupations offered every year are very poor, 1800  it’s only the number of jobs offered every year,  while in computer engineering, the field offers only  4500 occupations every year.

 so these numbers are very low compared to electrical or mechanical engineering as the popular engineering majors.

In mechanical or electrical engineering there are more than 20,000 occupations every year which means 5 times higher than computer engineering and 10 times more than chemical engineering. So majoring in chemical or computer engineering means struggling to find jobs and you have to be prepared for that.

You have to understand that computer engineering is completely different from computer science. Computer science is booming Right now, it’s evolving by 22% offering around 200,000 occupations every year. 

Computer Engineering is a field that focuses on hardware development and programming, not like computer science which focuses on the software programming. This is just to clarify if you have a misconception between computer science and engineering. 

So if you are convinced and know what you do, there are other facts that you should consider choosing between chemical and computer engineering that you would be talking about in the next paragraph.

Which is harder chemical or computer engineering

Chemical and computer engineering are similar in terms of math difficulty,  in addition, chemical and computer engineering study almost the same physics courses. The rest of the program would be dependent on the student,  if a student like chemistry including General chemistry, Organic chemistry, and chemical engineering would be easier for him. On the other hand, if a student likes programming, Electronics, and circuit analysis Computer Engineering would be in this case much easier.

 if we compare chemical and computer engineering  math courses we find them studying the same difficult topics including:

On the other hand, the physics courses taught in chemical and computer engineering are similar including:

The exception is in chemical engineering students have to study thermodynamics while computer Engineers are not required to complete it. Thermodynamics is one of the most difficult Physics courses and includes a lot of calculus, especially derivatives and integrals.

You can read this related article on how to prepare for thermodynamics.

All these courses that we mentioned previously are taught in the first year of the program but when we go to the next 3rd and 4th years, you will know what is the big difference between the two curricula.

If you choose to study chemical engineering you will be taking courses including:

On the other hand, if you choose to study computer engineering you will completely   study different subjects:

If you love to make experiments in Labs about solubles,  liquids, and chemical Reactions you would have a lot of fun and find the process easier and fun.

On the other hand, if you like to fix computers, program them or maybe do robotics you would have a lot of fun studying computer engineering courses and have a lot of fun.

Should I major in chemical or computer engineer?

We’re going to mention the abilities that allow you to major in chemical and computer engineering.

1 – when you should major in computer engineering

If you are interested in electronics and passionate about programming, or you like to work in the robotics industry, Computer Engineering is the best option to opt for. But the most interesting thing is you must have a good foundation in mathematics, especially calculus.

Computer Engineering is a field made for people who like to work by hand and solve technical problems with technology.  In addition, having the ability to stay for long hours in front of the computer Without getting bored.

Computer Engineering prepares you to work in the many electrical and electronic industries including:

But the problem is, when we look at the job opportunities, Computer Engineering is not satisfying the requirements.  As we’ve seen previously in the article this area is not highly demanded in the market.

 So in this case our recommendation would be to major in electrical engineering instead, which is 5 times more popular than computer engineering. In addition, electrical engineering has a lot of overlap with Computer Engineering. They study almost the same subjects.

Moreover, you could earn a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and then apply for a master’s in computer engineering. In this case, you would have double opportunities, the first one applying with an electrical engineering degree and the second one with computer engineering.

 so If you didn’t find a job in a Limited branch such as computer engineering, you would not find that with electrical engineering because it is very demanding in the market. 

2 – when you should major in chemical engineering

If you are passionate about biology, and physics and like to work with liquids or you are always asking about the chemical compositions of materials, chemical engineering is the best option for you.

But You have to consider that chemical engineering it’s challenging and requires you to be very good at mathematics, especially calculus and at the same time be good at memorizing a lot of rules and chemical components and reactions.

But if you are expecting to work or find a job easily in chemical engineering you are wrong,  this field is very limited as we’ve seen previously in the article. So if you are interested in working as soon as possible here is our recommendation.

You could major in chemistry, working as a chemist or as material science is a little bit different from chemical engineering, but it is 10 times more popular than the chemical engineering branch.

you could find more details about the difference between chemical engineering and chemistry.