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Civil engineering vs computer science: which is better

If you ask or are confused between Civil engineering and computer science, this is the right post for you.

which is better civil engineering or computer science

According to BLS the average salary of a civil engineer is $88,000 per year,  while in computer science the average salary is $130,000 per year, So a computer scientist earns better than a civil engineer by 33%. But $88,000 is a respectable salary compared to some other engineering occupations that earn less than that.

 but if we compare the market growth of both of these occupations we find computer science expanding or better to say booming than any engineering field in the United States. 

According to BLS , the number of jobs offered every year in computer science is over 500,000 jobs. These numbers are only talking about software engineering, the most popular specialty of computer science.

 While in civil engineering there are only 25,000 jobs offered every year, meaning that computer science is 20 times broader than civil engineering. So finding a job in computer science occupations is a lot easier than civil engineering.

 but the good news is civil engineering or computer science don’t require you to have more than a bachelor’s,  unlike other occupations like physics or economics where students have to complete grad schools like master’s or Ph.D. 

So if you want to get a job as fast as possible and are passionate about computers and Technology, you won’t find it better than computer science.

 On the other hand, if you are passionate about nature or the environment and like to work Outdoors, civil engineering would be the best choice regarding the lower pay you get compared to CS.

 You have to consider that financials are not always the factor that you should base on. 

being happy in a job you enjoy is way better than being highly paid but miserable in something you hate. 

which is harder than civil engineering or computer science

Civil engineering and computer science are both difficult majors that require studying a lot of complex topics like mathematics, but civil engineering could be more difficult than computer science for students who don’t like to study Physics.

 it involved a lot of physics courses while computer science doesn’t involve any physics courses except 1 or 2 Basics courses students take in their first year.

 but if we compare civil engineering and computer science in terms of math topics we find them studying the same topics including:

The only math subject that civil engineers don’t study is discrete mathematics which is required in computer science courses.  but in general, the math required to complete both majors is similar.

 but when we do compare civil engineering to computer science in physics topics we find civil engineering study in a lot of physics subjects like:

So if you find physics boring or difficult, civil engineering would be harder than computer science.

The other aspect that we have to consider is the principal subjects students study in civil engineering and computer science. in your last 2 years in computer science you will be studying the following topics:

These subjects are all related to computer programming and the structure of hardware and software computers. The world of civil engineering is completely different where you have to study  Environmental topics like:

So if you like computers programming and stay for long hours in front of a computer, computer science would be a good choice and the easier path for you, on the other hand, if you like to go out traveling and work in plants or in the construction sites dealing with natural elements like soil, water, rocks civil engineering will be easier for you than computer science.

Is a double major in Civil engineering computer science worth it

A double major in civil engineering and computer science doesn’t have any advantages. You would be losing a lot of time and money and risk lowering your GPA which is considerable if you want to apply for some jobs or some grad schools. 

 If you think that double majoring in civil engineering and computer science would be an advantage when you apply for jobs you are totally wrong. A double major in civil engineering and computer science can be detrimental and cost you time and effort to complete.

 you will have a lot of workload and unnecessary topics to study. because civil engineering and computer science don’t have any overlap that’s worth taking a double major on. 

This double major can cost you 5 years of hard work and doesn’t let you time to take internships, which is a very interesting step you have to do if you want to secure a job.

  It happens with a lot of students studying double majors, they get forced to study courses in the summer instead of having internships to gain some experience and build a network with other people.

Civil engineering to computer science

To switch from civil engineering to computer science you have a lot of options, The most famous option is to apply for a computer science master’s with a civil engineering Bachelor’s, but you have to consider that you should go back and retake some undergrad courses, especially Computer science courses, like programming and computer data structure.

The other option you have is to take courses in private programs in computer science,  especially if you are interested in software engineering.

 to become a software engineer you don’t need to have a degree you just have to build an experience in the domain which could be possible and you have 2 options:

$37k to $125k+ Self-taught Software Engineer