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Civil engineering vs software engineering which is better

if you are asking which better: Civil engineering vs software engineering which is better? This is the right post that answers completely your question.

 Civil engineering vs software engineering which is better

According to BLS , the average salary in civil engineering is $88,000 per year. while in software engineering the average salary is $130,000 a year.  so software engineers earn 33% higher than civil engineers, but that is not the only case.

 Software engineering is an industry that is booming right now,  around 500,000 jobs are offered every year for software Engineers graduates,  this number is 20 times bigger than the civil engineering industry which offers only 25,000 jobs a year.

 You have to understand that there is no engineering field in the United States or the world that has broken these numbers. Civil engineering is in the second position with mechanical and electrical engineering as the most popular demanded majors in the marketplace. There are other engineering occupations like aerospace engineering which have poor numbers only offering 5,000 jobs every year.

 In addition, software engineering is a profession that doesn’t require a degree,  yes you can work in software engineering without getting a 4-year bachelor’s degree which is impossible in civil engineering. 

Some civil engineering occupations like architecture require you to study for 7 or 10 years, in addition, pass a credential test to take the occupation.

Today we have a lot of booming software engineering domains like data science, artificial intelligence, and Machine learning. They are very demanding. And the salaries can go through the roof.

 The other spectacular advantage that software Engineers have is, that within 5 years you can reach up to $150,000 a year if you are talented, which is almost impossible to reach for any other engineering occupation.  That’s because software Engineers are highly demanded and engineers can easily switch between companies benefitting from spectacular raises.

Which is harder civil engineering or software engineer

Civil engineering could be more challenging than software engineering in terms of physics topics. Civil engineers are required to complete a lot of physics courses, while software engineers are not engaged at all in any physics.

But when you compare civil and software engineering in terms of math concentration we find both majors studying difficult mathematics courses like:

The only difference between civil in software engineering is studying discrete math,  in civil engineering, you would not be required to study discrete math such as software engineer.

But when we look at the physics courses, civil engineers have to complete, they are heavier. in your first 2 years you have to complete the following physics courses:

Some software engineering schools might require you to study a basic physics course, Which is an easier algebra-based physics course students take in high school.  but in General, Physics is not related to software engineering except for some specializations like gaming for embedded systems. 

If you are considering taking these kinds of occupations you may have to get some background in physics, you will find more details in this article

But you have to understand that physics is not taught in software engineering until you decide to minor in some related physics and software engineering occupations.

 What should they choose civil engineering or software engineering

If you are passionate about computers and love to solve problems and programming technical stuff related to technology, you don’t have to wave computer science or software engineering is the best option to opt for, in addition, you wouldn’t have a salary that you will not be dreaming of getting if you work in civil engineering. 

but you have to make sure that software engineering is the job where you enjoy because money is not the only factor you should consider.

On the other hand, if you like to work outside of the home dealing with soil, water, and all-natural resources civil engineering might be a good position to be in.  It is still a respectable salary to live a comfortable financial life and be happy. 

it is right that in software engineering you will be earning higher than in civil engineering but it doesn’t matter if you earn 200k and be miserable in your day job.

The other thing that you should consider is, that getting more than 100k a year in software engineering will not be easier, this industry is evolving very fast, and it is hard to stay on track. You always have to be consistent in learning new technologies, like new programming languages, new frameworks, and so on.

In civil engineering, you will be using the same physics and Mathematics rules that have been used for 100 years. It is a job for people who don’t have to consistently improve themselves and be stressed over the year.

Can a civil engineer become a software engineer?

Yes, it is possible to become a software engineer with a background in civil engineering, but you have to consider that you would be required to take additional courses in software engineering.

 To become a software engineer with a civil engineering background the first one is to take a master’s after getting a bachelor’s in civil engineering or the second one is to take private courses or self-teach yourself in software engineering.

If you graduate with a civil engineering degree you could apply for a software engineering Master but you have to go back and take some courses in software engineering like:

The other option you have is to take private courses if you are interested to invest some money,  like boot camps, giving you a special and accelerated formation in just 6 months or less to join the application for the jobs as soon as possible, this option is little expensive it requires investing around $10,000, but is it cheaper than taking 2 years to master in a grad school.

The second option is to self-teach yourself in software engineering by taking some online courses, but this method is less efficient compared to the first ones we mentioned. But a lot of people succeed in getting jobs as software engineers only by teaching themselves and the proof is in the video you can watch below.

$37k to $125k+ Self-taught Software Engineer