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college algebra vs statistics

if you asking what is the difference between college algebra and statistics, this is the right post for you.

The difference between college algebra and statistics

You have to understand that statistics is not a fundamental mathematics course like algebra or calculus, is an Applied Mathematics course. In other words math that students can apply in specific areas like business and economics. It is like stuyding busienss caluclus less concentrated topic of caluclus.

So statistics is math that you can apply in real-life applications by dealing with graphs tables meaning a lot of numbers of data to analyze.

Statistics are made for students who are interested to major in business economy and finance. There is a mathematical science that helps to interpret market economy by using basics and simple rules like:

   While college algebra is more theoretical and dedicated for physics and engineering students who need to study proofs and Basics knowledge. This knowledge is employed in all mathematics topics including calculus and other Advanced subjects math major students will need to complete in the curriculum like a master’s or Ph.D.

College algebra is subject-oriented to poofs and critical thinking while statistics is based on using abstract or prepared equations to apply. in other words in statistics, you would need to memorize a lot of expressions or theorems without proving them or knowing where they came from.

 while in college algebra students don’t have a lot of memorization, they prove the majority of the rules they use.

So in general statistics is based on memorization and Analysis while college algebra requires critical thinking and the ability to solve problems.

But you have to understand that it’s impossible to study statistics if you don’t have the basics of algebra including arithmetics, equations, and inequalities. So this is why in school they teach algebra because it is the base of any math topic.

what are the topics covered in college algebra? 

The college algebra program is longer and tougher and this is an example of how many topics you will take in college algebra.

you can find this video to give an idea about what you expect to study in college algebra.

what are the topics covered in statistics? 

Is college algebra or statistics harder?

College algebra is more difficult or harder than statistics especially if we compare it to elementary statistics courses.  but for advanced statistics courses that math majors study is more tough and challenging because they base on algebraic proofs and even calculus which is the most difficult subject course in college.

But for students who study their bachelor’s or their first 4 years, college algebra is more difficult than any statistics course you will find knowing during your bachelor’s degree.

But you have to understand that statistics can be overloaded and difficult if you don’t like to deal with a lot of numbers, graphs, and tables to analyze.  you will be using intensive calculators than college algebra exams.

 The bad thing about statistics exams even though they are easier, is the statistics questions are related to each other. For instance, in an exam, once you make a mistake in the first questions of your problem everything falls down.

 In algebra, you will be independent questions and proofs that facilitate the job and still be sure of your results compared to what statistics students can get. 

if you like memorization and follow guided rules then statistics will be easier for you

if you like to innovate and go out of the box algebra will give you more freedom to prove and change and resolve your problem in your unique way.

Is stats higher than college algebra?

Typically college algebra is higher than statistics but students have a choice to take college algebra before statistics depending on their needs and major. but it is not necessary or required to have a college algebra course completed to study statistics.

 You just need the basics of High School algebra to take statistics college courses. Meaning the arithmetics such as:

All these Basics are typically taught in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 between 8 and 10 grades so basic on the basics of algebra.

A lot of people succeed and get high scores in statistics without studying college algebra. 

Should I take statistics or college algebra?

You can take them both if you have enough basics of algebra, meaning algebra 1 and algebra 2 high schools. It will be not a problem if your curriculum offers both of these topics. or you could choose whatever you like, to begin with.

college algebra is not required to complete or study statistics, all the subejcts that you’ll study in statistics can be understood at the high school math algebra level.

even if you are terrible in math you still have a higher chance to be more successful in statistics than in college algebra. in other words, you can succeed in statistics while not in college algebra.

Is elementary statistics easier than college algebra?

elementary statistics is easier than college algebra, studnet can succeed in elementary statistics if they have enough basics of high school algebra. While college algebra is tougher and requires taking precalculus courses that include trigonometry and preparative calculus courses like limits and continuity.