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computer engineering vs civil engineering

In this post, we’ll be discovering the difference between computer and civil engineering and which is the best branch to major in.

Which is a better computer  or civil engineering

According to BLS, the average salary in civil engineering is $88,000 per year,  while in computer engineering there it is 32% higher around $128,000 per year.  but you have to consider that computer engineering is more popular than civil engineering.

The computer engineering industry is evolving only by 2%, Offering around 4,500 occupations every year,  which is a very poor number compared to civil engineering or other engineering occupations.

 Civil engineering is evolving by 8%,  offering around 25,000 occupations every year, 5 times better than computer engineering. Yes, Computer Engineering has a higher salary but the problem is you’ll be struggling to find a job.

On the other hand in civil engineering, there are a lot of opportunities, There are multiples fields you can work in,  for instance, you can work as:

In computer engineering you would be focusing a lot on electronics and programming, You could work as :

But if we would have compared Computer Engineering to civil engineering we find a big difference. Computer Engineers are focusing on electronics and programming while civil engineers are studying environmental engineering including hydrology, and geology Construction.

So we have an unrelated domain that each One requires the special  characteristics and abilities that would be talking about in the next paragraph

Which is harder Computer or civil engineering

Computers and civil engineering are similar in terms of difficulties,  civil engineering could be more difficult for students who don’t like to study Advanced physics topics,  on the other hand, computer engineering is difficult because it involves Programming and electronics, so each one has its own challenges.

We’re going to compare computer and civil engineering and see the most difficult topics covered, we’ll be based on 3 categories:

1 – math courses 

As a civil engineering major, you will be required to study a lot of math courses Including:

In computer engineering, you’ll be studying the same topics,  except for one additional Math course which is discrete math. 

 So both civil and computer engineering are required to study the most difficult math courses in college, especially calculus 3 and differential equations.  If you have weak foundations in high school mathematics like precalculus or Algebra 2 you would be suffering in these courses.

2 – physics courses 

 Computer Engineering is required to study only the General Physics courses physics 1 and physics 2, while civil engineers have a lot of physics courses to complete including:

The most difficult course you would be facing in civil engineering thermodynamics Involves a lot of calculus, especially multivariable calculus. So math in civil engineering is foundational and is required to study physics and other principal topics will be talked about in the next paragraph.

3 – principal topics

In the first two years of civil and computer engineering, students study a lot of common math and physics courses as we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraphs. But in the third and fourth years, students have to complete different subjects that don’t overlap.

in civil engineering you will be studying:

In computer engineering there is another world, you will be studying:

Should I major in computer or civil engineering

The principal thing you should consider is finding the domain you are passionate about if you are passionate about working Outdoors in nature. Studying hydrology, the geology of building roads, and bridges, and building civil engineering is the right major for you.

Civil engineering is a field made for people who enjoy working with teams,  people who are extroverted, and who like to be sociable and surrounded by people.  In addition, the ones who like to move a lot and not work in cubicle jobs.

In terms of job opportunities, civil engineering is popular and in high demand as we’ve seen in the first paragraph of the article.  so you don’t have to worry about struggling or staying unemployed for a long period of time. 

On the other hand, if your passion is electronics, robotics, or computers then computer engineering would be a good option for you,  especially if you are an introverted person who likes to work alone, and don’t feel bored sitting in front of the computer for long hours.

Computer Engineering is a limited field. It is not highly demanded, but you don’t have to worry. There is an alternative or second plan which is too major in electrical engineering instead of majoring directly in computer engineering.

If you like to develop and program software systems like web design,  game applications,  or create databases for companies,  you could focus and major in computer science. It is the most popular engineering in the United States.

But if you are interested in working in hardware engineering, building electronics boards, and programming them,  the best and safest route to take is to major in electrical engineering,  because electrical engineers study almost the same topics that computer Engineers do.

Electrical engineering is 10 times more popular than computer engineering so it would be easier to find a job without any hassle.

 In addition, when you earn your bachelor’s in electrical engineering you have an opportunity to apply for a computer engineering masters.  This would allow you to apply for your dream job and at the same time apply for an electrical engineering job, in case you didn’t find computer engineering jobs.