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Computer engineering vs math

In this post, we’ll be discovering which is better computer engineering or math, and also help you to choose the right branch for you.

Which is better Computer Engineering or math major

According to BLS, the average salary of a computer engineer is $128,000. while math majors are earning between $80,000 and  $105,000 for majors. the highest paid occupation in math are:

But if we compare Computer Engineering to math majors in terms of employment rate we’ll find them almost similar. In computer engineering, there are 4500 occupations offered every year. In math majors, especially mathematicians or statisticians, 5200 openings are in the industry.

But, there is a math field that is booming today which is 2 times broader than computer engineering or mathematicians jobs, operations, and research analysts. It offers more than 10,000 occupations every year, in addition, it is not required to have a master’s or a Ph.D. like mathematicians and statisticians.

If you are looking to find a job as a math major without going into the higher competition, operation research analysis is the best occupation to opt for,  is better than Computer Engineering and other mathematics fields like actuaries and mathematicians.

On the other hand, if you are interested in electronics and programming,  Computer Engineering is a good chart but it has a limited job occupation,  but there are other relevant and more popular Majors like computer science for electrical engineering we will be talking about in detail in our article.

But money is not the only factor that you should consider, the most interesting thing is your personal abilities and your interest that are going to determine if you are meant for a computer engineering or math major. Which is hard that computer engineering or math

Which is hard computer engineering or math major

Math majors are more difficult than computer engineering,  mathematicians are required to complete a lot of difficult and challenging mathematics courses, especially abstract causes like abstract algebra, topology, or linear analysis.  In computer engineering you are not required to complete this course, you have to study some Physics topics in addition to electronic design and programming, Which are also demanding and require a lot of practice and handwork.

Computer Engineering is easier for people who love programming Electronics and work a little bit using their hands.

 On the other hand, a math major requires a lot of proof but is satisfying for people who are not interested in electronics programming or any handy work.

In math majors are required to complete the following principal courses:

While in computer engineering,  you still have to complete a lot of math courses but not intensive like math majors, because you would have a lot of electronics and programming topics also to study, so the topics covered in computer engineering are:

So as you can see from the list the topics covered in computer engineering are more numerous than in math majors,  but math major courses are more complex, for instance studying one single math subject like topology could be equivalent to 5 or more subjects of computer engineering, so you don’t have to worry about the quantity

Should you major in computer engineering or math

If you don’t like to solve technical problems, especially Electronics or programming,  and you just like solving abstract mathematical equations like making a lot of proofs in mathematics,  then a math major it’s a good option for you.

 A math major is made for people who enjoy doing a lot of theoretical research and don’t apply math in engineering or other fields. They only have a passion for numbers and statistics, they don’t like to work in design or solve technical issues in programming or anything else.

On the other hand, if you are passionate about robotics electronics and like to build circuits by yourself,  you have a workshop in your backyard where you are doing a lot of electronics projects like fixing stuff or building DIY projects, then computer engineering is for you.

Computer Engineering is a great career for students who are interested in working in the mechatronics and robotics industry. It is a field for people who like to design electronic systems embedded in machines we use in our life, like smartphones, computers, Ac rooms, refrigerators, and so on.

The problem with math and computer engineering are.

In most cases to work in the math position, you have to complete your academic studies, meaning taking a master’s or even having a Ph.D. which is effort and time costly.

On the other hand, Computer Engineering is a field that doesn’t have higher demand in the market,  when you graduate from computer engineering you will find a lot of struggles before landing your first job.

 So our recommendation is:

For people who are interested in mathematics and love math a lot, you can major in computer science and take a branch of data science. It involves a lot of mathematics that you enjoy and the salaries in this domain are on the roof.  in just five years you can reach $150,000 or even more. In addition, data science is classified as the third-best Job in the United States.

For people who are interested in majoring in computer engineering, the best alternative is to major in electrical engineering which is 5 times more popular, it has a lot of overlap between electrical and computer engineering. 

 In addition, with an electrical engineering Bachelor, you can apply for a computer engineering master’s to finally apply securely for your dream job. Because even if you didn’t find a job in computer engineering with your master you still have a lot of chances to find it with your bachelor’s in electrical engineering.