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Computer Engineering Vs mechatronics

in this post will be discovering which is better computer engineering or mechatronics and what is the difference between each one.

Which is better Computer Engineering  or Mechatronics

According to BLS, the average salary in Computer Engineering is $128,000.  while a mechatronics engineer is earning around $87,000, per year,33% less than computer engineering,  but when we compare the jobs offered in Computer Engineering and mechatronics we would find a noticeable difference.

The average growth of Computer Engineering employment is only 2% compared to 8% for mechatronics engineering. In addition, there are only 4000 occupations offered every year in computer engineering and 8000 occupations for Mechatronics engineering. But both of these numbers are not meeting the expectation of graduates, especially the ones who are looking to easily find a job without grinding.

For instance, if we compare Computer Engineering mechatronics to other engineering occupations like electrical or mechanical engineering,  we find the job numbers offered in mechanical or electrical engineering are 2 to 3  times higher than in mechatronics,  and 5 times higher than in computer engineering.

So if you are looking to be hired as soon as possible, Computer Engineering mechatronics is not the best option to opt for,  you would be struggling to find a job, in addition, you must have some good experience to be accepted in these kinds of technical occupations.

But if you are passionate about these both occupations we recommend opting for mechatronics because it includes these all 3 specialties together:

We will be explaining in the next paragraph the difference between mechatronics and computer engineering.

The difference between Computer Engineering and  mechatronics  

Computer Engineers focus only on two parts electronics and programming,  while mechatronics engineers focus on mechanics, Electronics, electrical, and programming, meaning even computer engineering.

  Computer Engineers dig deeper into computers and programming multiple electronic Technologies while mechatronics stays broader. 

we will compare Computer Engineering to mechatronics on both sides:

1 – curriculum

The math topics students study in Computer and mechatronics engineers are almost similar, in both Majors you are required to complete the following math courses:

Mechatronics students can take additional math courses like probability and statistics which are not required in computer engineering.

But when we compare mechatronics to Computer Engineering in stem points of physics topics we notice some differences.

 Computer engineers are only required to take two principal or General Physics courses physics 1 and physics 2. While mechatronics Engineers are required to study additional physics courses like Material Science statics and thermodynamics.

Mechatronics students study a lot of mechanical engineering subjects, especially design,  in addition to some Advanced topics related to robotics and industrial engineering, all these courses are not required in computer engineering.

 in your third and fourth year in computer engineering you will be focusing on the following principal courses:

So as you can see from the bullet list all the courses are focused in computer and electronic aspects, while in mechatronics you would have a diversity of subjects you have to complete in the third and fourth year, including:

So mechatronics encompasses the three principal fields,  mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering, and it is very challenging to absorb all these courses at the same time.

2 – jobs opportunities

Mechatronics engineers have a lot of combined skills in different fields including electrical engineering, computer programming, and mechanical engineering. As a mechatronics engineer you could be working in theses following industries:

While computer engineering is much narrowed And offer fewer opportunities focusing only on the electrical and electronic engineering part, as a computer engineer you could become an:

Which is harder Computer Engineering or  mechatronics

Mechatronics is more difficult than computer engineering because it encompasses a lot of domains combined with electrical mechanical and computer engineering itself,  while computer Engineers are only focusing on electronics and the programming part.

To study mechatronics you have to be a fast learner to absorb the global curriculum, you must be good at mathematics, physics, mechanical design, and programming. You must be liking to work a lot of aspects combined.

Mechatronics engineering is a profession made for people who are interested to work in robotics that involves mechanical electrical and programming. 

So to build a robot you have to design its mechanical parts in addition to the electronics and electrical system of robots and finally program it.  

On the other hand, computer Engineers are focusing only on electrical engineering and software programming. It is not an easy major, it requires a lot of studies, especially digging into details about micro Electronics like microprocessors,  microcontrollers, and sensors.

As a computer engineer, your principal job will be to design Electronics boards and program them,  for instance designing and programming electronic boards of a smartphone or designing and programming electronic boards of computers used in cars, refrigerators, TVs, and so on.

Should I major in computer engineering or mechatronics

If you are passionate about robotics, mechatronics is the ultimate Branch you should choose. It will offer you all the necessary topics you need including mechanics, electrical, and programming to build robots for work in the robotics industry.

On the other hand, if you want to be more specialized and stay focused only on electrical electronics or programming,  without learning any mechanical design,  Computer Engineering would be a good option to choose.

 But in terms of job opportunities, neither Computer Engineering nor mechatronics is the best field to opt for. So if you are interested to find a job as soon as possible I’m not a struggle here is our recommendation:

If you are passionate about robotics and want to study mechatronics, It’s better and safer to Apply for a bachelor’s in mechanical or electrical engineering,  then later apply for a master’s in mechatronics.

In most cases, employers don’t like to employ mechatronics engineers,  because it’s tough to master mechanical, electrical, and software engineering at the same time,  so they decide to hire more specialized engineers, electrical or mechanical engineers instead of a mechatronics one who will not be doing both together.

On the other hand, if you are interested in computer engineering, the best option is to apply for a bachelor’s in electrical engineering which is more popular and in high demand, then later apply for a master’s in computer engineering, specializing in embedded systems which is a field of computer engineering.

This will be much safer and allow you to have more flexibility.