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Computer Engineering vs physics

if you are asking which is better, comptuer engineering or physics in this post you will find a complete question.

 which is better Computer Engineering or Physics

According to BLS the average salary of Computer Engineering is $128,000 per year,  while physicists earn around $150,000, 20% better. But when we look at Computer Engineering and physics we find limited job opportunities compared to other engineering fields.

 For a physics major, there are only 1500 occupations offered every year, And also 4,500  for computer engineering.  These numbers are very poor compared to other popular engineering fields like electrical and mechanical engineering.

 In electrical and mechanical engineering there are more than 20,000 occupations offered every year,  5 times more than Computer Engineering and 10 times more than physics majors.

But if you want to work in the highest and the most popular engineering field, There is nothing better than computer science. It offers more than 200,000 occupations every year which is 100 more than physics majors.

So you have to consider that computer engineering and physics majors are not the ultimate field to get a job easily.  In computer engineering, you would face a lot of competition and be required to take a lot of internships and work on your experience.

But the problem physics majors face is in most cases you have to complete your academic study,  meaning takes a master’s or a Ph.D. to earn the highest salaries and live a financially comfortable life.

At least Computer Engineering is better because it is just required to have a bachelor’s,  you don’t need to take a master’s or have a Ph.D. to become a computer engineer.

But if you are convinced to choose between physics or computer engineering there are other facts that we should discuss in the next paragraph. 

Which is harder Computer Engineering or Physics

Physics is very difficult and more complicated than computer engineering, it is more theoretical and It encompasses the most difficult courses like quantum mechanics, relativity physics, and thermodynamics,  while computer Engineering is more practical and less theoretical.

But when we Compare Computer Engineering and physics math concentration, we find them similar, in physics, you will be required to complete:

 In computer engineering you will be required to study the same math courses,  you just have to take an additional topics course in linear algebra.  

But in general, if you suck at math, Computer Engineering and physics majors are going to be like hell, especially if you haven’t prepared well for calculus.

But the things that make physics major more difficult than computer engineering is the huge  theoretical math courses you have complete like:

The toughest courses that students struggle with a lot are quantum mechanics, physics relativity, and thermodynamics. They are complex and require a lot of studies. In addition, being very good at calculus.

In computer engineering, you would not be required to study any physics courses except the General Physics courses physics 1 and physics 2.

You would be studying more specific subjects like:

These subjects are easier if we compare them to the physics subject we mentioned previously,  they are practical and don’t involve a lot of theory and calculus equations to solve.

Should you major in computer engineering or physics

we’re going the cases when you should major in physics and others in computer engineering.

1 – when you should major in physics

If you are fascinated by science, and physics like cosmology, and astronomy and have an interest in asking deep questions about nature,  in addition, you have a good level in mathematics, probably a physics major is a good option for you.

A Physics major is meant for people who are interested in solving tropical physics problems, like quantum mechanics and relativity physics.  It is meant for people who don’t like to work in applied science like engineering, making tests and experiments, they want to study more abstract science that involves a lot of proofing.

In physics majors, you have a lot of competition,  and most physics majors get forced to continue their studies to get a master’s or Ph.D. Which is effort and time-consuming.

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For instance, if you are aiming to become a physics teacher or researcher, You have to spend 5 to 10 additional years after your Bachelor’s.  In addition, most employers prefer physics Majors with Ph.D. or at least a master’s. Having a physics Bachelor’s probably will not be enough to find a good and respectable job.

But if you are passionate about physics, and have a dream, go for it. The reward is always behind the risk. 

In the worst cases scenarios, you will not be finding a job, but most employers will prefer to hire you in unrelated industries where you can earn a lot of money like banking, or software engineering.

2 – when you should major in computer engineering

if you are interested in robotics,  Electronics, and electrical engineering Building electrical and electronic products like smartphones, smartphones TV, computers,  and all the electronics systems embedded in machines.

in computer engineering, you will not be required to take additional studies, a bachelor’s is already enough. 

 You also have to be good in mathematics,  in addition to programming which is the second skill you need to program Hardware computers. But there is another alternative.

As we’ve mentioned before, computer engineering is not in high demand, so we recommend majoring in electrical engineering is 5 times more popular and has a lot of overlap with computer engineering.

In addition to an electrical engineering bachelor, you could apply for a computer engineering master’s, and you will have a chance to choose between these specialties:

all these branches are related to computer engineering, the most relevant ones are embedded systems.

Having a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and a computer engineering master’s is safer, if you didn’t find a job with a master’s in computer engineering, you still have gazillions of opportunities to apply with your bachelor’s in electrical engineering.