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computer engineering vs robotics

which is better comptuer engineering or robotics, this is what we’ll be talking about in this article.

Which is better computer engineering or robotics


According to BLS, the average salary of a computer engineer is $128,000 per year, while a robotics engineer is around $87,000 per day, 33% better than a computer engineer. But computer engineering doesn’t provide promising potential jobs.

Computer engineering is only evolving by 2% creating 4500 jobs every year, this is a very poor number compared to electrical, mechanical, or electronics engineering which offers more than 21,000 jobs every year.

In robotics engineering, it is hard to determine the numbers or statistics, because a lot of engineering fields are leading to robotics. 

If you have mechanical, electrical, electronics, software, and mechatronics engineering degrees, you are allowed to work as a robotics engineer, which is great and more flexible than computer engineering.

But the best one is mechatronics which allows you to work in all positions, including mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. but it is not easy to be a mechatronics engineer. It is challenging, you can read this related article.

mechatronics vs computer engineers.

if you are looking to find jobs easily we do not recommend opting for computer engineering, is better to choose electrical engineering is much more popular, and you will find easily a job with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering.

But the good news is with electrical engineering you could apply for a master’s in computer engineering if you are passionate about this area. In this case, you will be taking the safest path, having double degrees.

so if a computer engineering degree doesn’t click, surely electrical engineering will do.

the difference between computer engineering and robotics

The main difference between computer engineering and robotics is that computer engineering focuses on the development of computing systems, meaning the computers embedded in any electronic machines, like smartphones, TVs, AC rooms, car computers, and even robots themselves.

In robotics, engineers are only focusing on robotics parts, they focus on mechanical, electrical, and electronics parts of robots, but they don’t build the robotics computer or design electronics boards, this is the job of a computer engineer.

 Robotics engineers manipulate these electronics and program them to make a robot move, pick objects or any specific operations

what computer engineers do

Computer engineering is concerned with the design, analysis, and implementation of hardware and software components for computing systems. The field of computer engineering includes a wide range of topics such as algorithms, architectures, databases, embedded systems, human-computer interaction, networking, parallel computing, security, and software engineering.

To understand more about what computer engineers do, let’s pick an example,

We’ll be talking about smartphones.

A smartphone is divided into two parts, software, and hardware:

  • The software is an operating system they use, for instance, android or ios, this part is not concerned with computer engineers, they don’t work on it.
  • The hardware is the electronics board of a smartphone, which include electronics components like a screen, battery, memory, ram microprocessor, etc.

The hardware part is what computer engineers are working on, they have 2 jobs:

Computer engineers design the electronics boards of smartphones, they design the electronics schematics and choose the right electronics components that ensure a smartphone works properly.

The second job is to program hardware computer engineers design hardware programs, for instance, they program electronics circuits responsible for charging a battery. When your battery is completely charging, there is an algorithm designed by computer engineers who detect that the battery is fully charged and they should cut the electrical current unless the battery will explode.

In addition, there are many hardware programs that run in your smartphone that computer engineers are responsible for.

what robotics engineers do

In contrast, Robotics engineers are responsible for designing, building, and testing robots. They work with other engineers and scientists to create innovative solutions to problems. Robotics engineers often specialize in one particular area, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science. They use their knowledge of physics, math, and computer programming to design robots that can perform a variety of tasks.

Robotics engineers have 4 principal tasks to do:

Firstly, Robotics engineers use a variety of tools and techniques to design and develop robotic prototypes. They may use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create three-dimensional (3D) models of the robots they are designing. They may also use engineering analysis software to simulate how the robot will move and interact with its environment. 

In addition, robotics engineers often build physical prototypes of their designs using materials such as metals, plastics, and electronics. All these skills require a good background in mechanical engineering.

The second thing is to construct robotics, the engineer determines the functionality that the robot will need to perform its task. Then, they design a frame and body for the robot using materials that will allow it to move in the required way and withstand the necessary forces. The internal components are then selected and assembled, including sensors, actuators, and controllers preparing for the next part.

The third thing is, Robotics engineers program robots using a variety of computer languages, including C, C++, Python, and Java. They also use specialized software to simulate the movement of the robot and test the code before it is implemented. The code for a robot must be very precise, as even a small error can cause the robot to malfunction.

The last step is calibration, Robotics engineers use a process called calibration to ensure that robots are able to accurately perform tasks. This involves setting up the robot’s sensors and actuators so that they can accurately measure and respond to changes in the environment. For instance, picking an object and putting it in the right place, sometimes 1mm out of the range can cause a disaster, so calibration moments take time and a lot of care.

Is computer engineering a good major for robotics?

Computer engineering is an excellent major for robotics because it covers the basics of how computers work and how to control them, which are embedded in robots. In addition, computer engineers are familiar with electrical and electronics engineering which is critical for designing robotic systems. 

Computer engineers also have experience with sensors and actuators, which are essential components of any robot. For instance, laser or ultrasonic sensors that detect objects, and actuators like motors, pistons, or arms.

 Finally, computer engineers are often able to program with languages that are widely used in robotics research, such as C, C++, Python, and Java.

The only thing you have to do as a computer engineer is, to go back and take some mechanical engineering courses, to learn industrial or mechanical design in software like CAD, and CAM. But it is not necessary if you like to specialize in the electrical parts of robotics.