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Computer Engineering vs. telecommunication engineering

In this post, we’ll be discovering the difference between computer and telecommunication engineering, and see which is the best option to opt for.

Which is better computer or communication engineer

According to BLS, the average salary of a computer engineer is $128,000 per year, while a telecommunication engineer is around  $98,600, 24% lower than a computer engineer. But when we look Employment rate, we find that computer and communication engineering have modest numbers.

The growth of employment rate in computer engineering is only 2% offering 4500 occupations every year, while the same thing for telecommunication engineering. So the job outlook of these both industries is not popular or highly demanded as traditional engineering such as electrical or mechanical engineering.

For instance, if you decide to major in mechanical or electrical engineering there are many opportunities in this field, and you would easily find a job because the number of jobs offered in electrical and mechanical engineering is 5 times higher than in computer and telecommunications engineering.

So if you ask which is better in terms of job Opportunities electrical engineering would be the best alternative to computer and telecommunication engineering. If you care about getting more chances to be employable, we will be talking about that in detail in our article.

But money is not the only factor that you should consider,  firstly you have to understand what is the difference between computer and telecommunication engineering,  so you can make the right decision knowing what is right and aligned with your personality. 

The difference between computer and telecommunication engineering

Telecommunication and computer engineering have a lot of overlap. They both centered on the computer and electronic design, but computer engineers focus on the hardware parts related to computers and how to design them, like building electronic machines such as smartphones, TVs, refrigerators, and robots. etc

Telecommunication Engineers are focusing only on the single transmission parts, meaning the part that ensures the communication and signals, for instance, antennas, phones, wifi, internet IP protocols, wifi, Bluetooth, and anything that involves communications.

For instance, you could find one single product that computers and communication engineers work on together,  a great example would be a smartphone. 

 The principal job of Computer Engineering in this case is to design hardware or electronic Board for a smartphone including all the circuits that Ensure good Functioning like:

In a telecommunication engineer job, you will be focusing on all telecommunications

protocols, In the smartphone:

Telecommunication and computer engineers are not the same jobs but in many Electronics or technology devices,  computer and telecommunication Engineers are mostly working together. 

So it is easier to transmit from computer to telecommunication engineering jobs, they are very related

Which is harder computer or telecommunication engineering

Computer and telecommunication engineering are of the same level of difficulty, they both involve a lot of math and technical Electronics courses.  Students who are not good at mathematics, especially calculus, might find a lot of struggles in the program.

The math courses required in computer and telecommunication engineering are:

so before taking a bachelor’s in computer or telecommunication engineering you have to prepare well for calculus courses waiting for you.   The best thing to do is to prepare for calculus courses.

In the third and fourth years, you will notice some differences between computer and telecommunication engineering subjects.

 In computer engineering, you’ll be starting on topics like:

In telecommunication engineering you’ll be focusing more on communication  in data transmission by taking the following courses:

Should you major in computer engineering or telecommunication engineering

If you are interested in working in robotics engineering, Computer Engineering is the best option to opt for, Especially if you want specialized robotics Electronics design. In addition, Computer Engineering allows you to work in multiple other electronics Industries like embedded systems, microelectronics, PCB design, and so on…

Your principal job as a computer engineer is to design Electronics boards embedded in multiple devices that we use in our daily life. for instance:

 In telecommunication engineering you will be focusing on a small part of computer engineering,  you would be in the middle between electrical and computer engineering studying every aspect of communications.

If you like to build communication protocols,  like working on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radio, etc, working in sensors, radars, sonars, and building algorithms responsible to decipher singles, telecommunication is a good option to opt for.

The problem you will face with computers and telecommunication engineering is the lack of job opportunities.  you would be spending a lot of time before you land your first job.

 So if you are interested in having a safe degree that gives you a lot of flexibility and opportunities, recommend majoring in electrical engineering. There is a lot of overlap between electrical engineering,  computer, and telecommunication engineering.

In addition,  if you still have the interest to work in computer and telecommunication engineering, with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering you could apply for a master’s degree in both occupations computer or telecommunication engineering.

So it would be great to apply for your master’s in the field you are passionate about and want to work on, but at the same time, if you didn’t find a job in computer or telecommunication engineering, you still have a lot of chances to apply with your electrical engineering Bachelor for multiple Industries.