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Computer science vs biology

In this post, we’ll be talking about the difference between computer science and biology, and which is the best option to opt for.

Which is better computer science or biology

According to BLS, the average salary of a biology major is $65,000 per year, while computer science Engineers earn almost double this wage, they earn around $130,000 per You which is  2 times better than a biology major.

 On the other hand, computer science branches are exploding today, for instance, if we pick software engineering, there are more than 500,000 occupations offered every year just in software engineering which is bigger than any other stem major including biology.

The field of computer science is growing by 22% compared to 9% for biology majors, So there is no doubt that computer science is way more employable than biology according to the expansion and high demand of technology companies, especially the first evolution of software engineering and the internet.

So if you are enjoying programming or working on computers, computer science would be a good option giving you a lot of opportunities and flexibility to work in the many industries in addition to salaries that you cannot ever imagine in your life.

 For instance, if you decide to major in software engineering, in just 5 years you can reach $150,000 per year as an annual salary,  which is impossible for any biology major to attend even after 10  years of experience.  but you must be convinced and passionate about this domain.

But if you enjoy biology yourself you still have many opportunities to work and some highly demanded domains,  like Health practitioner, Teaching or even becoming a registered nurse.

Money is not the only factor that you should consider before choosing computer science or biology. We will be talking about all those details and criteria you should base on before choosing computer science or biology later in our article.

Which is harder computer science or biology

Computer science is harder than biology, a lot of math topics biology majors do not include, especially when we talk about calculus and linear algebra. On the other hand, biology is also tough. It involves a lot of topics, and concepts to memorize and understand. The biology program is more condensed in information than computer science which is more technical. It requires critical thinking more than memorization.

In the first 2 years, computer science majors are required to complete a lot of math courses including:

As a biology major, you would be required to complete only one single Math course which is Calculus 1 students take in their first year. You don’t have to study any other math courses like computer science do. But on the other side you have to take some Physics and chemistry courses computer science students don’t study including:

These physics courses are important for biology students to prepare them to study biology and chemistry topics in their Junior and Senior years.

In the last 2 years, third and fourth year, Computer science student Student study principal subjects related to computers and programming including:

In biology major, you would study different topics including:


If you are good at mathematics and have an interest in programming and computers, computer science would be easier for you, especially if you don’t like to study Physics and Chemistry topics.

 On the other hand, if you are not good at mathematics and barely pass math courses, you still have an interest in biology, chemistry, and physics courses. In addition, you have the ability to memorize a lot of things and read voluminous books. Biology would be easier for you.

So we cannot judge and say biology is easier than computer science just because it doesn’t involve a lot of math. The number of subjects and definitions biology Majors should memorize is huge, So you have to find your comfortable spot.

 Which should I choose computer science or biology?

 If you would like to work on computers and don’t feel bored sitting for long hours in front of the screen solving problems about programming,  or working in cubicle jobs alone without meeting people, computer science could be a good choice for you.

 Computer science will give you a lot of advantages, principally the highest salary you can reach.  In addition, if you choose to work in the software engineering industry you won’t need to have formal education like a bachelor going to school, you can self-teach yourself or take some private classes, you can watch this video below.

 How I Became a Self-Taught Software Developer

 In addition, computer science is a job that can be done remotely, from any city around the world, which is impossible, talking about biology majors.  

You just have to consider that you will be required to study a lot of math topics, especially difficult ones like calculus 3 or differential equations. so you must have a solid foundation in high school math, like algebra 2 and precalculus.

On the other hand, biology majors are good for people who like to work in healthcare industries and don’t like to study technical topics, like programming, or configuring networks and computers. You will be working with humans and dealing with a human or maybe animal body nature.

This field requires a lot of memorization, drawing, and a lot of readings. You would have a voluminous program to complete in addition to a lot of definitions to memorize.

Even with a lower salary potential, you can apply for pre-med school with biology like nursing and still earn a lot of money but you have to continue your studies after getting a bachelor’s. 

Do I need biology for computer science?

Biology is not required to study computer science, you would be just required to have completed one course of either biology, chemistry, or physics to join a computer science major.  But in the computer science program, there aren’t any biology courses students take.

So you don’t need to study any biology if you are interested in majoring in computer science.

Can a biology student do computer science?

If you are interested in studying computer science as a biology major, it is possible and you have 2 options:

 First You can earn your bachelor’s in biology and then apply for a computer science master’s but in this case, you would be required to go back and take some undergrad courses related to programming and Mathematics which is difficult, especially for students who are not good in math.

The second option is to self-teach yourself computer science or enroll in private programs like boot camps where you can learn computer science specialty in less than 1 year. Especially if you are interested in software engineering, a field that doesn’t require having any degree. Then you can apply immediately after finishing your courses to multiple software engineering jobs.