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computer science vs ICT

In this post we will discover the difference between computer science and ICT, and which is the best branch to choose to major in.

Which is better computer science or ICT

According to BLS the average salary of an ICT major is  $97,430, while in computer science it is much better, around $130,000 per year, higher by 26% than an ICT major. But good occupations are growing very fast compared to other engineering fields.

In ICT The growth rate is 13% Offering around 66000 occupations every year,  While in computer science the market is growing much faster by 22% and only offers around 200,000 occupations every year.

It is clear that computer scientists earn more than ICT, But you have to understand that computer science is a higher degree than ICT, in addition, in some Advanced Computer Science Fields you may be required to have a master’s if a domain is competitive.

But in general, both computer science and ICT  branches are excellent majors to opt for,  there are many occupations that you work on without even having a bachelor’s or any formal education. For instance, it is possible to become a software engineer and earn around $150,000 per year by teaching yourself or taking private courses like boot camp.

ICT prepares you to become:

Computer science prepares you to become:

Computer science is more advanced and challenging than ICT. It focuses more on the details and creating programs or systems from scratch,  while ICT or  “information communication technologists”  only manipulate this technology, analyze, and manage it, they don’t design it from scratch.

The difference between computer science and ICT

To give you a simple analogy to the difference between computer science and information communication and Technology,  computer science is like an engineering major, where Engineers have to create and Design software or how to build a program or systems from scratch so they have to implement all their mathematics difficult courses to transform a real problem to an algorithm.

Information communication and Technologists are like technicians where whose principal job is to fix troubleshooting,  they fix, analyze and manage all the work computer scientists have done. In most cases, they don’t design Advanced software because their mathematics background is very limited.

For instance, a cybersecurity or cryptographic engineer is a person who designs Protection Systems against hacking attacks. This job belongs to computer science because it requires a lot of math and a higher level of critical thinking.

 On the other hand, ICT majors can’t do that, they only can manage these programs.

For instance, there is an equivalent job in ICT which is, an Information security analyst. It just manages, installs, enhances, and informs people how to use the protection Systems designed by cybersecurity engineers considered as a computer science major. 

So computer scientists are designing and creating things from scratch while information communication technology engineers fix and manage systems that computer science engineers have designed.

Which is harder computer science or ICT

Computer science is much harder than ICT. It involves a lot of advanced mathematics courses like calculus that ICT Majors don’t take at all,  in addition, computer science students go deeper into the conception and the structure of computers while ICT majors Focus only on the management, analysis, and fixing troubleshooting.

Computer science majors are required to complete a lot of math courses including:

in ICT You would be only required to complete a simple college algebra course, so you will not be studying Advanced calculus courses like calculus 3 or differential equation.

 in addition to topics taught in ICT Being superficial and don’t dig deeper and the details, in ICT  major you’ll be  studying the following courses:

While in computer science major you would be digging into the  details and studying the foundations of computers  and algorithms, you would be studying:

Computer science teaches you how computers are made and how to create the most efficient code. In order to do that you must have a solid foundation in mathematics and understand the details that ICTs don’t tackle on. 

What should you Major in computer science ICT

 If you want to earn higher salaries and have much flexibility in your life, computer science is a good option,  you just have to be good in mathematics, especially calculus to bear the difficulties of completing your 4-year bachelor’s.

There are some majors in computer science that can make you earn a lot of money, for instance, in data science you can achieve $200,000. With just a few years of experience between 5 to 10 years is impossible to do in an ICT major. 

On the other hand, if you like to fix problems and work by hand, repairing computers or configuring routers,  databases, servers, and clouds, ICT Would be a good option but you would not have the highest salaries in the field, You would not be getting higher salaries as computer science majors.

but the advantage you have is you would not be required to study a lot of mathematics in the ICT major, Especially if you are sucking at mathematics, and don’t think that math is your thing. 

But the great thing about these two majors is they don’t require a degree,  you still have a chance to work in both occupations without taking any formal education.  Due to the higher demand in these Industries, employers get forced to hire people without any bachelor’s or associate degrees, but just having some internships from our previous experience in the field.

For instance, if you want to become a software engineer you can teach yourself or take boot camps(private paid courses) allowing you to grasp the necessary skills in just 6 months or 1 year, you just have to be motivated to study by yourself.

 But on the other hand, if you want to grasp the solid foundations and be the best programmer, a computer science Bachelor plays an interesting part in this process because they teach you concepts that may not be used in your daily work, but it would enhance your abilities in programming and solving problems.