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computer science vs mechatronics

In this post, we’ll be discovering the difference between computer science and mechatronics, and see which is the best branch to major in.

which is better computer science or mechatronics

According to Bls, the average salary of computer science engineering is $130,000 per year, while mechatronics Engineers earn around $87,000, 44% Less than computer science, so there is a considerable difference between both majors.

 In addition, the job perspective in mechatronics is not higher than in computer science. There are only 8000 jobs offered every year in mechatronics around the United States.

 On the other hand in computer science is booming, only in software engineering which is a particular specialty of computer science, there are more than  200,000 occupations offered every year Which is 25 times bigger than Mechatronics engineering.

So if you are interested in finding a job as soon as possible and have a chance to get higher salaries you will not find better than computer science, especially in some hot fields in software engineering like data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.

But you don’t have to consider choosing a major based only on money without considering your personal Interests and skills which we will be discussing in the next paragraph.

Which is harder computer science or mechatronics

Mechatronics is one of the most difficult engineering fields. It is harder than computer science because it involves a lot of combined topics students have to complete like math physics, industrial design, and programming. While computer science students are just required to study math and programming.

In other words, to study mechatronics you have to complete all the following Topics:

In a computer science major, you would be focusing only on three principal topics including:

The challenge mechatronics engineers face is combining three principal engineering majors in one single major. Mechatronics  Engineers have to study mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering topics.

 In other words, you have to be good and know how to design mechanical pieces,  you have to train yourself in some famous program in design like CAD or solid work. 

In addition Have knowledge of how to design electronics and electrical systems like Electronics boards used in different machines,  for instance designing Electronics boards to run robotics or any electrical machine.

The last part you have is programming,  as a mechatronics engineer you would be programming robots using different programming languages especially C, C++ Python, and Matlab.

In computer science you are not required to study the mechanical or electrical engineering part, your principal Focus will be on software development web or desktop applications that customers use such as Whatsapp or companies like informatics banking systems.

So computer science jobs are not jobs that require using your hands, or repairing physical machines as robots and mechatronics engineers do.

What should I choose computer or mechatronics?

Computer science is the best Major student should focus on, but you have to be passionate about software development and computer design,   you would have many advantages working in computer science occupations, but the principal one is the salary.

For instance, in software engineering, in just 5 years you can reach up to $150,000 per year Which is impossible working in mechatronics engineering. That’s because software engineering is booming and very demanding.  You can even work in software engineering without the need to study in College to take a bachelor’s in computer science.

 In addition, computer science is more flexible and allows you to work remotely from different places which is impossible for mechatronics engineering where you should be presently working in industrial plants,  dealing with robots and industrial machines.

But if you are not interested and find sitting in front of a desk for long hours boring, moreover you are an extrovert who thrives on working with teams and people, mechatronics would be a good option for you especially if you are interested or your dream job is to work in robotics. It is an ideal field to choose.

 but you have to consider that finding a job in mechatronics would not be easy, in addition, you must take a lot of internships to gain some experience and build some networks because it is not easy to be good at mechanics, electronics, and programming at once that is a lot of effort you should deploy to convince your employer. 

To summarize, if you want to sit in front of the computer, and you are an introverted person who doesn’t like to deal with people and machines, or hand work, computer science is a good option for you.

 on the other hand, if you like to build robots machines and make your hand dirty. in addition to working in noisy, humid environments. mechatronics engineering is for you. 

Can I do mechatronics after computer science?

Yes, you can do mechatronics after computer science, but it would be a little bit difficult because computer science Majors don’t involve a lot of mechatronics topics like physics, mechanical design, electronics, and electricity.

 The common option that computer science students have is applying for a master’s in mechatronics with a computer science Bachelor’s degree,  in most cases, you will be required to pass some tests or go back to take some undergrad courses like:

If you are interested only in the electronic and electrical parts of robots,  you can take a master’s in computer engineering focusing on the branch called embedded systems. You would be designing Electronics Boards for robots and programming them, it is very close to mechatronics.

In this case, you would not be forced to take some mechanical design courses,  you would be only focusing on parts of electrical engineering in programming, which is easier than taking a master’s in mechatronics.