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Computer science vs nursing which is better

which is better computer science or nursing? this is what we’ll be discovering in our post today.

Which is better computer science or nursing

According to bls the average salary of nurses is $77,600 while in computer science majors you will be earning around $130,000 as a median salary, better than 40% than nursing, but nursing and computer science have an interesting potential growth in the next 10 years.

In computer science, there are more than 500,000 jobs offered every year only in one field like software engineering, while in nursing it is less than 50%, 280,000 occupations are offered every year which is very encouraging but not promising like computer science.

The advantage that computer science majors offer is less complexity to graduate and find a job, you don’t even have to earn a degree or get any formal education, especially if you want to work in software engineering.

While in nursing, it is necessary to earn a bachelor’s degree, in addition to passing the NCLEX Exam add, followed by a license. So the process of getting a job in nursing is more complicated.

In addition, in nursing jobs there are no schedules, sometimes you could work 12 hours a day without being informed, the job is very stressful and involves night shifts. 

In computer science, you have a plan of working 40 hours a week, in addition, you have a schedule to follow, and you don’t have sudden 12 hours days of work or stressful night shifts. In addition, dealing with technical problems is much easier than having empathy and dealing with patients or family patients.

So nursing is a field that requires a lot of sacrifices, and hard work than computer science. The only reason to follow nursing is to have a passion for human science and taking care of people.

 Which is harder computer science or nursing

Computer science is way harder than nursing, it involves a lot of math courses and it is more technical than nursing. While in nursing you will be required to complete voluminous courses that require a lot of memorization like anatomy and physiology.

Computer science is harder for students who are not good at math and solving technical problems like programming and computers. But nursing is difficult if you don’t like to memorize and spend long times reading books and attending obligatory classes, especially training.

The program computer science is involving a lot of complex math courses including:

In nursing you will be required to complete only one field of math, which is precalculus algebra, typically students take it in high school, it is way easier than calculus. in addition, you will be studying some programming courses like:

On the other hand in nursing majors, you will be required to study a lot of heavier context topics, that requires a huge amount of reading and memorization including:

What should major in, computer science or nursing

Nursing is a difficult major, it is so stressful and involves a lot of hard work and unstabilized positions. You will be working long hours like 12 hours or maybe more, you have night shifts, stressful situations with patients, if you don’t love nursing and taking care of patients you will be burned out, and maybe drop your job.

There are many cases of nurses who have dropped nursing and gone to computer science majors like in this video below.

Changing careers: Nursing to Software engineering (story)

This is not to discourage you from taking nursing, but you have to consider the drawbacks of choosing this major. The pay nurses get is not worth it for the long hours and effort they deploy.

To choose to nurse you have to have a warrior mindset, working long hours and bearing with stressful cases. This field is not the field for people who melt under stress like HSP, or INTJ.

If you like to work fixing computer stuff, especially programming, you don’t want to struggle working night shifts. Computer science will give you many advantages including a higher salary.

For instance, In just 5 years you can reach higher salaries you would not dream about in nursing over $150,000 to even $170,000. especially if you are working in hot branches like data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.  

Computer science is also stressful, but it will not reach the same stress nurses face on a daily basis. but the brilliant thing is you can work in computer science occupations earning these higher salaries without needing to have a formal education like a bachelor’s.

You can self-teach yourself, or take private classes allowing you to get a job in just 1 year or less, where you will be surrounded by experts giving you shortcuts to find a job.

In nursing, to be a registered nurse you have to struggle a lot, doing a lot of training and passing exams, before reaching $70,000 a year, but if you do well and get enough experience you can reach $100,000 after a decade of experience in the field.

From computer science to nursing or vice versa

 Switching from computer science to nursing is very difficult than doing the opposite switching from nursing to computer science.  but is it still possible to become a nurse if you have a computer science Bachelor.

You will be required to spend a lot of time in which you should go back to school and take the two-year program. 

In addition, applying to the registered nursing Program requires another 2 years. So in total, you have to devote another 4 years after getting your Bachelor’s in nursing. There is no shortcut that you have to take.

On the other hand, if you are a nurse and want to switch from to computer science you have a lot of options, the difficult one is going back to school and studying a program in computer science It would be costing you around 2 to 3 years. Because you should go back and study math topics and computer science subjects.

But if you are interested in becoming a software engineer, you don’t have to go back to school. You can self-teach yourself or take private programs like boot camps allowing you to find a job in less than one year without needing to have any degree. 

Yes, without having any degree you can reach 150,000 to 170,000 if you are skilled and doing well in your job. This is what makes computer science the greatest major that students can easily switch to without facing any obstacles.