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Computer science vs robotics

if you asking about the difference between comptuer science and robotics you are in the right place.

Difference between computer science and Robotics

1 – salary and job occupations

According to BLS, the average salary of a computer science engineer is $130,000 per year, compared to $100,000 for robotics engineering. Computer science engineering Is much broader than robotics engineering, in software engineering, there are only 500,000 occupations offered every year.

While in robotics engineering it is hard to determine the right jobs offered in this industry because this field hires engineers from multiple fields, especially mechanical, electrical, aerospace, and mechatronics engineers. but in general, both occupations mechanical and electrical engineering are expected to offer more than 40,000 jobs every year which is way less than computer science.

Computer science offers bigger and more flexible opportunities than robotics. It is growing by 22% while robotics engineering is at 8%, which is still a respectful growth rate to consider compared to other engineering occupations.

How to become a robotics engineer

to work in robotics engineering you have a lot of roads to pursue, we’re going to mention 4 famous ones :

1 – major in mechanical engineering

The first option you have is to major in mechanical engineering,  in this case, you’ll be studying math physics, and design courses, preparing you to become a mechanical engineer in robotics where you could have specializations in mechanical robotics.

You would be designing mechanical pieces of robots, including gears, physical components like arms, transmission systems, and everything that allows a robot to move or carry weight.

2 – major in electrical engineering

The second option you have is to major in electrical engineering, studying math, physics, programming, and industrial design. The bachelor of electrical engineering allows you to work in many industries including robotics, where your principal job will be either programming robots or designing electronics or electrical systems or these machines.

For instance, you will design electronic boards that control robots’ movements and allow them to make different decisions without human interaction. Or programming robots using your background knowledge in C, C++, and python you learned in electrical engineering courses. As a result, automating multiple tasks especially in manufacturing, like picking and placing objects or carrying weight.

3 – major in aerospace engineering

An aerospace engineering major will allow you to work in multiple robotics industries especially the ones related to aeronautics,  for instance, your principal role will be to design drones or any aircraft that can be controlled from a distance. Or even working in electrical or Electronics systems adopted by these drones and aircraft machines.

4 – major in mechatronics engineering

The most interesting and closest engineering major to robotics is mechatronics if you are fascinated by all robotics aspects including mechanics, electrical, and programming. mechatronics will allow you to study all these topics together in one single major.

Mechatronics engineering is a field that principally prepares the student to work in robotics, in this major you will get all the necessary skills to succeed in the robotics industry including:

These 3 parts are the heart of robotics, for instance, to build a robot you need to design:

So if you are interested in a Major and working in robotics, mechatronics engineering will be the best option to opt for,  but it is difficult and not easy  to complete Because mechatronics engineering is involving 3 engineering combined:

The course has more workload but it’s worth it if your dream is to become a robotics engineer.

Which is better computer science or robotics

In terms of job opportunities, computer science is way better than robotics, it has many advantages that robotics, including higher salaries, job flexibility, and opportunities to easily find a job without having a big experience.

The salary of a computer science engineer is higher by 24% than robotics engineer according to BLS. In addition, it is easier to find internships in computer science, especially in software engineering, sometimes you can take internships from home or teach yourself a home, you just need to have a computer and internet connection.

In robotics you have to move to industrial plants and work around machines, working in noisy and humid environments that sometimes can be dangerous. In addition, robotics engineers require a lot of training and knowledge of many other variables including mechanical, programming, and electrical engineering.

In addition, the opportunity to have raised in computer science is way higher than in robotics. It is easier to reach $150,000  as an annual salary working in computer science, especially in some hot fields like data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

 In robotics, it would be more difficult to have these fast raises,  except if you work in some related robotics and computer science specialties like computer vision, and autonomous driving Systems.  These Technologies today are more popular because the automobile industry is evolving and trying to adopt self-driving technology in cars like TESLA, Nio, and other companies.

but the most interesting thing is figuring out what you are passionate about.

do you like to work with your hands, making them dirty building mechanical or electrical systems and programming them?


do you sit in front of the computer just programming and keep your hands clean?

If you like to work by hand, using hammers, screwdrivers, or milling machines, robotics engineering is the field you should choose. On the other hand, if you like to stay in front of computer programming, not working outside in industrial plants or with machines, then computer science is more suitable for you. 

Which is harder computer science or robotics

robotics is harder than computer science, it requires you to have technical and intellectual skills, meaning you will be required to solve mechanical and electrical problems, at the same time use your intellectual skills to program these machines or systems.

computer science requires to have solid basics in math and programming, while robotics requires being good at math, physics, and hand work including electrical and mechanical work in addition to programming it is a field where you have to be good at many things at the same time, it is not for anyone, it just for people who are passionate about robots and automatons.

Is computer engineering or electrical engineering better for robotics?

 You have to understand that computer engineering is a specialty of electrical engineering. It is an optimal field to prepare for robotics, especially if you are interested in specializing in the electronics and electrical parts of robotics.

If you are interested in programming robots, then computer engineering will be the best choice. They focus more on robotics than electrical engineering by teaching some principal courses like embedded systems and avoiding you to study some irrelevant topics like power engineering that focus more on electricity production.