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computer vs aerospace engineering

if you are wondering which you should choose or major, computer or aerospace engineering, this is the right post for you.

 which is better Computer Engineering or aerospace engineering

According to BLS, the average salary in Computer Engineering is $128,000.  while an aerospace engineer is earning around $122,000 per year, so both occupations are close and similar to each other. But when we look at the employment rate we find a big difference between these 2 majors.

The average growth of Computer Engineering is only 2% compared to 8% for aerospace engineering. In addition, there are only 4000 occupations offered every year in computer engineering and 4500 occupations for aerospace engineering which is a very poor number indicating the limited potential these both occupations have.

Aerospace engineering remains better than Computer Engineering because it has a higher employment rate. In the next 10 years the employment rate it’s predicted to be around 1000 occupations for computer engineering, compared to 5400 for aerospace engineering, 5 times better than computer engineering.

So in summary, computers, and aerospace engineering are both not the ideal choice for students who want to find a job easily and have many opportunities and flexibility in their career.

 For instance, if we compare computer or aerospace engineering to software engineering we find a huge difference. In software engineering, There are almost  200,000 occupations offered every year, 5 times better than computer and aerospace engineering.

If you are looking to find a job easily, either Aerospace or computer engineering would be a good choice. In this case, it is better to opt for software engineering.

 On the other hand, If you are passionate about both aerospace and computer engineering, you have to understand the difference between these Majors that we’re going to talk about later in our article.

 which is harder: computer engineer or aerospace engineering

Computer and aerospace engineering are similar in terms of difficulties,  In both curriculums,  students have to complete the most difficult math classes like calculus and linear algebra,  But each one has its own difficulties, computer engineering is including a lot of programming while aerospace engineering requires to study a lot of advanced physics courses computer Engineers should not Complete.

 Firstly when we compare Computer Engineering to aerospace engineering in terms of math concentration we will find the same topics taught in both Majors, you have to  study the following  Math courses:

But when we compare Computer Engineering to aerospace engineering from a stem physics concentration we find aerospace engineering harder,  In aerospace engineering, you’ll be forced to complete the following courses:

In computer engineering students are only required to complete 2 physics courses, physics 1 and physics 2. 

Aerospace engineers study a lot of physics courses because this major involves the mechanical design, especially designing aircraft and spacecraft like planes and rockets.

These all physics and math courses, aerospace engineers study are just to prepare them for more advanced and principal courses they have to complete in the third and fourth year including:

While the principal subject of computer Engineers study is all related to electronics to programming, in the third and fourth years of the Computer Engineering curriculum you will be required to complete the following courses:

So if you hate to study a lot of physics courses, Computer Engineering would be easier for you. It doesn’t involve a lot of physics, especially the most difficult ones like thermodynamics.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable with programming or find it boring, While you have a lot of fun in mechanical design, aerospace engineering would be easier in this case.

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Which should I major in computer engineering or aerospace engineering

If you are passionate about mechanical design, and air and spacecraft aerospace like planes or rockets,  and you feel comfortable studying physics and math, aerospace engineering is a good option for you.

1 – when you should choose aerospace engineering

 in aerospace engineering you will be  having two options:

 but according to the numbers aerospace engineering doesn’t offer a promising employment rate.  yes, it is evolving but a lot slower, as a result making it very difficult to find a job due to the lower salary in this industry.

 So in other words, the best alternative is to major first in mechanical engineering which is 4  times more popular than aerospace engineering, then apply for a master’s In aerospace engineering specialty. This will be an intelligent decision you will be making.

Because the origin of aerospace engineering is mechanical engineering,  employers accept mechanical engineering degrees to work in many aerospace companies. In addition, we said it is safe because  having a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering in addition to a master’s we’ll give you two opportunities:

Taking an aerospace engineering Bachelor’s alone is risky because we find a lot of Engineers struggling to find a job forcing them to take other occupations like teaching. While with mechanical engineering, you can work in many other Industries like Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace, ship,  aeronautics engineering, and so on.

2- when you should choose computer engineering

If you are fascinated by electronic and electrical design and computer Hardware,  or maybe you love to program Electronics boards like  Arduino or raspberry pie.  Or even if you have a passion to build robots and program them, Computer Engineering is the best option to opt for.

A Computer Engineering major would allow you to program Electronics computers  Incorporated in multiple electronics devices that we use in our lives,  including smartphones, robots,  AC machines,  refrigerators,  TVs, and so on.

 For instance, if you are working with a smartphone company your principal goal would be to program or write the hardware program that runs the smartphone, Controlling everything from illuminating the screen to programming its electrical battery charge circuit.

But if you want to ensure finding a job in this limited industry as we’ve seen in the first paragraph of the article, our recommendation would be to take instead an electrical engineering major which is more famous and has a lot of similarities and overlap to Computer Engineering.

Electrical engineering is 4 times more popular and in high demand in the market. In addition, if you have the ambition to work in computer engineering, after getting your bachelor’s in electrical engineering you could apply for a master’s in computer engineering this would be the safest option to do.

because if you didn’t find a job in computer engineering you still have a chance to apply with your Bachelor of electrical engineering degree.