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differential equations vs calculus 

In this post, we’ll discover the difference between differential equations and calculus. In addition, responding to the most famous questions students ask about this topic.

Difference  between differential equations and calculus 

A differential equation is a calculus course that students can take after passing caluclus 1 and caluclus 2, at this moment students have a choice to choose between taking differential equations course or calculus 3.

In other words, differential equations are a subject that is based hugely on calculus and precalucus courses. you can skip the caluclus course and study it direclty.

differential equations is a calculus math course based a lot on derivatives, integrals, equations, and functions. This is one of the math subjects students prepare for in high school by taking precalculus courses.

differential equations require solid foundations in derivatives to solve. It is impossible to study differential equations and have not yet studied derivatives, usually, students study in calculus 1 and calculus 2 courses.

For this reason, we find a lot of students asking if they should study differential equations before calculus. The response is clear, it is impossible to study differential equations without taking the basics calculus courses at least you should have calculus 1 to understand the context of the differential equations courses.

what sutdent study in calulus 

So before to know what differential equations is involving you have to know the courses you have to take before like calculus 1 and calculus 2.

this is an example course of calculus 1 and calculus 2 courses that includes differential equations in their program. We will list it subject in the list below:

Calculus 1 course:

calculus 2 courses:

in differential equations you have to complete:

Are differential equations harder than calculus?

In general differential equations is one of the challenging topics in calculus like derivatives and integrals. It is harder than calculus 1 and calculus 2, it is similar in terms of difficulties to calculus 3 and multivariable calculus.

It is a subject that requires solid basics in algebra 2 courses, precalculus, and the introductory subject of calculus especially derivatives and integrals that represent 80% of differential equations. In addtion to some memorization helps to solve these kinds of equations.

Is differential equations calculus or algebra

A differential equation is a calculus subject that bases hugely on derivatives and integrals but is still based on the introductory course students takes in algebra 1 and algebra 2, including equations and inequalities, trigonometry, irrational number, fractions, etc.

The bad thing about math is you have to learn it from scratch. Meaning all the subjects you study in elementary or high school are going to be used in college. All math subjects you studied algebra or geometry are going to be useful somewhere in the next upcoming courses.

Is differential equations calculus 3 

calculus 3 is not differential equations, differential equation is a separate course students can take before calculus 3 or after depending on their choice. Or complete it partially in calculus 1 and calculus 2 as differential equations part 1 and part 2.

But it is recommendable to take differential equations after calculus 3 because you will study some differential equations topics in calculus 3 like multivariable functions and partial derivatives which will be more efficient than taking it before.

but it is still possible to take it before calculus 3, it is still doable and possible.

Is differential equations calculus 2

differential equations is not a calculus 2 is a separate topic studnet can take after completing calculus 2 courses. After calculus 2  you have to choose to pursue a calculus 3 course or take differential equations.

But the most interesting thing is you must be more comfortable completing calculus 2. Because most of the differential equations topics are integrals and derivatives. As a result, you will be employing differential equations. 

 2 things to do to not struggle in differential equations

Study hard calculus 1 and calculus 2

the main reason that makes studnet struggle in differential equations is not completing calculus 1 and 2 courses with good scores. It is obvious that differential equations need to complete theses both calculus courses but a lot of students still have some issues and gaps in derivatives and integrals.

Before taking the differential calculus course you have to make sure that you are very good at derivatives and integrals. If you still struggle in these both subjects are better to go back and restudy what you did not feel comfortable with.

Take differential equations after calculus 3

The second thing to do even if you feel good at integrals and derivatives is to take differential equations after calculus. It will be better and more efficient to study calculus 3 before taking differential equations.

Because a lot of subjects are taught in calculus 3 you will be using them in differential equations.