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Does calculus 3 and 4 exist? (solved) 

  A lot of students are confused about calculus 3 and 4 and ask if they exist or not, in this post we’ll respond to this question and also, explain what students study in calculus 3 and calculus 4.

Also, mention the difference between calculus 3 and calculus 4. 

Does calculus 4 exist

Officially calculus 4 does not exist, the maximum calculus topic you will find in college is calculus 3 or multivariable calculus, calculus 4 is just a name of a course or the second part of calculus 3. Calculus 4 could be just a categorization of calculus courses a school offers.

The 3 main courses of calculus are:

Some schools instead of teaching calculus in its 3 categories, split the calculus programs into other categories, for this reason, you might be finding calculus 4, calculus 5, or even sometimes calculus 7.

But these topics belong to the same 3 calculus courses that we mentioned before.

So calculus 4 might is just a label of course, not something new to worry about.

Does calculus 5 exist

There is no such thing as calculus 5. If you find calculus 5 in the university course curriculum it will be just a new calculus categorization a university makes by dividing calculus courses into subfields or sub-subjects, calculus 5 will one part of them.

So calculus 5, could be differential equations, multivariable equations, or any other advanced level math of calculus. So nothing new to mention or talk about.

In other words, if you compare calculus 5 between X university and Y you might not find them the same, so it is just a categorization that each school offer to organize their math context.

The only thing to be sure about is calculus 5 would one of the hardest math courses you will discover in college.

calculus 3 vs calculus 4

Typically students study calculus 3 which is the last course and the hardest one in college, while some other universities decide to split this course into parts, instead of making it only a calculus course they make calculus 3 and calculus 4.

Or they have a different calculus categorization, So instead of having 3 sections of calculus, calculus 1, calculus 2, and 3. You could find 7 parts or calculus courses. For this reason, we find many students if calculus 7 exists or not.

But if we compare calculus 3 and calculus 4, in most cases we find students studying differential equations in calculus 4 or multivariable calculus, while some other schools teach them together in one unified course which is calculus 3.

in some other cases, you might find students studying other subjects in calculus 3 and calculus 4, so it all finally depends on the school curriculum.

You have to understand there are only 3 main courses of calculus:


Officially there 3 main calculus courses calculus 1, calculus 2, and multivariable calculus. other than are just labels of courses universities categorize.