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Electrical engineering vs Mechatronics: which is better

in this post, we’ll be helping you to choose between electrical and mechatronics a major that should be right for you.

Which is better electrical engineering or mechatronics

According to BLS , the average salary of an electrical engineer is $101,000, while mechatronics engineers earn a little bit more around $105,000 according to glassdor. Mechatronics and electrical engineers are excellent occupations that offer a comfortable financial life, you can live comfortably with this wage.

but as a beginner, you will be starting with $70,000 to $80,000 as a base salary but you can reach up to 200K in both positions, mechatronics and electrical engineering. But the market growth of these both occupations is different.

In electrical engineering there are more than 300,000 jobs around in the United States,  this occupation is growing by 7% which is faster than the average of other engineering occupations,  which means producing around 21,000 new jobs every year.

mechatronics is still a new occupation. It is less popular than electrical engineering. There are 160,000 jobs in the United States, it is evolving by 6% every year which students should not be worrying about in the future.

But you have to consider that the chances of finding a job in electrical engineering are higher. It is almost 2 times higher than mechatronics engineering. Mechatronics doesn’t yet have the popularity of mechanical or electrical engineering.

Mechatronics engineering is more challenging than electrical engineering. It is required to have solid basics in 3 elements, electricity, mechanics, and programming. Employers struggle to find people who master these skills together. 

For this reason, some of them prefer to hire specialized people, each one alone, mechanical, electrical, and programmer, each one doing one task, instead of hiring someone who doesn’t master any of these branches.

But if you are passionate about these 3 subjects together and obsessed with robotics you could go for it. You just have to work twice or even more than you will be doing in electrical engineering.

Which is harder electrical engineering or mechatronics 

Mechatronics engineering is harder than electrical engineering, regardless of some overlap between these both courses, mechatronics engineers have to study a broader topic encompassing multiple Industries including mechanical engineering and computer science.

 if you decide to choose mechatronics will be forced to learn these three principal topics:

You would be combining the principal topics of these 3 in one single major which mechatronics

So as a mechatronics engineer, you have to be good at :

This is what makes mechatronics engineering difficult because you are combining the job of electrical, mechanical, and software engineer at once. Only passionate people can succeed in this job, especially the ones in robotics. 

In other words, people who love to build machines from scratch and have an interest in learning a lot of things no matter if it is heavier.

Electrical engineering is different, it is more focused than mechatronics.

In Electrical engineering you don’t have to learn mechanical design working in computer-aided softwares like CAD, or Solidwork, or study the structure of materials and learn about robotics, you focus only on electrical and electronics design. You go deeper in electronics engineering like signal transmitting, electromagnetics, computer software, and so on.

In terms of math and physics topics, both electrical and mechatronics engineering students have to complete the same amount of math and physics topics. Well’ be talking about it in detail in the next paragraph.

The difference between mechatronics engineering and electrical engineering

1 – curriculum

The mechatronics engineering and electrical engineering curricula are not so different there are a lot of similarities in terms of topics, especially in the first 2 years. In mechatronics and electrical engineering students have to complete the following math and physics courses:

The topics that differentiate mechatronics from electrical engineering will be mentioned it in the table below:

Mechatronics engineeringElectrical engineering
Engineering Graphics
Electromagnetics for Wireless Communication
Discrete Mathematics 
 Electric Power Engineering
Material Science 
Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
Numerical Analysis for Engineers
 Signals and Systems
Introduction to Robotics
Digital Electronics
Manufacturing Technology 
Random signals and systems


So as we can see from the table, mechatronics engineering students are required to study additional mathematics courses that electrical engineers don’t take like discrete mathematics and numerical analysis.

In addition, in the mechatronics branch students stay broader by taking different topics in multiple Industries like robotics, Manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.  In electrical engineering, you will narrow down and study specialized subjects like Electromagnetics power engineering, signals, and systems.

2 – jobs opportunities

The great advantage that mechanical engineers have is the ability to work in different industries, you can be working in electrical engineering, programming, and mechanical positions. Studying these heavy subjects is worth the struggle you push on. So As a mechatronics engineer, you could become a:

While electrical engineers still in their niche narrowed and have the opportunities to work in these related industries:

Should you choose electrical engineering or mechatronics? 

If you love to get hired as soon as possible then you should opt for electrical engineering. It is more popular than mechatronics. On the other hand, if you are passionate about robotics and have an interest in programming mechanics and electricity combined, mechatronics would be a good choice to opt for.

 but you have to consider that mechatronics requires you to take a lot of internships and develop yourself because it is not easy to build good skills as a Mechatronics engineer. Employers need someone who is good and knows what they are talking about. 

If you are ready to build a good experience and have a dream to go into robotics go for mechatronics.

You just have to be patient because you would not find a job easily as fast as you might expect. This branch is still new and requires more time to gain the confidence of an employer. You have to be ready to defend yourself and prove yourself to your future employer.