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For people who can’t do phsyics

In this post, we’re going to discover the principal reasons why students can’t do physics and how they can overcome this problem.

if you are one of these students struggling in physics this post will be full guidance to help you shine in physics.

why you can’t do physics

The principal reason that makes a student not able to do physics or struggle is having weak basics in mathematics like algebra and calculus. In addtion to having a bad attitude, they used to study Physics or even finally had a bad professor.

 we would list the five main reasons that cause this problem:

1 Weak foundation in math

Typically students must have solid foundations in algebra and calculus courses to major in physics or at least be able to study High School physics courses.

 The first general math course students take in high school is algebra, it is essential to prepare for high school, and physics courses like algebra and calculus-based phsyics. topics like equations and inequalities, functions, trigonometry, and other related topics, all are taught in the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 courses.

 Some students don’t even have the algebra 1 basics especially when we talk about dealing with equations and inequalities or having issues with fractions numbers. As a result, making them, struggle to apply the basic rules and transform physics equations.

 A good example of that is Students don’t make a difference between numerators and denominators in fraction numbers, so when you have a simple physics equation and ask them to determine one variable they make a basic mistake that students should not make in their 7 or 8 algebra course.

While others struggle in calculus, especially the students who are studying in college and did not prepare well in calculus courses.  It also could be related to the weak basics they have in an algebra course because calculus is also based on algebra.

  The majority of students suffer from this problem. it is the famous problem causing big numbers of students to drop physics majors or struggle in high school physics courses like:

2 don’t know how to study physics

The second interesting reason that makes students not do well in physics is using the wrong methods. in other words, there are 3 famous mistakes that students make in this case which  are:

The first mistake that students make in physics is thinking that a Physics course will be easy to understand, which is not true.

 Physics is a course that requires a lot of time and effort to develop, from studying hard for a lecture to solving a lot of problems and getting enough experience, so they can pass the exams.

The second mistake students make is looking for a shortcut or trying to find a quick scheme to study Physics which unfortunately does not exist.

There is no secret or shortcut method that would allow you to observe physics, you just have to spend enough time and effort until you understand and absorb a subject.

 The last mistake is memorizing rules and not understanding proofs. Students are looking for a shortcut in physics by memorizing the rules which is not a good strategy to follow. 

it could be working in mathematics if you memorize the rules without understanding them. But you will be in trouble if you apply the same method to physics.

You will not know how to apply them properly because there are multiple variations in physics problems than math.

 you could read this article where we talked about the difference between physics and Math and how you should study them both differently. 

3 Having a terrible teacher or professor

If you have or had a bad teacher or professor in college this would affect your level and your perspective about looking at physics as a difficult subject.

In some cases, students drop physics courses just because they had terrible professors making them drop and don’t find the usefulness of physics, and how it could be fun.

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You have to go back and look if you have, or had a bad experience with a physics teacher or professor in which you lost interest in physics which finally affected your level. 

what to do if you can’t do physics 

we’re going to list the 3 steps or actions you have to take to recover your interest or self-confidence in physics.

1 rebuilt your foundations in math

The first step that you have to check is to rebuild your foundations in math. If you are a high school student you have to go back and check the problems you have in math while you’re studying physics.

 In other words, you have to underline any mistake that you make or did physics math-related problems.

For instance, if you make a mistake or did not understand to solve a given math equation in physics, you have to point out this problem in your bullet point list.

If you are a high school student, it is probably that you have issues in the algebra 1 or Algebra 2 course, these are the courses students base on in physics high school.

But for college students, you can expand your circle to calculus courses.

You could choose another easier method, which is taking the summer Algebra 1 and algebra 2 courses. In this way, you will fix your weak points in math.

 Remember, you have to take your time restudying these subjects because if you don’t, you will be forced to go back again. Physics requires a lot of math the more you study advanced topics the more math is involved in physics. 

2 change the method you are using to study physics

After Verifying or Taking the first step, the next one would be using the right method to study physics which involves spending the highest amount of time in lectures following with your teacher or professor.

In addition, ask all the questions you have in mind before solving quizzes and problems.

  After finishing the lecture the next step will be solving as many problems and quizzes as possible.

For instance, if you study kinematics you have to solve at least 50 problems related to this topic from the easiest to the most difficult ones.

3 change a professor if you have a bad one

If you have a bad professor you have two choices:

good luck