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For those who can’t pass calculus 2

if you struggle or can’t pass calculus 2, then this post is for you.

calculus 2 is one of the most difficult classes, so it is not weird to find people struggling in calculus 2 or failing at it, it requires a lot of work but the most important thing is to find the right method to work studying or preparing for calculus 2

In this post, we’ll discover the reasons that make people fail in calculus 2 or struggle with it, and finally, give a guidance plan to help you solve this problem by passing calculus 2 without any struggle..

why people struggle in calculus 2

we’re going to list 5 main reasons that make people struggle in calculus 2, causing a lot of students fail  in this course:

1 having week foundations in math

People fail or struggle in calculus 2 because they didn’t prepare enough for calculus courses, especially precalculus and calculus 1. It is probably that you might have problems in the basics of math algebra from high school or haven’t absorbed or understood the calculus 1 course well.

In calculus 2 students are typically studying advanced applications of derivatives, integrals, some differential equations topics, and series.

Most students struggle in derivatives and integrals also in differential equations, which is due to the lack of solid foundations in the calculus 1 course, where you should be good enough and focus on derivatives and integrals.

Having weak foundations in calculus 1 courses is not a big problem, you could go back and study topics you didn’t understand, such as derivatives and integrals. But the bad thing is if you have weak foundations in the high school topics like algebra 1 and algebra 2 makes a lot of students struggle regarding pushing a lot of effort.

2 don’t work enough 

Some students struggle with calculus 2, because they underestimate the effort they should deploy. Calculus 2 is much more difficult and requires a hell of a lot of hard work compared to calculus 1. If you think working 1 hour a day studying calculus 2 is enough you’re wrong.

To prepare well for calculus 2 students must at least spend 20 hours a week studying for calculus 2 which is an average of 3 hours a day. Calculus requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

3 using the wrong method

if you are a student who works hard meaning more than 2 hours a day just for calculus 2 and thinks you have good foundations in math. But you still have no results, Thus you likely have the wrong methodology you use to study calculus 2. maybe your efforts are not wisely deployed.

There are 2 famous wrong example methods students use to study calculus causing them to struggle and fail without noticing it:

  1. understanding lectures but not solving enough problems
  2. underestimating lectures of less and going directly to solving problems

The first reason is students focus well on understanding lectures, and studying all the details of calculus 2 lectures, but they miss the most interesting part which is practicing or solving a lot of math exercises or problems.

It is so essential it helps to build and have enough experience to solve problems and then prepare for exams. If you don’t practice enough by solving enough problems or exams you will be lacking the experience to get you deal with calculus exams.

The second reason is the inverse, some students ignore lectures and go directly to solve problems without focusing and giving enough time to understand a lecture. This problem has other ramifications and consequences.

It will be good to solve a lot of problems, but if you don’t understand the calculus 2 lecture, meaning how to apply the right rules for derivatives and integrals you will suck and lose direction no matter how hard you work or practice you do.

In the next paragraph, we’ll discover the right method to use to succeed and pass the calculus 2 courses.

how to pass calculus 2

to pass calculus 2 we’ll list 2 main steps. If you apply them you will guarantee to pass or succeed in calculus 2.

1 determine your problem

before doing anything you must figure out what it eh wrong with you, do you:

  1. have week foundations in previous math courses like calculus 1 precalculus 
  2. don’t study enough 
  3. or use the wrong method

If you have struggled to succeed or pass calculus 1 or precalculus courses you will likely have weak math foundations, so you should go and re-study the precalculus or previous algebra course courses again such as algebra 2 or algebra 3 to fill those gaps.

If you don’t study more than 1 hour a day for calculus 2, it might be your problem. So you have to push a lot of effort into this difficult subject.

if you have succeeded in the previous course of calculus 1 without any issues getting good scores in addtion you work harder “more than 3 hours a day”, the only problem you still have is you’re using the wrong method we’re going to talk about in the next paragraphs.

2 use the right method

The optimal method to use for studying calculus 2 is by understanding and absorbing the lecture very well and then going to the phase of practice. What do I mean?.

First, you have to work hard and make sure you understand every part of the lecture, especially the applications of derivatives and integrals.

 If you don’t understand something, take your time and don’t rush, go back and study it again and again. If you still not understand it you could go and ask the professor.

Most people make a killing 2 mistakes preparing for math college like calculus, the first one is they skip classes and the second one is don’t take office hours.

Office hours are very important to ask a professor when you don’t understand something in your course, the success is not made for shy people, go and take this opportunity and ask anything you worry about.

After absorbing or understanding every part of the course or a topic you study, let’s say derivatives applications of integrals. Now is the time to grind and work hard.

As we said before, the key to succeeding in calculus 2 is focusing on derivatives and integrals. So for each subject, you must at least solve 100 problems meaning:

  • solving 100 problems for the applications of derivatives
  • solving 100 problems for integrals 

That is to say, once you’re done with the course, your next mission is to solve 100 problems around this specific course.

If you don’t understand any problem or have some questions, you have your office hours when you can ask your professor.


If you apply these 2 main spets it is impossible to fail passing calculus 2, so go start applying. You have to be patient and diligent because calculus 2 takes a long time to learn. It is impossible to learn calculus 2 in 1 or 3 months it takes more than that.

It takes at least 6 months if you decide to study calculus 2, 3 hours a day, especially for students who aren’t good enough in math.

good luck