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Geomtry vs algebra: the truth

In this post were going to discover the relation between geometry and algebra and respond to some interesting questions that many students frequently asked which are:

is geometry harder than algebra

geometry is harder than algebra and easier at the same time, harder than algebra 1 course and easier than algebra 2. Normally students study geometry between the course of Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 so it is essential to study Algebra 1 before taking geometry and then finally going to Algebra 2.

respecting the order it’s so important to not fall and have trouble while studying geometry or algebra.

To explain more in detail, in the beginning, students take Algebra 1  to learn the basics they should apply later in geometry. For instance, Algebra 1 students take courses on topics like equations and inequalities and also functions and learn how to plot graphs.

All these subjects are very important subjects students will need in the geometry course later

So if you skip  Algebra 1 it would be very difficult and barely impossible to study geometry because you would lack the foundations to employ in this course.

Geometry could be hard for some students who did not love shapes triangles and drawings,  So it finally depends on what you feel comfortable with, which is dealing with equations and algebraic Topics or solving geometry problems.

 but in general geometry and Algebra 1 is easy and not hard to understand if you Have the right resources to study them. In addtion having a good teacher helps you when you are stuck and asks for support. 

In the next paragraph, we’re going to discover what students study in geometry and Algebra and notice some differences between these topics.

The difference between geometry and algebra 

The topics that students study in algebra and geometry are completely different but still have a big overlap. In other words, to study geometry you need already have the basics of algebra 1. Also, to study algebra 2 you will need to have studied before geometry. So they have a big correlation with each other.

what students study in algebra 1

In the 7 or 8th grade studnet take algebra 1 course where they will study theses following subejcts:

understanding these 8 topics is essential before going and studying geometry course, but geometry will require to focus so much on the first 3 folowing subejcts:

what students study in geometry

after finishing the algebra 1 course you will be taking a geometry course where you will be learning all the following topics:

the principal goal of taking a geometry course is to prepare you for the next stage which is algebra 2, especially the trigonometry subject. Failing in geometry means failing trigonometry which can be influencing so bad on your algebra 2 exam results.

you will be applying all that you’ve learned in geometry at trigonometry at algebra 2, especially in complex number subjects that will discover in the next paraph.

what students study in algebra 2

the last course you will take before going to college is algebra 2 and precalculus. precalucus and algebra 2 have big similarities except for some differences you could find in this article.

In algebra 2 you will be studying theses following subejcts:

your scores in algebra 2 will be related to the hard work you’ve done in the geometry course. some students skip geometry courses which will guarantee failure in trigonometry and complex numbers subejcts. So geometry is so important to prepare for algebra 2 and studnet should take it seriously.

Is algebraic geometry hard 

Algebraic geometry is not hard every student could succeed in it as long as it has solid basics in the algebra elementary course which is algebra 1. In addtion have some basic knowledge related to arithmetics you get in elementary schools like multiplications and divisions.

we wrote a complete article about algebra 1 where you will discover how much is algebra 1 is hard and what pitfalls you should avoid.

Can I skip geometry and go to algebra 2?

 One of the Terrible Decisions you can make is to skip geometry and go directly to Algebra 2. Students are studying geometry for the principal reason which is preparing them to study or take a course of Algebra 2, especially for trigonometry.

Trigonometry basics are taught in Geometry course So when you go to study Algebra 2 teachers we normally assume that you have already the basics of trigonometry like knowing how to deal with the triangles calculate areas and volumes etc.

So when skipping Geometry you skip all these topics which risk not understanding or having the ability to pursue with teachers in Algebra 2 course. 

in other words, you would find it so hard and in most cases, you may go back and restudy geometry again which is would be a waste of time and energy.

You can skip geometry and go to Algebra 2 only if you study geometry somewhere by taking some summer courses or online tutorials but for students who haven’t yet discovered what geometry is total to avoid this problem.

geometry is important, it is not useless as some people think.