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Here is why physics teachers are bad !!!

In this post, we’ll discover the 7 reasons that make some physics teachers too bad and mean to their students.

1 – they don’t love teaching 

 The first principal reason that makes physics teachers bad is they Don’t Love their profession.

Teaching is a difficult profession that requires patience to teach and explain to students repeating over and over again. it becomes very routine and boring for some teachers who don’t love this profession.

 For this reason, you find a lot of teachers neglecting their students by not giving them enough time to ask questions or explain physics topics thoroughly.

They just skip topics to finish their program at the right time no matter how students, have understood the context or not they are playing a race not teaching.

2 – they don’t love physics

The second reason that makes some Physics teachers bad is not loving physics.

  Even if they love teaching, physics requires someone who is interested in the topic. To give it full effort and time to explain to students all the necessary subjects means being so patient.

It is very hard and difficult to teach physics if you are not interested. It is obvious you can notice the difference between someone who is passionate about a topic and someone who isn’t.

 A teacher who is passionate about physics innovates and keeps enhancing its level by developing new methods to teach students. Like this brilliant physics professor, you can watch the video below.

This energy indicates one thing, passion for studying physics and explaining how much physics is fun.

3 – aren’t qualified

The other lousy example of physics teachers is the ones who are not qualified to teach this subject.

In some cases, we find a lot of teachers who don’t have the necessary basics and techniques to explain and make understand their students.

  You find them talking in a strange language that students do not understand, like using difficult academic terms students don’t understand. They are talking in a school like the ones who are talking in Parliament. As a result, students get bored and lose attention.

4 – less paid

Another interesting reason that makes teachers bad is being less paid especially when we talk about elementary and high school teachers. they don’t get paid well compared to the effort and energy they provide in classes.

Some teachers end up quitting their jobs and looking for better opportunities in other industries. While others get discouraged and don’t provide help for students as it should.

If you notice some teachers complaining a lot and getting nervous rapidly, it is likely they belong to this category of people who are not satisfied with their wages. Which, finally, students pay the price.

5 – some students are bad

Sometimes, some students Are bad in physics classes for this reason. Some teachers must have been also bad and disrespectfully dealing with these genres of students.

In some cases, we find some students don’t respect their teachers. For instance, some students talk when teachers are speaking or explaining the lecture. This is the most critical, noisy, and disrespectful thing to do with any physics teacher or any lecture.

 Especially the ones who spend the whole lecture speaking and finally end up asking that they didn’t understand well. 

These kinds of students don’t have all the right to complain about teachers because they don’t respect themselves and others.

6 – they have gone through some bad experiences

  We find a lot of bad physics teachers who have gone through bad experiences. For instance, many accidents happen at school. We’ve heard of many attacks or harassing accidents in high schools.

These kinds of brutal accidents could change the whole perspective of teachers.

Some teachers swear not to teach students as they were before. So they decide to get revenge indirectly for the rest of the generation that comes, This result in:

 Falling with this kind of teacher, especially in such interesting topics as physics in high school or college is terrible and a nightmare.

 The best thing to do is to try to find another teacher or change the class because you might end up hating physics or maybe even the school.

It happened with many successful students in high school who have dropped out because of these kinds of teachers.

 It is obvious because when you are used to getting good scores in exams and finally fail or get a terrible mark in a School exam. You will lose your confidence in yourself which is one of the principal reasons that we talked about in this following article.

 7 reasons Why students hate physics.

7  – They have personal issues

The last reason that makes some Physics teachers bad is having personal issues. you can find some teachers really nervous or not caring at all. 

For instance, when you make a mistake a teacher yells in your face and maybe bullies you.

You will no longer have the confidence in yourself to ask more questions falling with these kinds of teachers.

The second type of teachers are the people having personal issues. In other words, the ones who are not feeling comfortable or in a good mood. As a result, affect students and make them struggle in physics.


 If you are facing some kind of this problem, you have to understand you are not alone. The principal goal you have to focus on is understanding physics and getting as much as possible Knowledge from your teacher.

 If you find things critical and could not support the terrible circumstances you could change the class this will be a better choice.

The other option is to raise a complaint with your friends to the administration. But we do not recommend doing that, especially in government schools where teachers are more protected and less vulnerable to these complaints.

if you raise a complaint in a private school, you will have a lot of people ready to hear you.