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Here is why you hate physics

If you are interested to know why you hate physics, in this post we’re going to discover the  4 principal reasons why, and how to overcome that.

1 –  you are not good enough at math

It is normal to hate physics if you struggle in mathematics because physics is based totally on math. Most students don’t have solid basics in mathematics. They don’t study it well in the basic courses of mathematics in high schools like algebra and trigonometry courses.

 So when they take physics courses they need to implement math on these topics. but math follows them in physics, especially algebra, like struggling with trigonometry functions or not doing well in calculus.

So if you find difficulties with solving physics equations or still have problems with calculus make derivatives of integrals that is normal because we are humans and we hate anything we suck at.

 The solution is to go back and study topics where you find problems to eliminate the struggle in physics courses.

For instance:

But, in General, Physics requires you to be good in all mathematics topics you have studied in high school including the courses that you have taken like Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 in addtion to precalculus calculus courses that you must take in college.

 all these subjects are interesting to absorb if you don’t want to hate physics anymore

2 – You should not be studying physics

 You have to understand that physics is not for everyone. Some students have orientation and interest in non-stem branches like history and geography.

 so they don’t find any interest in scientific or physics topics, especially those that include mathematics.

even If you are good at math but you still are not enjoying studying math or physics, it is normal that you’re going to hate physics. Because physics is a hard subject requiring a lot of effort and time to absorb.

 So if you don’t like or enjoy the process of working on physics problems. It means that if physics doesn’t seem interesting to you. As a result, you will hate physics and should not major in college.

But if you are interested in majoring in other topics like biology, economics or Finance you have to be a little bit patient to take some general courses in high school before you get rid of college.

3  You don’t know the right way to study Physics

Another interesting mistake that students fall into is studying physics in the wrong way. In other words, using the wrong resources or using bad methods to learn.

We find a lot of students working hard by spending long hours studying physics. but finally, they don’t get good results in exams. Some students fail and some others get modest results that do not match or recompense the effort devoted to their preparation.

So if you are one of these students you would normally hate physics. and here are two principal mistakes students make while studying physics that’s are:

The first problem is that many students don’t devote enough time and energy to understanding lectures which are so interesting in physics. They treat physics like reading something superficial or a history subject.

 Physics lectures require a lot of time. You have to be focusing on every single word to understand the topic. So many students spend a few minutes just reading physics lectures which is absolutely not enough to understand the topic.

The second problem is that many students skip lectures and go directly to solve physics problems without any understanding of a lecture. They focus a lot on solving problems and quizzes which is like pouring water on the sand.

 When you solve a lot of problems in physics without having a solid foundation about a given physics topic you acquire a lot of bad habits and learn some false information. As a result, you create unbalanced or even false knowledge about the subject.

 This is the principal reason for many students who say they spend long hours a day studying physics and still do not get good results.

Simply because they didn’t understand the topic as it should be and dig deep in the lecture before solving problems and quizzes. 

4 – Have a bad experience with physics

 There are many students who had bad experiences with physics making them hate this field, especially the ones who have been studying with terrible physics teachers in school.

Unfortunately, there are some teachers who don’t love their job and are not eligible to study this interesting topic.

 Especially in high school when students need someone who has the patience and the right methodology to simplify principal topics such as kinematics, Dynamics, and electromagnetism. These subjects are the foundation of what students study in college.

There are too many bad physics teachers’ examples. Someones are boring and some others are not well explained. While others Are toxic, yelling in the face of students or disrespecting them.

if you are asking or have been asking why some physics teachers are bad you can read this article.

 So if you had gone with one of these examples of bad teachers for sure you would hate physics.

this is another useful article for people who feel hopeless about passing or studying phsyics.