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honors calculus vs ap calculus

If you asking about the difference between honors calculus and ap calculus this is the right post for you.

The difference between honors calculus and ap calculus 

Honors calculus courses are not similar and depend on each school or university. In some courses or colleges, honors calculus courses are more strict and difficult while in others are easier and tough. While AP courses are standardized they are organized only by the college board. So everywhere you go you will find the same topics and the same difficulties around the country.

In ap caluclus courses, you’ll be studying two types of courses, AB and BC. they have clear rules about what you should do and what you shouldn’t. While in honors caluclus the rules are depending on each course and school they are volatile.

The other aspect that makes AP exams more clear and more enthusiastic is college credits.

 For instance, having an AP ab calculus will give you calculus 1 credit in all untied states colleges and abroad. While honors classes like honors calculus 1 only give credit for calculus 1 in fewer universities like Indiana etc.

So in honors calculus, you are only forced to ask and verify if a college you join accepts and gives college credits for honors calculus courses. While AP calculus courses are accepted everywhere.

In addition, the GPA weight of the AP calculus course is heavier than the honors calculus. 

Some people say that ap courses have better teachers than honors but these questions are subjects and still relative and depend on each one perspective. 

In the next paragraph, we’ll discover what topics are covered in AP calculus, and honors calculus and see the differences between each one.

Topics covered in AP calculus

AP caluclus course is divided into towo categories:

Ap calculus ab is an equivalent of regular calculus 1-course students take in the first semester of their first year of college.

Ap calculus bc is an equivalent of calculus 2-course students take in the second semester of their first year of college.

So it is finally up to you, you have a choice to choose ab calculus or bc calculus, here is the difference between each one:

AP Calculus is covering all the calculus 1 topics including:

In Ap calculus bc you will be studying the “Ap calculus ab” courses combined with other advanced follwoing subejcts:

So the AP calculus bc is more detailed and expanded than the AP calculus ab course, which means harder or more difficult. That is obvious because it covers calculus 2 college topics.

Topics covered in honors calculus

in general, there are 2 honors calculus courses regarding the multiple labels that each school labels, but they are still the same so there are:

singular variable honors calculus  is a class that covers all the applications of single variable calculus it is similar to AP calculus so you will be studying:

The context is similar to the AP class course, but the problem is not all universities accept these kinds of courses. You have to check before joining the class course as we mentioned previously in the article.

The second one is honors multivariable calculus which is not interesting to you right now, Because is taught in college. We will not mention it in our article. is out of the scope.

Is AP calculus harder than calculus

Ap calculus is a difficult course if we compare it to the high school curriculum students take like algebra 2 or precalculus. But is easier than calculus courses in college like multivariable calculus and differential equations.

Calculus ab covers topics of calculus 1 while calculus bc covers the topics of calculus 1 and 2. 

But the main reason calculus 1 and 2 in college are harder than AP calculus is the short duration and pressure students have in college than in high school studying ap calculus calsses.

In other words, in ap classes, you have 1 complete year of school meaning 6 months of studying a course either calculus ab or calculus bc. While in college calculus 1 or 2 is only taught in 1 semester, meaning 3 months, the speed or pace the professor goes is higher and makes it more difficult to absorb.

In addition, the environments where students study or take ap calculus are completely different from college. In other words, you will be studying in a small room with fewer students like you’re doing now in high school.

While in college you will be studying in an amphitheater meaning in a big room with hundreds of studnet assisting in a course. So there will be noise, being away from a board, etc. So less quality of education.

But you have to understand that Ap caluclus is not representing the whole caluclus courses taught in college, Ap calculus is only covering the first year of calculus meaning calculus 1 and calculus 2.

You are just, in the beginning, you will still face the most difficult classes of calculus like:

In addtion, you will be studying some other topics like linear algebra which helps to prepare for calculus. In addition to other math calculus subejcts for studnet who want to prepare for Ph.D. or doctorate in math or physics like:

Is college calculus harder than ap calculus?

yes, college calculus is harder than ap calculus, it harder because it studies more advanced topics of calculus like multivariable and differential equations ap studnet don’t take in their course.

You will find differential equations in the AP calculus curriculum but it is just a preparation course, not the real individual or a complete studnet only be taking in college after completing calculus 2.

Ap calculus is designed for high school students and helps them to prepare for college calculus, so it doesn’t all the calculus topics.

Is honors calculus hard  

honors calculus is hard and difficult for many studnet, it requires having a solid background in algebra and precalculus courses. We wrote a detailed article about this topic explaining to you all types of honors classes are there and how hard they are.