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How to prepare for calculus

In this post, we’ll discover a full guide article on how to prepare for a calculus course and respond to some famous equations.

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Does precalculus prepare you for calculus?

Precalculus is one of the most interesting courses students take to prepare for calculus because it prepares students to have all the necessary subjects that students will need to study in the three sections of calculus.

Especially when we talk about the first calculus course you would probably take in your first year of college.  in the pre-calculus course, you study some subjects like limits and continuity which you will need in the calculus 1 course.

In addition, precalculus courses have the most interesting algebraic courses including trigonometry, functions, and equations students will need to employ for calculus and also for college algebra like Advanced topics such as linear algebra.

So it’s so interesting and primordial to take a calculus course before calculus,  if you did not take a precalculus course you will find a lot of difficulties in calculus, especially in your first year of college.

In the next paragraph, we’re going to discover how students can prepare for the first class of calculus  in college  which is Calculus 1

How to prepare for calculus 1

To prepare for Calculus 1 we suggest 7 important steps students should follow:

Step 1: trigonometry

Trigonometry is the first topic that you should focus on and have already the good basics.  Taking a geometry and Algebra 2 course is already enough to be good and have a solid foundation in trigonometry.

 but it will be a good idea if you take trigonometry and restudy to ensure your strengths and weakness. Students must focus a lot on trigonometry topics, especially trigonometric functions such as cos and sin. In addtion to other topics, you will find this link.

Step 2: functions

The main interesting thing in functions is to be able to differentiate between all the types of functions and learn to apply the right rules for each one. In function subject, you need to be aware of types that you will be needing in the calculus 1 course including:

you need to restudy these functions and know all their basics and applications. If you still have trouble with one of these functions you might face problems in calculus 1. So take your time to study functions.

Step 3: Complex numbers

Complex numbers is a topic we should study to prepare for Calculus 1,  typically in Calculus 1 students employ a lot of complex numbers, especially for some engineering majors like electrical engineering.

Usually, students study complex numbers in an Algebra 2 course for precalculus,  so it is an interesting topic to have attention to before studying Calculus 1.

you will find a full course about complex numbers in this link 

Step 4: Conic sections

The other topic that a lot of students ignore which is close to trigonometry is conic sections. in the conic section topics you will learn some geometry forms like:

This is the link Where you can find The full conic section course you need to finish your preparation.

Step 5: Series

For students who have an intent to major in finance or economics in addtion to comptuer science, Series are very interesting and you will be employing them a lot in precalculus.

we recommend going back and taking a serious revision to the theses two types of series because you will apply them a lot in the section on series and sequences in calculus 1.

Step 6: Limits and continuity

Students study limits and continuity Topics in pre-calculus courses before calculus 1 so it is a very interesting subject that you should highly focus on before taking Calculus 1.  because all your foundations and topics in studying calculus are going to be based on limits and continuity.

In calculus one you’ll be sorry for these 3 main topics:

If you suck in limits and continuity we will guarantee you to be stuck in all the rest main topics of calculus 1 that we mentioned above.

step 7: A lot of work and enough time

Preparing for calculus is not a trick that you can execute in just one week or two. it is a process going to take you a lot of time especially if you didn’t do well in the previous algebra High School like Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

 For students who have a good foundation in math, it will almost take them to prepare for calculus around 3 to 6 months considering studying the 6 previous topics we mentioned, spending around 2 to 3 hours a day.

To prepare for Math,  it is not enough to understand the lecture you must solve a group of problems or exercise to gain experience helping you to absorb the topic and know it well. So there is not a rich quick scheme.

How to prepare for calculus-based physics

To prepare for calculus-based physics there are 3 main topics you should focus on, derivative, integrals, and Differential equations. Having solid basics in these 3 topics will allow you to pass and succeed in calculus-based physics.

You will be needing to use a lot of derivatives and differential equations to study some physics modules such as pendulum and vibrations, integrals for quantum mechanics, etc. So the main key is to go back and take courses on these 3 main topics.

There are a lot of online resources where you can start from scratch like khan academy and other youtube videos. Or hire a professor or a knowledgeable person which is the best choice to save time and effort if you can afford it.

How to prepare for calculus 1 in college

To prepare for calculus 1 in college you must take a precalculus course or take an accelerated program to teach you precalculus before taking calculus 1 such as summer courses or teaching yourself online by studying the 6 topics we mentioned in the first paragraph.

If you’re late in the first fall session for your first year of college, the best thing to do is to choose precalculus only in your first semester and make sure to complete it before moving to caluclus 1, avoiding stress and overwhelming.