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Industrial engineering vs business

In this post, we will discover which is the best major to choose between industrial engineering and business.

Which is better industrial engineering or business 

According to BLS, the average salary of an industrial engineer is $95,000 per year, while in business occupation, the average pay is between 50 to $70,000 depending on the occupations you taking for the lowest ones such as Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents earning $56,000 to the highest ones such as business administrator or manager earning $90,000.

So there is no doubt that industrial Engineers are more highly paid than business majors, in addition, they have a lot more job opportunities than business majors who suffer from competition due to lack of job opportunities.

According to BLS Industrial engineering is offering around 40,000 new jobs every year, This is only industrial engineering,  while business jobs are offering 75,000 new occupations every year.

This is not indicating that business majors are more highly demanded than engineering because if we gather all the engineering majors’ statistics, we’re going to exceed the 75,000 numbers business majors offer.

For instance, software engineering is only offering around 500,000 new jobs every year growing by 22% higher than 8% of business majors are evolving,  so business and engineering are not comparable in terms of market jobs demand.

The advantage that business majors have is you can take or understand the core of business topics without having any bachelor’s degree or any formal education,  while in Engineering such as industrial engineering you need to have a bachelor’s degree with an equivalent degree to work in the industry. 

But having a lower pay in business compared to engineering such as industrial engineering doesn’t indicate that business is less important or not better than industrial engineering.  because there are other factors that you should consider, which we will be talking about in the next paragraph of our article.

Which should I choose industrial engineering or business

Industrial engineering is very hard and more difficult than a business major. It involves a lot of math and physics courses, while business majors are required to complete only the basic high school math topics like algebra 1, and algebra 2 excluding trigonometry.

 The most difficult Math course that you will be taking in your business major is calculus with business application or survey calculus course. This calculus course is easier compared to calculus topics you will be taking in industrial engineering.

Business students focus on general courses like:

These subjects require only an elementary understanding of math and interest in the subject needs free boredom in classes.

The industrial engineering curriculum has many challenges—you will need to complete your math courses and industrial studies courses. In your first and second years of industrial engineering training, you must do these classes.

These math courses that you would be taking in industrial engineering are going to prepare you for the next third and fourth year, studying the principal industrial engineering topics like:

In the third and fourth year of a business major you would be studying these General courses:

These topics are not complicated like industrial engineering subjects that require solid basics in math and physics and good critical thinking abilities.  It doesn’t mean that a business major doesn’t require critical thinking but it doesn’t involve technical problems as industrial engineering does.

Which would I choose industrial engineering or business?

If you are interested in studying engineering and have a good foundation in mathematics, moreover you are attracted to solving technical problems, like design, programming, or improving systems like enhancing the productivity of the production line. For instance, like increasing the number of cars manufactured every year, or reducing the cost invested, then industrial engineering is good for you.

On the other hand, if you are interested in managing businesses, especially finance,  and Team Management, a business major would be a good choice, but our recommendation is going to be like this.

We do not encourage you to quit college or not pursue your studies in a business major but the important thing you have to understand about business is not taught in college.  The business domain is volatile and a lot of details you can only learn with experience.

It doesn’t mean that you should not study business management topics,  you have to, but it is enough to take online classes from some accelerated programs that give you all the necessary topics you need in a short period of time and without losing time and money.

 In addition, you have to make difference between business, finance, and economy,  it is right that in business you don’t need to have a bachelor’s, but when we talk about finance or economy,  it is necessary to study or have a formal education’s beginning with Bachelor to a doctorate, so what is applied to business it doesn’t apply to finance or economy.

The other thing you should consider is that a lot of employers prefer to hire engineers because they are smart hard workers and know how to solve difficult problems. This is a big advantage that engineering students take.  College engineering classes allow them to work even in unrelated Industries like business and finance.

If you can’t drop the idea of not studying business in college, there is another alternative you can follow which is choosing economy or finance. It would be more useful and have powerful job opportunities you can benefit from.