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industrial engineering vs computer science which is better

many people are stuck between industrial engineering and computer science, in this post, you will solve these issues and know which is the best to major, without hesitation.

 Which is better industrial engineering or computer science

According to BLS, the average salary of an Industrial Engineer is $95,000 per year. In computer science, there are a lot of occupations. There are a lot of  Specialties but the median range is over $100,000.For instance, if we choose software engineering as a specialization of computer science, we find that a median salary is over $130,000 Per year according to BLS.

so both occupations offer a financially comfortable life and they both are highly demanded in the market but computer science is way more demanded than industrial engineering.

 Every year industrial engineering is offering 40,000 new occupations. In computer science especially in software engineering, this number is 10 times bigger or even more.  software engineering is only offering around 500,000 occupations every year without noticing other occupations like computer networks, computer hardware, and other related specialties.

So if you are looking for the most hireable industry, computer science will be the first position. There is no engineering field that has broken these numbers.  On the other hand, industrial engineering is a great occupation. It hires 2 times better than other popular engineering occupations like mechanical, electrical engineering, or civil engineering.

Working in the computer science Industry allows you to reach higher salaries in record time,  for instance, if you work in software engineering, you can reach $150,000  just with 5 years of experience, Which is impossible in industrial engineering.

 To summarize, you don’t have to worry about finding a job whether you choose industrial or computer science. Both have good job opportunities. You just have to figure out where you find yourself more or have an interest,  which will be talking about in the next paragraph.

Which is harder industrial engineering or computer science

Industrial engineering could be difficult for students who are not good at physics and Design,   but industrial engineering and computer science students study almost the same math topics especially when we talk about calculus and algebra.

Industrial engineers have to complete in their first 2 years these math and physics courses:

The curriculum of computer science is involving almost the same math you will be studying these following courses:

 in terms of math concentration The difference between industrial Engineers and computer science are:

  1. Computer science students are required to study discrete math while industrial engineering doesn’t have to.
  2. computer science students don’t go deeper in probability and statistics like industrial engineers, who need to complete two principal sources of Probability and statistics, in addition to probability and statistics lab courses

But the most remarkable thing is, in computer science, you would not be required to study any Physics course unless one single Elementary Physics course in your first semester which is easier to complete.

In the third and fourth years, you will notice a big difference between what industrial engineers study and computer science. 

In industrial engineering you’ll be starting the following topics:

In computer science, you have different principal topics to complete and your Junior and Senior years including:

Which would you choose industrial engineering or computer science

If you are an extrovert who likes to be sociable and surrounded by people, loves to work with teams in addition to having good skills in solving problems. In addition, you like to optimize things and improve systems. Industrial engineering would be a good choice for you.

Industrial engineering would be a good choice for people who like to work by hand and like to manage people, goods, and teams. 

 On the other hand, if you are an introvert and would like to work alone and feel drained working with teams, computer science would be the best choice for you especially if you like programming and have critical problem-solving skills.

Computer science will be a comfortable choice for students who are not interested in studying physics and chemistry, in contrast to what industrial engineers do.

Computer science has a lot of advantages, especially software engineering, allowing you to work remotely from different places,  or be a freelancer working with different companies around the world.

 This is not possible if you decide to work in industrial engineering, because in most cases you will be forced to work in manufacturing plants, improving physical products or Service delivery operations, like automobile Aerospace, aeronautics, or ship engineering.

 Both occupations require solid foundations in mathematics. You just have to find which kind of person you are,  whether you are introverted or extroverted.

Is industrial engineering similar to computer science?

Industrial engineering is not similar to computer science, industrial engineers focus on improving products and services,  for instance, an industrial engineer can improve the production rate of the automobile industry, by increasing the number of cars produced every year,  or reducing the cost of production by eliminating some unnecessary materials.

The principal goal of industrial engineers is to improve and earn more money with the same investment.

In computer science, the principal goal is to solve technical problems related to computers, like firmware or software adopted by users, such as websites, mobile apps,  information  Bank systems,  programming machines, programming robots, and so on. 

Is programming needed for industrial engineering?

Industrial Engineers don’t study programming in a school, they just take some related subjects like databases and algorithms. These are all subjects that are similar to computer science.

you are not required to learn to program but if you do you would have a lot of advantages and are open to you working for multiple careers in computer science with industrial engineering degrees.

For instance, you can apply for jobs like data analytics blockchain or supply chain, Working as a programmer or maybe a coordinator or a manager. So you have many advantages if you decide to take some programming languages like C, C++, java, or python.