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is aerospace engineering fun

if you ask if aerospace engineering is fun or not, this is what we’ll respond to in this article.

is aerospace engineering fun

Aerospace engineering Is fun for people who are passionate about aircraft, hand works in mechanical design, and love to use math and physics subjects to solve different problems in design and make aircraft or spaceships exciting or run without any issues.

 On the other hand, aerospace engineering can’t be fun or boring for students who are not interested in mechanical design working by their hands in Industrial plants and manufacturing companies. It wouldn’t be an ideal job for people who hate technology and don’t have the patience for solving difficult technical problems.

So you could find aerospace engineering fine or board it would be depending on your personality and the traits you’re born with. We will be mentioning 3 principal aspects that will make aerospace engineering a fun experience for you or not.

1 – enjoy doing math and physics

If you enjoy mathematics and physics you have completed the first condition to have fun in aerospace engineering,  because in the beginning stages of college you would be required to study a lot of math and physics topics including:

Aerospace engineers use daily mathematics and physics in their job to solve different problems. So if you don’t enjoy or even hate physics and math, aerospace engineering would be boring and very difficult to study before thinking about having a job.

If you are struggling in math or physics it doesn’t mean that you hate or are not suitable for aerospace engineering, it is another problem that you should fix. It is probably related to your weak basics in high school mathematics courses or the mistakes you made when you were preparing for math College.

2 – enjoy doing mechanical design

The second thing is to enjoy designing mechanical systems, in most aerospace engineering jobs, especially in the aeronautics field where engineers focus on designing aircraft and different industrial pieces used. Aerospace engineers spend most of their time designing new mechanical parts like wings, bodies, hydraulic and mechanical systems, and so on.

So if you like to design or solve mechanical problems, you would enjoy this process. you don’t have to work on or do an internship in aerospace companies to discover if you enjoy mechanical design or not.

  you can just try to design in mechanical software like CAD or Solidwork or even the simplest one like Tinkercad. For instance, if you have a 3D printer in the house and you enjoy building mechanical pieces or gadgets,  then for sure you would be enjoying aerospace engineering. 

3 – enjoy work by your hand

The last critical thing that indicates if aerospace engineering is for you and if you will enjoy it or not is to love work by hand. In other words, meaning if you like to use materials like hammers, screwdrivers,  drillers, and other tools to create DIY projects in your backyard,  then you are lucky because this is an extension and this is what you’ll be doing in aerospace engineering jobs.

It doesn’t mean that aerospace engineers work all day by hand,  but this process is included especially when you will be making tests.  In addition, having experience working by hand gives you a good impression and prediction about the problems that can happen when you design mechanical systems.


You can’t ask and expect a clear question about if aerospace engineering is fun or not,  because it is a subjective question and principally related to your nature, especially talking about the genetic factor that determines which career you would be enjoying.

You could be enjoying writing articles or doing art,  all those people can be enjoying doing something else that doesn’t relate to aerospace engineering like computer programming or painting.

 but the most interesting thing to consider is if you like mechanical engineering, there is no doubt that you will enjoy aerospace engineering.  because the principal major that aerospace engineering comes from is mechanical engineering

Is coding necessary for aerospace engineering?

Coding is not necessary for aerospace engineers, it is not included in their college curriculum, they learn one single programming language which is MATLAB to make mathematical calculations about materials and other engineering calculations.

It is difficult for an aerospace engineer to work as a programmer,  especially in aircraft systems or machines that are very sensible.  This job is allocated for people who are specialized in electronic and electrical engineering,  especially those who work in the field of programming, like computer engineering or embedded systems.

It is possible to become a programmer for aerospace engineering, but you have to expand your studies and apply for masters or special programs allowing you to acquire enough skills for this particular job.

If you are planning to become a programmer and aerospace engineering, you have to focus on The 3 principal programming languages that would be very helpful:

These subjects are the common languages used to program aircraft machines,  especially c++  known for its own high speed and efficiency. 

Aerospace engineering and computer science double major

It is possible for students to take a double major in aerospace engineering and computer science but when we look at whether it is worth it or not. We don’t find any advantages in a double major worth sacrificing and struggle studying for 5 or maybe 6 years to complete.

At the beginning of the course,  especially in the first two years, aerospace engineering and computer science have a lot of common mathematics topics.  you would be studying a lot of common mathematics courses like calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations.

But when you reach the third and fourth year there is a big difference between aerospace engineering and computer science,  aerospace engineering studies a lot of physics courses and design that computer science students don’t take at all, like: 

So these subjects are not going to add any value to computer science,  on the other hand, computer science student study a lot of computers subject like:

But if you have an interest and think that a double major in aerospace engineering and computer science will allow you to have good background to finally become a software developer in aerospace engineering, you are wrong. You would be studying a lot of unnecessary topics.

There are better alternatives to take,  like applying for specific programs such as a master’s in embedded systems.  or take electrical engineering which is more close to the program in aerospace engineering.