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Is algebra 1 hard for 7th and 8th grade(solved)

In this article, we’ll discuss algebra 1 for 7th and 8th grade and respond to the most famous questions students ask about this topic.

so if you haven’t yet taken an algebra 1 course this post will be very useful to you.

Is algebra 1 hard for a 7th grade?

Algebra 1 could be a little difficult for the 7th grade, as they are newbies to new mathematics subjects like functions, irrational numbers, and radicals. But, it is not a big deal for students with solid foundations in arithmetics, meaning they have absorbed the elementary math calsses. These students could deal with that and pass it without any issues.

In algebra 1, you will be studying the following lectures. Even if you decided to take algebra 1 in your 7 or 8 grade, there is no difference:

In the beginning, it will be challenging to understand some topics like solving equations and exponents and radicals. Still, you will appreciate them with little effort and good teacher orientation.

Algebra 1 components are so easy, it is not a subject that students should be worrying about like calculus.

The terrible thing to do that guarantee you to fail in algebra 1 in the 7th grade is not being good enough in arithmetics meaning struggling in multiplication and division. Especially we find a lot of students in their 7th grade still not yet memorized the multiplication tables, which is terrible. 

So this is the only point you should consider, anything else is reachable.

Is algebra 1 hard for an 8th grader?

In general, taking algebra 1 is not hard for an 8th-grade student. Many students take the algebra 1 course at the beginning of their 7 grade, so you are typically a little bit late to take algebra 1 in your 8 grade, but it is not so much because many students get later than you and take algebra 1 at the 9th-grade which is harder a little bit and we do not recommend.

Algebra 1 is a super easy subject compared to algebra 2 or geometry. It is not a subject to be worrying about.

Usually, students take algebra 1 in their first year of high school between the 7th and 8th grades. Then, after finishing this course. They go directly to geometry. We have seen a lot of people suffering in geometry because they lack the necessary algebra 1 knowledge like how:

  • solve first-degree equations
  • plot linear equations 
  • calculate and apply trigonometry rules like Pythagoras correctly

So in the next paragraph, we’ll give 3 examples of what you will study in algebra 1 and where you should focus.

1 – Solving equations & inequalities

First, students begin with learning how to solve first-degree equations or inequalities in the form below.

This was an example of a first-degree equation that you will face many examples to solve.

2 – plotting Linear equations & graphs

you will be learning some technics in algebra 1, helping you to plot linear equations like in the image below


3 – Functions

Functions are the main and newer principle students discover their first time in the algebra 1 course. Students will be dealing with new mathematics forms you could discover in this article.

The proper method to learn algebra 1 in 7th or 8th grade

If you feel like you are late and your colleagues are advancing you in algebra 1 courses, there are some available algebra courses available for your age. You should check out if they are available at your school. 

In addtion, you can talk to your teacher to give you some support or at least let him know about your situation. In this case, it would be better because the teacher can help and provide your priceless guidance.

if your school doesn’t provide accelerated programs to learn algebra 1 you could study algebra 1 on your own, there are many free online resources to learn algebra 1 courses without paying any penny. All you have to do is work hard and cut the entertaining hours you spend playing video games or wasting time on nonsense things.

Can you skip algebra 1 and go to geometry?

It will be bad to skip Algebra 1 and go directly to geometry. You will mostly suffer and be forced to go back to study algebra 1 because many subjects that students study in geometry are based hugely on the algebra 1 course.

So you will find a lot of difficulties in understanding the geometry, which makes you put the double hours to be in equal positions or level with students who have studied algebra 1 before

in geometry, you will be studying some subjects that require having basics and knowledge in algebra 1, including:

But if you already studied or understood the subject of algebra 1 by taking external courses like summer or online courses and you are sure that you understood these subjects, in this case, it will not make any issue. 

But never do that if you are a beginner who still does not yet know anything about algebra 1, going to geometry directly. Because students in the beginning study algebra 1 course then take geometry afterward, this order was not random.

is algebra 1 the same as algebra

yes, algebra 1 is the same as algebra, is the elementary algebra course or the first course you will be studying in high school in your 7th or 8 grade

It is easy for students who have solid basics in arithmetics, meaning those who are good in calculation, especially multiplication and division which play an interesting role, to succeed in this course.

If you are good in these subjects, you won’t find any issues, but if you are still struggling with math basics, like being mistaken in 7X8, this will be a big problem for you. Other than that everything will be fine, there is nothing to worry about except the terrible level of arithmetics.