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Is algebra 1 hard? (solved)

if you ask if algebra 1 is hard or not, or even find algebra 1 hard, this post is for you.

Is algebra 1 hard?

Algebra 1 is the easiest subject that students can take in mathematics. It’s entirely more manageable for people with solid basics, especially in arithmetics, including multiplication, addition, and division, so it is not the subject students can worry about if they have the solid basics and intend to study how to gain knowledge for it.

But at the same time, algebra 1 remains the foundation of mathematics subjects that students study to build-solid knowledge and easily understand more complex advanced mathematics topics like calculus and linear algebra in college.

Said, if you struggle in Algebra 1 on did not get the most interesting attention, you would later suffer in these subjects like calculus or linear algebra in college.

Typically students take after algebra 1 a geometry course that is based essentially on Algebra 1. so if you did not understand Algebra 1 you will surely suffer in geometry which would be not good and force you to go back and study Algebra 1 again.

For instance, if you aren’t good at resolving first-degree equations, you won’t be able to understand linear graphs or functions.

This is not to offend you, but you have to respect mathematics and study each aspect of it, and then you will become good and not face the problems that most students try to avoid.

The algebra 1 subjects?

We’ll list the algebra 1 subjects you should work hard to understand well. So we gathered 8 principal topics in this case that are:

You can find all these subjects at this link.

These topics represent the solid mathematics subjects you’ll be using in the next years of your life in and out of school.

Remember, the more you are good at this topic, the easier things will be for you in the coming years.

Is algebra 1 harder than geometry?

Algebra 1 is not harder than geometry. Algebra 1 is more accessible than geometry, normally students study algebra 1 before taking geometry courses, but each relates to the other, even if you like shapes and geometries, you still need to apply all algebra 1 rules to solve geometry problems.

Geometry can be very tough if you did not understand the algebra 1 subject, especially the courses like Solving equations & inequalities, plotting Linear equations & graphs Functions.

For instance, in geometry, you will study triangles, especially the Pythagoras theorem. So you will be using the Algebra 1 course like functions and equations. In other words, you will be solving the first-degree equation to determine or calculate the distance of the triangle leg.

Algebra 1 is the base that will allow you to understand geometry well. Without algebra 1 is barely impossible to understand geometry.

So don’t skip steps and try to reduce time because you would not do it. In some more cases, you will lose time and go back and study Algebra 1 to understand some geometry Topics, which is a mistake many rushers fall into.

Can you skip algebra 1?

It is impossible to skip algebra 1. Algebra 1 is the first and basic math foundation. Skipping algebra 1 has terrible consequences. If you skip algebra 1 you will struggle in geometry, then algebra 2. All these subjects are based on algebra 1, which means a risk of failing in those courses because of the lack of foundations you should have by taking algebra 1.

You could skip algebra 1 in a school only if you have studied before on your own, meaning by taking online or summer courses.
Algebra 1 is easy is not hard to study on your own, but you have to take your responsibilities and work hard for it.

Can I learn algebra 1 in a week?

It is impossible to learn algebra 1 in a week. It contains more Than one or fewer subjects you can absorb in just one week. It will take around 22 to 30 weeks to complete the entire course.

Algebra 1 is a long program that includes 8 principal subjects, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Algebra 1 is not one single lesson. It is a complete course. Students spend the whole year studying, which is impossible for Beginner people to absorb in just one week or even in one month.

Even if you get the best programs or instructors, you would not be able to do that.

Can I learn algebra 1 in a month?

It is impossible to complete Algebra 1 course in just 1 month. It takes more than that. The average that will allow you to absorb the algebra one course, is between 3 to 6 months, depending on the time you spend daily studying.

But in some cases, it will be possible, if you have some conditions that will mention you can accomplish and absorb the program in just one month because it is still challenging.

You have 3 conditions to learn algebra 1 in a month, which are:

1 – have a personal mentoring or tutor

To complete the Algebra 1 course in 1 month, you must hire a personal teacher or a mentor who will be fully dedicated to working for you by responding to all your question and calls daily.

2 – spend the enough time

The second and most important and critical thing that we’re going to determine your success in completing Algebra 1 in 1 month is to spend at least 8 hours today studying, which is very consuming and challenging, especially for a subject like mathematics.

To be honest, this is not feasible for anyone to study for this long time and stay focused for the long day. It will be an obnoxious amount of information to absorb daily, which is very challenging.

But it is still doable by some students who have determination and sacrifice.

3 – apply the right method

After understanding the Algebra 1 Lesson, the last of the most critical things is to solve as many problems as possible to gain experience and apply all the knowledge you have acquired during this condensed learning process.