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is algebra 2 college algebra?

In this post, we’ll discover the relation between algebra 2 and college algebra.

in this post, we’ll respond to these questions to help students understand the differences and correct many mistakes and pitfalls students fall into, so keep reading.

is algebra 2 college algebra?

Algebra 2 is not college algebra, normally students study algebra 2 in high school in the 11th grade meaning one or 2 years before going to college. In other words, they have to study algebra 2 and calculus 1 before going to college.

in college, students study advanced algebra subjects like linear algebra, calculus, and differential equations which are more difficult and complex than the topics algebra 2 offers in high school.

So if you find algebra 2 hard you might go back and study again algebra 1 because algebra 2 is based hugely on algebra 1. Moreover, the difficulties of algebra college courses are nothing to compare with algebra 2, college algebra is more difficult and intensive than high school.

is algebra 2 and trigonometry the same?

algebra 2 is a course that includes many topics and trigonometry belongs to them. In other words, when you study algebra 2 you will study trigonometry and other subjects like complex numbers logarithms equations etc.

In other words in the algebra 2 course you will find all these subjects you should complete:

so trigonometry just represents 20% or less of an Algebra 2 course. In addtion, students study trigonometry before they discover algebra 2 which is in after finishing their first algebra 1 course and taking geometry.

In geometry students discover for their first time the basics of trigonometry, this course is made to prepare students to study algebra 2 courses especially the advanced topics of trigonometry like:

before taking an algebra 2 course you already must have some basics and knowledge in trigonometry you normally took from geometry course to study algebra 2 courses without any struggle like:

Is algebra 2 harder than college algebra?

algebra 2 is so easier than college algebra, in college algebra students have more complex subejcts than algebra 2 like college algebra or linear algebra. While algebra 2 course is a high school course that is relatively easier and still focuses on eh main subejcts to prepare students for college.

in college students study linear algebra which is an advanced model and combination of the all algebra courses that students study in high school including algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, and precalculus.

Normally, studnet study all these subjects to understand and be prepared to study calculus and linear algebra in college which is harder and more intense than you will find in the algebra 2 courses.

there are 6 main topics that Algebra 2 students study which are mentioned in the previous paragraph you can go back and check them, if you want more details about what students study in algebra 2 you could read this article.

But when we talk about college algebra things are very deep and complex, in college algebra you will be studying:

college algebra is more intense and detailed if you want to find more info about this subject you could follow this full course and take it or have a look at this full algebra college course to know more details about it.

The best plan to follow to prepare for college algebra 

there are 3 main steps you follow them guarantee you success in algebra college which will go to list below.

1 – take the algebra 1 course

the first step you should follow is to restudy the algebra 1 course if you find yourself not good at algebra. Even if you are still in the 8th or 9th grade understanding well the algebra 1-course topics will play a huge difference and reflect on your college level in algebra.

In addition, what is great about algebra 1 is not hard you could learn on your own, and why not take advantage of summertime and restudy algebra this will be so helpful to prepare for the next step that will talk about in the next paragraph.

2 – take a geometry course

The second step is to take a geometry course, it will favorite and give you big solidification knowledge, especially in trigonometry that you‘re going to need for studying algebra 2 and college algebra.

geometry is an important course and so helpful at this moment. You will be learning trigonometric functions like cos and sin and other important topics you will need in college algebra and algebra 2 courses.

3 – take algebra 2 course 

The third step is to take an algebra 2-course which is so important for college studnet to study before. In the algebra 2 courses, you will discover new topics like complex numbers and logarithms which you will need in college.

4 – take a precalculus course 

The last step in the journey of preparing for college algebra is to take a precalculus course. Precalculus is an interesting course that most college students take before college or even at college, but the best decision is to take it in high school.

because you will reduce a lot of hard work and load courses in college where you should focus on more interesting things like calculus and college algebra that we prepare for.


Algebra is one of the interesting subjects students should focus on after calculus. For this reason, they have to follow the correct path to avoid mistakes many students fall into and in some bad cases cause them to drop engineering or physics majors that is so math demanding.