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is algebra 3 hard

Many students ask if algebra 3 is hard, while many others ask if even algebra 3 is existing. In this post, we’re going to respond to these questions. 

in addtion give you full concise guidance to follow if you want to succeed in algebra 3 regardless of being hard or easy.

So have a fun reading

is algebra 3 hard

algebra 3 is the most difficult high school algebra you will study, but it is still easier if we compared it to college algebra. Algebra 3 is hard for high school students who have a weak foundation in previous courses like algebra 2 and elementary algebra 7th grade or algebra 1.

but it is still easier and doable if you are good and have completed successfully the previous courses we mentioned before, especially algebra 1 where students discover the 3 main topics that have a very impact and affect students’ level in algebra 3.

but most high schools don’t teach algebra 3 which will talk about later and explain in the next paragraph, to solve some confusions many students have between algebra 2 and algebra 3.  

there are 3 main topics that determine your success in the algebra 3 courses:

all these topics you should already have studied in the previous courses algebra 1 and algebra 2.


to not face any problems in algebra 3, you must be good at solving equations first and second-degree equations. In the first algebra 1 course, students study and learn how to solve fist degree equations then in the algebra 2-course where students advance and learn how to solve second equations.

theses equations are easy and you should be able and know how to solve them.

The second-degree equations that you might have seen before, and students discover in algebra 2 are like these forms below.

these equations require different technic to solve, which you will find in this video explained.


functions are the second element you will need to have solid basics to succeed in algebra 3, In other words, you must have studied almost all functions and their characteristics in the previous courses of algebra 1 and algebra 2.

we’re going to list the functions that you must go back and revise before taking algebra 3 that are:

you will study new types of functions, but before you must ensure yourself that you are good and understand these function types.

if you find yourself not enough good at theses functions is better to go back and restudy these functions in algebra 2.


The last interesting topic to prepare for algebra 3 is trigonometry. In other words, trigonometry is what you will be studying in algebra 3 but more advanced topics require having understood its basics in the previous courses like geometry and algebra 2.

In trigonometry we recommend going back and checking these topics before taking the algebra 3 courses:

If you study hard these trigonometry subjects you won’t find any issues later in algebra 3, they will be so helpful to complete an algebra 3-course trigonomety subject even with good scores.


There are many other topics you will study in algebra 3, but if you understand these 3 pillar subjects. You won’t find any issues to complete the algebra 3 courses.

Does algebra 3 exist

Algebra 3 does not exist as a new dependable math course, but some schools divide algebra 2 topics into two parts and name the second part algebra 3. In fact, algebra 3 is just the same as algebra 2 while in some courses they call it algebra 3 or even math 3. So there are just different numbers with the same content. 

so if your high school has algebra 3, you will study algebra 2 and algebra 3. If your school program doesn’t have such as algebra 3 you will study algebra 2 which are the same.

Is algebra 3 trigonometry

Typically students study trigonometry from the 9th grade in geometry courses where they discover the first basics of trigonometry till the end of getting their degree in college.So trigonoerty is included in geomertry, algebra 1 , algebra 2 and algebra 3. In all of these courses, you will be demanded to complete geometry courses in addtion to other topics related to each course you take.

So algebra 3 is not trigonometry alone, in algebra 3 there are:

trigonometry just represents one part of algebra 3, not the whole algebra 3 program. The same thing for the previous courses algebra 1 and algebra 2.

Is Algebra 3 high school math?

Yes, algebra 3 is high school math, there is no such an algebra 3 in college. In college students study advanced algebra topics like linear algebra or college algebra. Algebra 3  is a course that is much close to precalculus, which students take to prepare for college math.

But algebra 2, algebra 3, and precalculus are the same courses that don’t have so much difference they all teach almost the same topics students take in high school.

we wrote a detailed article about the differences that algebra 2 and algebra 3 have you will find them in this link.