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is algebra pointless (10 facts)

if you ask if algebra is useless or why algebra could be pointless in this post we will be discovering the case when algebra is pointless or why it can be pointless for some people. 

We also discover how much is important algebra for some other people’s lives and how it changes our lives without noticing

5 cases when  algebra is pointless 

1, not a stem major

The first reason that makes algebra useless is to be not a Stem major in other words majoring in topics that are all related to mathematics like journalism art Humanity or other related topics that would not require you to use any word or sign of algebra.

 but the question is in high school students are forced to learn math because at this moment you don’t yet have the chance to choose between Humanity and engineering or any other stem branches.

 in this case, algebra is pointless but schools can’t expel algebra topics from a program because a lot of students are can’t decide at these moments if they should study stem or not. 

At any time students can change their minds for this reason school programs are made to be generous until students reach maternity to decide which they should follow. 

So in this contact case algebra is pointless but the student has to do it

2 calculators or computers are doing the jobs

The second reason why algebra is pointless is that algebra applications are embedded in calculators and computers so people don’t have to solve first or second-degree equations to figure out stuff while calculators can do all operations in a fraction of time.

 but people still use the basics of algebra today like arithmetics which includes multiplication fraction addition and finally division. Anything out of this topic is not included or used for an hour in real life. 

3 don t know the wisdom behind it

the third reason that makes people think that algebra is useless or pointless is don’t know the wisdom or the intent to teach algebra in school. 

regarding the absence of algebra in our real life, but thanks to this subject we learn the basics and logic and how to analyze unconsciously. When you solve an algebra problem you are building unconsciously the mechanisms of critical thinking and solve problems skills. it is like learning to program

the proof is, that the best programmers in the market that companies compete to hire are mathematicians. Do you know why?

Because they have acquired amazing critical thinking and solving problems skills studying math in high school and college, it would not be possible without learning algebra.

so algebra teaches students how to think and analyze more than a bunch of equations to solve.

4 don’t know where it used

this is not the offense but if you don’t know where algebra is used it is obvious to consider it pointless. But algebra has many useful applicatons as we mentioned in the previous paragraph and we’ll be talking about it later.

5  hate it

the last thing that can make algebra pointless is if you hate it. this is not to offend you but it happens when you fail in something you try to attack it and find excuses to drop a class. This happens with many people, especially in algebra 2 courses where the failure rate is high.

5 cases when algebra is not pointless

if you are thinking to become an engineer or follow a stem major algebra is the foundation topic you have to focus on.

1 – engineering

If you want to become an engineer algebra is a foundation topic you will be required to have solid foundations before any advanced course such as calculus. Engineers use everyday algebra applications to solve problems even in the computers’ existence.

because there are simple things that don’t need to build a computer for, so using algebra to make simple calculations like how many pieces should we produce if we have a certain amount of raw material and other stuff that are very easy or silly for engineers.

if you use arithmetics in real life by multiplying 7×8, engineers solve this kind of algebra equation in just seconds

2 – physics 

if you want to become a phsyics you will need to be good at algebra, physicists use math especially algebra more than engineers because typically researchers need to go through a lot of theories and calculus that require tough math topics like linear algebra and calculus.

All these topics require having solid basics in high school math which is algebra. 

3 in math research 

if you are a mathematician, there is another story, you will need to use all kinds of math topics, not algebra alone. You will be using algebra, calculus, discrete math, geometry, and all other topics.

a mathematician has a principal role of technology has reached today. Without algebra, I wouldn’t be able to write this post blog and explain to you why algebra is not pointless. Because all the basics of algorithms are based thankfully on algebra.

4 – in computer science

algebra is so useful in computer science, the real example of that is the google search.

when you found this post algebra has been used in algorithms to show the consumer the best results. We’re not going to talk but you could check out this video below

5 – in business and finances

even if you decide to get away from engineering and physics, you will need algebra in business and finances. If you have a business and decide to hire an accountant, the whole service will provide to you based on algebra.

but if you want to go further and consult a financial advisor to give a certain future plan for your finances, in this case, it will use more algebra and other complex subjects like calculus.

so this is the reason why business students study complex math topics like algebra and calculus.