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is applied algebra hard

is applied algebra hard, this is what we’ll be discovering in this post.

is applied algebra hard

Applied algebra is one of the easiest algebra courses students typically take to prepare for some business and economics major, the topics covered in this course are not difficult and don’t require a lot of work even for students who are bad at math.

The applied algebra courses could be completed in just a few days depending on your efforts or time you deploy in learning, but in general, to learn this course or be eligible to pass the exam, it will require you 3 weeks with a very easy pace.

Some students finish this course in just 6 to 7 days, so it will depend on your intelligence and willingness to put in the work. You just have to watch and follow with instructor cohorts in addition to having some willingness to put in the work by applying and repeating all the topics and examples mentioned in the course.

We highly recommend taking the Algebra 1 course before studying applied algebra. You will need some basics about arithmetics and learn how to deal with fraction numbers and other basic stuff. 

But it is not necessary or critical to do, you can still succeed in applied algebra without an algebra 1 background, all you need to have good basics in arithmetics, and the basics of math stuff such as multiplication and division.

you have to train yourself a little bit to be used with calculators, also read the questions well and ask your instructors for help, nothing else more.

how hard is applied algebra 

applied algebra is not hard. It is an easy and basic math algebra. We’ll discover the topics you will be studying in this course and how hard they are.

In the applied algebra course you will be studying these 6 principal topics:

1 – Integers 

in integers numbers, you will be learning how to add, subtract, and multiply integers numbers. For instance, you will be doing these kinds of operations:

Integers are not difficult, you just have to practice and devote a lot of time resolving the maximum possible examples to get used and have enough experience. As a result, it allows you to make fewer mistakes, especially in the exam.

We will give a full course of integers for the applied algebra course. add link

2 – rational and irrational numbers

rational numbers are numbers that can be written in this form below

to not confuse you irrational numbers are similar to rational numbers, but they have a slight difference that you will discover later in the course of applied algebra.

In general, in rational numbers you will be dealing with a lot of ratios, which require having solid foundations in division and multiplications, especially since you have to memorize a multiplication table to not be stuck in this course.

you will find this free course on rational and irrational numbers to know more details about the subject. add link

3 – exponents 

in exponents you will be learning how to simplify large numbers into small ones for instance:

so instead of writing a long number, we reduced the length of this number.

This method is used to simplify bigger operations in mathematics. For instance, if they ask you to multiply to bigger numbers like 1 million x 1 million then it will be easier to use exponents. 

4 – variable

in the variable, you will discover new forms of equations, that introduce a new weird sign which is X. If you haven’t taken Algebra 1 this is the first time you will be using this kind of equation like this example below.

x is a variable that you have to determine.

You don’t have to worry, these kinds of equations are easier, they require a little bit of practice, nothing else more.

5 – ratios

Ratios are one of the interesting subjects you will be required to understand well if you think of majoring in business and economy. Ratios are numbers that indicate percentages for instance:

We have a car running with a speed of 70mph, so it means that a car crosses a distance of 70 miles in one hour, this is an example of ratios. All the details you will find in this link.

6  graphs

Graphs are the mathematical forms that indicate the state of a subject, for instance in business and economy students learn how to analyze graphs and transform them into valuable information to simplify their work.

Applied algebra vs college algebra

Applied algebra is an elementary course students take between 8 and 10th grade, sometimes it is the first algebra course they take in high school if they did not take the Algebra 1 course before. While college algebra is taught in college, especially for the student who chooses to study stem majors like math, physics, engineering, or computer science.

Applied algebra is mostly taken by students who don’t have an interest to major in STEM, they take this course to prepare for majors like business and economy which are not requiring difficult math courses like college algebra.

college algebra is way more difficult than applied algebra courses (not applied linear algebra add link).

 To succeed in college algebra you must complete a lot of algebra courses that are more difficult than applied algebra including algebra 2 and precalculus so you can finally understand the topics covered in the college algebra course.

The topics covered in applied algebra are elementary and very easy to absorb while there are more advanced topics in college algebra like functions, exponential functions, and logarithms that require solid foundations in math. you could find more details about the college algebra course add a link.