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is calculus 1 hard(solved)

If you ask if calculus 1 is hard or not, this is the preferred post for you, in this post, you will find all the responses you have about this topic.

is calculus 1 hard in college?

Calculus 1 is one of the most difficult calculus topics students study in their first year of college, especially for stem Majors like engineering physicists and mathematicians. It is the first topic that students take in calculus after finishing their pre-calculus course in high school or in some previews private precalculus courses like in the summer or self-taught formation in pre-calculus.

But when we look at Calculus 1 and compare it to calculus 2 or calculus 3,  Calculus 1 Remains the easier Calculus 1 topic you will study in calculus. Students are required complete afterward what is more difficult and challenging than calculus 1.

Many students complained about Calculus 1 because they are not yet used to the new system of college and how students should study mathematics which is totally different from the high school system.

In high school class, you are studying with 25 to 30 colleagues and have a lot of flexibility to ask a teacher about something you didn’t understand at the time you want. While in college things are more complex and difficult because you are studying with more than 150 or 200  in the same room which reduces the quality of studying.

So to study or understand Calculus 1 in college you need to count on yourself a lot. That is to say, studying and looking for other resources is more than counting on professors.

 In addtion taking your maximum chances of office hours (hours you have the right to meet individually with a professor in his office)  to meet with professors to explain to you something, you did it understood about Calculus 1.

when is calculus 1 taught?

calculus 1 is taught in the first years of college for all the stem specialties including engineering physics-mathematics computer science and all other science majors. So calculus 1 is not taught in high school except for some rare cases, especially for math majors students who study it in 12th grade in high school.

Calculus 1 is it course that came directly after finishing a precalculus course in high school or college.

Some students get late and don’t take pre-calc courses until their first year in college which is not a good decision and recommendable as much as taking precalculus before college to avoid the stress or burnout due to an overloaded program.

how long is calculus 1

Calculus is a long course that takes an interesting amount of time to study, it can take you up to 5 months considering studying for 3 hours a day as an approximation. But you have to be good at precalculus or at least have taken a precalculus course before.

 if you don’t you could take away more than the double amount of time meaning 1 year or more only to learn calculus 1.

To explain to you why it takes a long time, we’re going to discover the calculus principal subject are:

  1. Limits and continuity
  2. Derivatives
  3. Analyzing functions
  4. Integrals
  5. Differential equations

1- Limits and continuity: 1 month

limits and continuity are normally taught in precalculus, for this reason, we said that precalculus is very interesting and helpful for students to learn calculus 1.

 It will take approximately 1 month to understand the basics or limits and continuity including making enough exercise allowing you to get enough experience.

2 – Derivatives:1 month

the derivative is a new topic you will discover, meaning it is not included in precalculus like limits and continuity so it will require a bit of time to get familiarized with. 

Derivatives are so important subject, students should focus on building enough Foundation for studying upcoming Calculus 1 topics Especially for differential equations and integrals. in other works derivative of everything in calculus.

3 – analyzing functions:1 month

Learning how to analyze function is the same topic calculus 1 student study which is fully based on the previous knowledge you should have acquired in the previous courses of algebra including Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and algebra 3 (if it has existed in your high school curriculum). 

4 – Integrals

Integrals are a related topic to two derivatives students discover in Calculus 1, it is fully based on derivatives. That is to say, you wouldn’t be able to understand integrals if you didn’t study and absorbed well derivatives.

Integral is a reverse method of derivatives, if you want to get back to the original function you will need you derivated you have to apply integrals.

We don’t want to confuse you so much but it’s impossible to be understood without studying derivatives. 

5 – differential equations 1 month

Differential equations are the last topic that you will study in Calculus 1 which is also related the same as any integrals to derivatives. 


 So if you want to ask what is the key topic that you should focus on or have a solid knowledge of, the response will be the derivatives and analyze functions.

So the approximation we made that allows you to learn Calculus 1 in 5 or 6 months is according to or supposing that you have a solid background in algebra and took a precalculus course.

Because if you have weak foundations in algebra this might cost you a lot of time and a struggle than you expect. So to learn math there is not a rich quick scheme or a trick you have to follow to get there.

is calculus 1 precalculus

No, calculus is not precalculus,  precalculus is just a course that students take before studying math in College preparing them, especially for studying calculus, algebra in College, and linear algebra.

The similarities that calculus and precalculus have is you will study a topic called limits and continuity which you would be found later and Calculus 1. The rest of the others calculus 1 topics are not taught in precalculus which will be newer for you.

is calculus 1 differential or integral

Calculus 1 is differential and integral in both cases, meaning in calculus you will study integrals and also differential equations in the same course. It doesn’t mean that integrals or differential equations are going to end up in Calculus 1. You will study them in calculus 2 and employ them later in the last calculus College course which is multivariable calculus.

You could go back and check the calculus 1 courses we’ve already mentioned in the article to know exactly what students study in calculus 1.