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is calculus 3 hard

calculus 3 is one of the most interesting subjects students take in college and at the same time, the most challenging course students are afraid of.

 So is calculus 3 hard?

what are the subjects students study in calculus 3?

is calculus 3 harder than calculus 2?

is calculus 3 the highest math subject?

we’ll respond to all these questions in our post, so keep reading to know the result and prevent falling into some famous mistakes students make taking these courses.

Is calculus 3 hard

Calculus 3 is the most difficult calculus subject students study in college it is very hard subject to complete for students who are not enough good at math, especially the ones who have messed in the previous calculus courses like calculus 2 and Calculus 1.

In calculus 3 you will study the most advanced topics of theorems including advanced topics:

To take or study calculus 3 you must be good and have completed successfully calculus 2 which means having solid foundations and then enough experience dealing with derivatives and integrals.  In other words, you are able to derivative equations with a single variable like this example below 


at the same time Have the ability to calculate or find integrals of simple variables equations like the following example below.


if you still have a problem figuring out these kinds of simple calculus applications which students study in calculus 2, you will likely fail in calculus 3 where you have to deal with more advanced derivatives and integrals like the examples below

image of multivariable derivatives and integral

If you have succeeded and felt good while studying calculus 2, there is no worry about studying calculus 3, it will be harder but it is still doable for you.

But for people who still struggling in calculus 2 or maybe can’t pass calculus 2 add link. calculus 3 will be harder and you will struggle more than you are doing in calculus 2, so don’t think to skip, calculus 3 is way harder than calculus 2.

Is multivariable calculus calc 3

Multivariable calculus and calculus 3 are the same, some universities call it calculus 3 while others consider it multivariable calculus, but the most famous and used name is multivariable calculus which students are required to complete the most difficult and advanced math as a stem major in college.

but you have to understand sometimes that calculus 3 is depending on each university, meaning calculus 3 in some universities is different slightly from others universities, but all classes include multivariable calculus which represents 90% of the context.

Is calculus 3 or 2 harder

Calculus 2 is easier than calculus 3, in calculus 3 students study complex and advanced topics like multivariable functions which are functions with more than a single variable. In other words, you will be studying functions like this example below:

not like simple functions the ones with a single variable such as this example:

to give you a simple approximation of how calculus 3 is harder than calculus 2 we will try to find a derivative for each of these functions:


while the derivative of the function f(x,y,z)= 5x+6y+z is: 


In multivariable functions, you have to make a derivative depending on each variable, which is a long and consuming time job the odds of failing are high. Forgetting one sign like minus or plus means everything falls down, this is the bad and hard thing in calculus 3.

This example was the simple example we adopted to keep you close and see the difference between calculus 2 and calculus 3 or multivariable. For more details, you wa ill find a detailed article that explains the difference between calculus 2 and calculus 3 or multivariable calculus which are the same.

is calculus 3 the highest math

calculus 3 course is one of the highest math subjects students study in the third or second year depending on each major, but there are other math topics like linear algebra and differential equations that some universities offer after finishing calculus 3.

this is in a school or within the limit of a bachelor d degree, but when we look for advanced math subjects like math majors studying calculus 3 it is just the beginning of the road.

There are other high math subjects math majors take like:

theses are the most difficult subjects you will study if you decide to major in math and pursue your studies until getting your Ph.D. The math like calculus you study in the first 4 years of college is nothing to compare to these complex math subjects that sometimes smart people struggle into.


if you prepared the right way and built solid foundations in calculus 2 especially focusing on derivatives and integrals you won’t find any problems studying or passing calculus 3. 

For students who struggle or are still not yet good at calculus 2, we do not recommend at all to take calculus 3 before yo master calculus 2.

if you try to master and work hard preparing for calculus 2, but still do not have a good result or fail, you will likey using the wrong method where you should check what wrong you do when you study.