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is calculus fun

if you are wondering if calculus is fun or not, this is the right post to read.

How much fun is calculus

Calculus is fun for people who apply it in real-life applications like physics, and engineering or for people who love mathematics and challenges. In addtion people who love to resolve tough equations and break challenges, but enjoy calculus depend on each one orientation and interest.

But if you want to enjoy and discover how much fun is calculus you have to see its application in the real-life we will mention in these 3 examples:

example 1: 

for instance, if you are an electronic programmer or amateur who loves to craft stuff and you’ve been asked to build a tool or a device that determines the speed of the disk. In this case, you will include on the algorithm device the calculus equations allowing you to determine the speed of disk-like this simple equation.

The funniest thing is when you run the experiment and test that your calculation has been right. This is the funniest moment where feel the sense and the importance of taking calculus from a paper lecture to real and live projects you can see, this is a great feeling only engineers would know about.

example 2:

 consider you have a complex subject you need to calculate its surface like this following forme below:

image of complex subjects green

There is no rule that will allow you to calculate the area or volume of this object, so it is a big challenge and problem you need to solve. The only way to solve this issue is to use calculus by applying integrals calculations.

the first thing you need to do is to divide the objects into parts and then use the integral to calculate each part. it will be funny especially when you fall into some difficult shapes you need to challenge yourself and give your best.

example 3 :

If you like economics or finance, calculus will be the funniest subject you use. For instance, you will be using calculus equations especially limits to predict futuristic economic events that will happen in the future.

it is so funny to use science to predict upcoming events and make interesting decisions to help the business avoid pitfalls and teak their strategies.

why do some people find calculus so boring

Finding calculus boring has many reasons that depend on personal interests and orientations. we are all different, everyone is wired differently but there are 5 famous reasons that make a student feel boredom studying calculus.

1 don’t understand it well 

One of the main reasons that make people feel bored or sometimes even hate calculus is not understanding it well. If you don’t understand a subject it is obvious to lose interest in class while a professor explains or finds it difficult at your own studying or solve a given calculus problem.

as a human, our attention is always attracted to meaningful,easy and Clair things, our brain always avoids hard roads and prefer shortcuts.

2 don’t apply it in their real life

As we said before the only way to enjoy calculus is to apply it in your real-life application, if you are an engineer you should go and employ calculus in your real life such as in building machine design systems and making tests.

In this way, you will value more calculus and give it more attention. There is a big difference when you say:

if you don’t have a purpose and real reason for why you study calculus you won’t find interest and feel bored during this journey.

3 have a terrible professor 

having a terrible professor is one of the famous reasons makes people hate calculus and find it so boring.

a lot of students drop stem majors failing in calculus courses, just because they had bad or terrible professors who couldn’t show them the bright side of calculus and what is important to struggle and give it a priority.

4 study it the wrong way

if you study calculus the wrong way, you will likely not find any results.

The thing that makes people sad or even depressed is not progress and seeing the fruit of their hard work. calculus requires form students to use massive intelligence action which is studying hard but not forgetting to study smarts.

5 are not meant to study calculus

The last interesting thing that most students fall into is they are not meant to major in math. A lot of students accept to major in stem-like math and engineering just because there are more jobs and money behind the major. While their all behaviors and interests are artistic.

So it is impossible to love some things you don’t:

Majoring in something just for money is a terrible thing students could do in their life. We heard from a lot of people who quit their jobs and change their careers with a huge pay cut just to work in the domain their love.

if you love calculus what you should major in

if you love calculus you will have a brilliant future and a lot of opportunities by majoring in all stem majors like engineering, physics and mathematics. loving calculus will allow you to become or work in:

the  list is still long becuase Caclus is the hardest math studnet can study, sometiems you could work even in some unrelatted topics such banking because the talented and intelligent people who are good in calclulus are typically engineers, and companeis like to employ engineers because they are fast learners no mather if they decide to learn new and unrelated subejct.