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is calculus useless(solved)

If you are asking if calculus is useless or not, in this post we’ll discover the response.

Also know why a lot of people have this belive, and what is right and wrong about it. So keep reading to know the truth.

is calculus useless

calculus is useless for the people who don’t use it or the ones studying in majors that have nothing to do with calculus like humanities, arts, laws, design, etc. In other words, All the non-stem majors or branches that don’t stand on mathematics or require employing math in the industry.

But for engineers, mathematicians, or physicists calculus is not useless is everything and everywhere in the process of development for engineers, and research for physicists and mathematicians.

In other words, engineers use everyday calculus to design products, engines, or machines.

For instance, aerospace or automotive engineers use calculus to study the material flexibility of cars and airplanes’ steel as dilatation and compression.

While physicists use calculus in their research by resolving different equations to determine how gases behave or react in different mulitple environments like in airplane and car engines.

The uses of calculus are unlimited, so it is impossible or insane to say calculus is useless or pointless unless you don’t study stem majors like engineering or math.

This is not an offense, to nonstem majors but just an underestimation of how math serves in our daily lives without noticing or giving it credit.

In addtion, during the cold war, the United States was concentrating too much on calculus, because it was needing a lot of engineers to go into battle against the Soviets in terms of the rocket race.

But some people think that computer has replaced humans in solving math equations, so they don’t need to write things from scratch and led programs like CAD, Matlab, etc which we will talk about in the next paragraph.

Why do people think calculus is useless?

A lot of people have the wrong idea that calculus is useless just because computers today are doing the work, and engineers are not using calculus frequently. Because they are relying hugely on software that gets a job done, which is a totally wrong perspective.

To prove that this point of view is wrong, we’re going to ask these 3 questions that will clarify how:

Response to the first question:

if calculus is useless who and how these programs were developed or invented?

They were mathematicians, physicians, and engineers who applied all their knowledge of calculus math subjects like lagrangians, differential equations, and integrals to build CAD or Matlab software engineers or engineers designers are using today in their work.

So without calculus, these programs would not see the light if they were no mathematicians or engineers who knew the details and have solid foundations in math to employ in these softwares.

They have included all the calculus equations like derivatives, integrals, limits, and differential equations to build this software that allows engineers to design products in record times.

 If they’ve been adopting this view considering that calculus is useless we would still use pen and paper to draw sketching or design like it was in the 60s. 

Response to the Second question:

the second question is how an engineer would know that these programs are giving correct results with no background in calculus?

So what will be a value of an engineer or physicist who is counted to a machine to give him a result without inspecting and analyzing, if it is true or not?

Sometimes engineers make mistakes by choosing wrong options or giving wrong parameters to softwares that end up giving wrong results meaning wrong designs and then useless projects. having logic and critical thinking you will get studying calculus is enough to judge and evaluate computers.

It is like letting an autopilot drive the plane without any control or monitoring.

Software is made to help humans not replace their jobs.

Response to the third question.

The last question is what if you have a new situation where there is no software or computer program in the market that can help? How you’re going to deal with that if you have no background in calculus?

Every year especially in engineering many companies face new and challenging situations that force them to develop new softwares to automate their jobs of design and manufacturing.

For instance, mechanical engineering companies hire developers who have a background in physics and math to design new software or machines helping them to make a specific task. 

This means they have to find someone who needs to build a program from scratch, building new libraries that contain new calculus functions to run a specific task. So without calculus nothing is possible.

we underestimate the importance of calculus because we used automated processes and simple tasks that companies have designed to simplify the procedures. But we don’t know that all this automation would not be possible without calculus.

Is calculus useless in real life?

calculus is not useless in real life if you are an engineer physicists or mathematician who design or make research. It is the most interesting element of math you will study to explain the nature and design of new machines or systems people can use in real life.

people today are driving cars planes or using phones, all these technologies embed calculus on their parts that we don’t notice.

For instance, automotive engineers use calculus to study the acceleration that an accident shock produces to design a responsive airbag that saves millions of lives around the world today.

In planes, calculus is everything it helps the plane engine to calculus its speed altitude, acceleration, distance crossed, and many other aspects.

all these applications are common and obvious in our lives, but only engineers, mathematicians, or physicists give credit for that.

calculus could be useless if you are out of these domains of engineering and science, for instance, you don’t need to study calculus to be a designer musician or athlete. So it is a specialty meant for a special category of people as we mentioned before.

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